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We Have Entered A Time When Islamic Terrorists Will Be Specifically Targeting Christians And Churches In America

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

One Sunday morning you may be sitting there peacefully with your family during what seems like a perfectly normal church service when a team of men dressed in camo comes storming in and starts shooting at people indiscriminately with automatic weapons. Once upon a time, such a thing would have been absolutely unimaginable in America, but now things have completely changed. In fact, as you will see below, something like this almost happened a little over a week ago at a hotel in South Dakota where approximately 500 people had gathered for a Christian conference. This is a time when ministries are going to have to start paying extra attention to security, because Islamic terrorists are going to be specifically targeting Christians and churches.

Every year, the number of Islamic terror attacks worldwide just keeps rising, and according to one list there has already been 619 Islamic terror attacks in 2017.

And sometimes it is just a “lone wolf” with a gun that suddenly snaps and goes on a shooting spree. Just consider what happened on Tuesday in Fresno, California. An Islamic militant named Kori Ali Muhammad decided to take out his gun and start shooting at people for no discernible reason whatsoever…

Dyer said the gunman walked up to the PG&E truck in the 300 block of North Van Ness Avenue about 10:45 a.m. and shot the passenger repeatedly. The driver of the pickup then sped to Fresno police headquarters on M Street. The second shooting was only a few seconds later and was at Van Ness and Mildreda Street, where the gunman shot at but missed a resident. The gunman then turned onto Fulton Street and fired several rounds at another man, striking and killing him, Dyer said. After reloading at a bus stop, the gunman then shot and killed a man in the parking lot of Catholic Charities in the 100 block of North Fulton Street, he said.

According to multiple mainstream news reports, authorities heard Muhammad shout out “Allahu Akbar”. In Arabic that means “Allah is the greatest”, and it is a phrase that is commonly heard during terror attacks all over the globe.

All of Muhammad’s shooting victims were white, and his Facebook page reveals someone that was absolutely consumed with hate

The frenetic profile includes militant and apocalyptic language and repeated demands to “let black people go.” He referenced “white devils” and praised melanoma skin cancer.

On Saturday afternoon, Muhammad posted a photo of himself in a colorful garment, with his head covered, and the words: LET BLACK PEOPLE GO OR THE DOOM INCREASES REPARATIONS & SEPARATION NOW.


Another extremely disturbing incident occurred back on April 9th.

An Islamic radical that had brought “multiple firearms” with him stormed into a major Christian conference at a hotel in South Dakota, and his actions had many fearing for their lives

A Muslim man entered a private gathering of Christians in a hotel ballroom in South Dakota, started cursing and livestreaming video on Facebook of the event and then, after he was ushered out, displayed multiple firearms and issued statements the speakers say were a direct threat to their safety.

The man, wearing a t-shirt that said, “I’m American, I’m a Muslim, I open carry, I conceal carry, and I’m dangerous only if you’re stupid,” was approached by a security guard and told to leave.

Once back in his car, he brandished an arsenal of weapons, including two military-style rifles with loaded magazines and three handguns, and made several threats of “Be scared, be F—ing scared. Be terrified.” Again, it was all livestreamed on Facebook while parked in the conference-center parking lot.
Can you imagine what would have happened if he had started firing inside that ballroom?

Amazingly, authorities did not charge him with any crime.

The man that was in charge of organizing the conference is named Brannon Howse. I know him personally and I have appeared on his radio show numerous times. He has always warned that this sort of thing could start happening in America, but he probably never imagined that something like this would actually happen to him.

We all need to start changing the way that we think, because these Islamic radicals can strike literally anywhere.

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4 comments to We Have Entered A Time When Islamic Terrorists Will Be Specifically Targeting Christians And Churches In America

  • Paul T

    Good thing I’m an atheist

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I have really “soured” on M. Snyder, just as I have long ago soured on Bo Polny. Both men always wrap themselves in the “robes of Christianity”, but it’s just irritating to me. I look at them as Shia or Sunni Christians,, (Taliban fervor), and it clouds their minds and alters their vision of the world. It becomes both a filter & a self-censorship blocking device.

    They see everything thru their “personal Christian version” of everything. With Bo, it’s the book of Daniel and all the 7’s X 7, cycles etc. And with Snyder, the sky is always about to come crashing down (aka “Chicken Little”).. or as the Boy who cried “WOLF”!!!

    Basically, when you have a bible in front of your nose, you cannot see beyond the pages in front of you. Putting it down will not fry you in hell, and perhaps you’ll learn something new.

    Truth & facts, are often in conflict with beliefs and faith.

    Having said all that, I do agree that Muslims are ramping up their anger & activities where ever they are allowed to infest. Like a disease, it will always try to dominate and destroy the host.

    The world would be better off without any form or follower of “Islam”…and no, I have not forgotten about the (((other problematic group))) that is out there.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Sounded like a scene from ‘They Live’.
    To the rest of the people, the shooting seemed to be indiscriminate.
    But to the shooters, they knew exactly who they were targeting because they could see past the illusion/hologram.

  • Ed_B

    This is also a time when many Christians are packing and watching for some dumbs**t to start screaming about Allah and trying to hurt innocent people. When that happens, Habeeb is gonna discover the difference between an American and a tamed European.

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