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from SGT Report:

Sofia Smallstorm & Ella Draper, mother of the Hampstead Coverup children join me to discuss the multifaceted attack on humanity. Please support Ella with a donation: [email protected] and visit Sofia’s online store here!

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  • oneno

    Good points in the discussion:

    1. Media now promoting human cannibalism
    2. Introduction of 5G ELF harmfull to the body
    3. Chemtrailing to limit essential sunlight required by our bodies
    4. Fresh parts of cannabis plants can regenerate vital body functions
    5. Onslaught against children in schools and media promoting human trafficking
    6. Push with covert depopulation via all available methods.

  • Larry from Montreal

    I’m having trouble posting again.

    I just lost a long post again. I don’t know if this will work. It is a test.

  • willygroper

    boy i’ll say.

    • Chris T

      The Guy at the end of the video, schooling this mark ass pencil pusher who is just starting to figure out he works for Satan, is named Harold Kautz Vella….He has a lot of very interesting stuff out there…..check him out

    • oneno

      The speach by Prof. Robert Duncan is all over the place.

      His presentation literally attempts to rewrite the listeners thinking. This man is the epitome of open mindedness. At the 6:00 minute mark he admits writing the presentation with a positive spin and admits this as a warning to man.

      He talks about humans being “taught” from birth. Yes, the teaching occurs so that we can all make sence of our thinking and interraction. But where does the creativity come from? That was never taught!

      In a room of professors, will find a spectrum of creativity with no two that are identical.

      Transhumanism as a term has no base. Humans required tens of millions of years to reach our current level of development. Herein is a reference to the Billy Meier Contact Report 251. Our evolution is not stuck at the physical plane as a time will come when a physical host will no longer be required. But that takes between 40 to 60 million years.

      His entire talk is about altering the brain. At the same time he makes references to the third eye, the soul, and the spirit. Applying stimulus (drugs, energy as sound or light) will have a physical response on the physical aspect of the human and also the psyche (the soul). But it cannot have any effect on the spirit that has no physicality.

      He mentions speeding-up the process of learning. The next question is how fast is fast enough? If everyone is moving at those speeds, there is no advantage. He seems to not know the diference between memorizing and learning. One memorizes information offered but learning requires more than simple memorizing. Learning requires experience and that requires time as experience spans many application sets. Physical response does not move at the speed of thought. Can a machine have a thought? At the 41:33 mark he mentions the attempt to decipher every possible thought. Artificial Intelligence cannot generate creativity. At best it can map through permutations of finite possibilities. All physicallity has measure. So how is it possible to go beyond the bound of measure? Maybe the scientist is taking advantage of his employer to remain employed.

      His suggestion at the 42:28 mark to keep pressuring your government in resonse to question on positive outlook is a joke because it is clear the government is not running the show.

      There is no cohesion in his presentation. Scientists of this caliber can at best deliver chaos.

  • anon

    We are under a MULTI-FACETED attack? Correct. The same forces behind “gun control”, and “global warming”, are also behind the equally phony “war on terror”, “war on drugs”, the FAKE NEWS, the attempts to sabotage Trump, demonize Putin, etc.

    12 Signs That America Has Become A Politically-Correct Madhouse

    Read the comments.

  • Chris T

    Oh and I can BS on the 5g towers being rolled out in “select” cities “later this year”….Along with the Harvard BS about chemtrailing the upper atmosphere with ice and aluminum “later this year”….I watched them switch out the largest tower in my area 2 weeks ago not even knowing about the 5g stuff…I researched it because the boxes on the giant antenna are double the size as the old ones and brown, instead of grey…The Upper atmosphere chemtrailing has already started at least since December 2016, although the x’s in the sky has been going on for many years although blatantly in youf face since Dec 2015.
    I live in probably the most populated county on the east coast..
    Bergen County NJ

  • willygroper


    Thanks for all your work!

    Ella displays such a blessing of grace in a most horrific position as does Sofia.

    My prayers to them & bless them both.

  • Blind Freddy



    Bill English, the New Zealand Prime Minister, posted a photo of his home cooked pizza with tinned spaghetti and pineapple on Facebook. Social media has been divided over whether this is a “monstrosity” or a masterpiece. Would you eat pineapple and tinned spaghetti pizza?

    Its NOT Normal for a Prime Minister to do such a Post and why on Pizza? Especially given the PIZZAGATE SCANDAL.
    The Satanists have all The Puppets in Top Positions READY TO STRIKE.

    God Help Humanity.

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