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UN Agenda 2030: Global Plan for Sustainable Development!

from The Money GPS:

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1 comment to UN Agenda 2030: Global Plan for Sustainable Development!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Craig doesn’t care about the various agendas for “sustainable development”, because Craig has his OWN agenda for sustainable living.

    BUY more seeds, plant more edibles. Obtain and grow medicinal plants. Install solar. Keep the well system in good working condition. Get a proper wood burning stove. Stock up on garden fertilizers, & emergency bug chems, but try to control everything without using any bad chemicals.

    There are SOOoo many “medicinal plants” out there, it could get overwhelming trying to grow them all. Pick a few that seems likely to be most useful to you or your family, and stick with those.

    Those of you who live in areas that have a dry SUMMER climate with low humidity, it will be easier to dehydrate/preserve many of your harvested foods. (but you’ll need enough water to grow everything.)

    For those of you who live in humid, rainy, or dark areas? I have one word for you—- MUSHROOMS.

    I wonder how much “bio-accumulation” of radioactive “stuff” is occurring in the Pacific ocean and within the areas that are within 300 miles of the coastal areas?
    We don’t hear much about it, but I’m sure there is a lot more discussions about it all along the Pacific rim.

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