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U.S. Economic Collapse Update, April 2017

from SGT Report:

The CBO is warning we’re in big trouble. Yeah, no kidding. Every great Ponzi scheme ends the same way: Fast and ugly.

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12 comments to U.S. Economic Collapse Update, April 2017

  • Jeff

    Always a welcome update from SGT. I too have a great feeling about this year for Ag. Thanks Sean.

  • glitter 1

    You are correct,no Ponzi scheme can go on indefinitely.”The Masters Of The Universe” aka Global Elite also know it,otherwise why would they proclaim in 1988 on the cover of the Economist Magazine “Get Ready For A World Currency By 2018”.In fact I propose that it is/has been their Plan to crash the Global Financial System to usher in their Global Currency,which will unit the World Political Systems into one.
    The US is 20 Trillion in Debt.It has 200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.Social Security is unsustainable.Medicare/Medicaid are unsustainable.The US is printing 1 Trillion every year to close the budget gap.It is all unsustainable.It is my contention it is all by design.Why would the smartest and the brightest(so called)run a nation fiscally like it has been for the last 50-60 years.
    The answer lies with The Cloward and Piven doctrine of Columbia University(Frankfurt School) Fame,which is; The best way to collapse The Capitalist System is to load it up/overload it with entitlements(welfare).
    With the onslaught of the London School Of Economics Fabian Socialist of the late ninetieth century with the first influence on the US being the Socialist Woodrow Wilson.
    These MOTU plan far in advance:
    > First install Central Banks
    > Destabilize the curreny(ies)/economy(ies).
    > Instigate World Wars
    > Propose Global Governance (League of Nations/United Nations)
    > Destabilize the world economies/currencies,creation of 100% fiat currencies
    > In 1950 the son of one of the Council on Foreign Relations’ founders, James Warburg emphatically decreed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,

    “We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”
    > The ensuing 60 years has seen the US,through it’s Reserve Currency”role shaping the World for a “New World Order”.
    The Global Economies are at the wall/cliff.What’s next?Nothing like a good old Financial/Global Collapse to bring Nations to Heel.Once they have instituted their Single Global/World Currency then the trap is sprung.

    “The Social World Order is coming apart/collapsing” – Joe Biden at the Davos Economic Forum

    The desperate will do/engage in desperate things/measures.Watch for war/chaos to break out.
    The timing for their World Currency may shift,but their ultimate plan(s) will continue until fruition.

    “These are vary patient people” – Svali

    • Ed_B


      “In fact I propose that it is/has been their Plan to crash the Global Financial System to usher in their Global Currency,which will unit the World Political Systems into one.”

      On the other hand, their smaller version of this in Europe seems to be falling apart right before our very eyes. If that’s the best they can do, the world is in a lot less danger from them than seems to be thought.

      Socialism… the demented socio-political system that cannot even feed itself. Nature is not kind to those with a very small chance of survival. Collapse of its own weight is likely and sooner rather than later. No successful country has ever been run this way for long.

      • glitter 1

        The MOTU always hedge their bets/plans.They always have the villain(s)ready to go when needed,i.e. North Korea,Russia,Iran,Syria,Yemen just to name a few.

        William Cooper – “Their Plan is for a Global Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship”

        All it will take to get the ball rolling is to pull the plug on the Stock Markets and/or for one of their standby rogue villain states to go Nuclear or Biological and things can escalate out of control very quickly.Let history be our guide.

        “We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”

        If not by consent,which doesn’t appear to be working out right now, then it will be by conquest,which could be/mean a multitude of methods.

        • Ed_B


          “Let history be our guide.”

          Yes, let’s. History shows very clearly that for thousands of years, there have been no shortage of SOBs in this world who are ready, willing, and able to cause no end of trouble for the rest of us. The so-called elites in this world are merely a continuation of that same human propensity to rule others, whether or not we can even rule ourselves. This is the great flaw in the concept of control. Those of us who can control ourselves have no desire to control others. It is those who cannot control themselves who need our help with that… often via a bullet or a noose. But before that happens, all manner of S will in fact HTF.

          “If not by consent,which doesn’t appear to be working out right now, then it will be by conquest,which could be/mean a multitude of methods.”

          Indeed. But then, we have a lot of methods for fighting back as well. Leaks of a lot of their precious info is one of the best ones because they MUST work their evil in darkness. They are creatures of darkness and cannot tolerate having the bright light of truth shined upon them or on what they are doing. This is why the alt media today is so very dangerous to these people and to their goals.

          The elites are WELL aware of the fact that they cannot win a stand-up fight against humanity, so they will avoid that until the very last gasp. But all else is fair game to them and should be to us as well. We need to rout these bastards out and stomp on their necks… and we need to keep doing that until every last one of them has been crushed, broken, and tossed upon the ash heap of history.

          Never assume that these SOBs cannot be defeated. What we can say is that they cannot be defeated cheaply, easily, or painlessly because all of those will be violated before this is over and done. As has been said, “Praise the Lord, but pass the ammo while you are doing that”. 😉

          • glitter 1


            You and I are on the same sheet on many issues,however where we differ is who is at the Apex of World Power and Influence.You see I contend there is “The God Of This World” aka Lucifer/Satan as well as there is “The GOD In Heaven” aka The LORD/Jesus who has created all things seen and unseen. He has allowed The God Of This World to hold sway during this dispensation of time.
            If the layers of the Historical Onion are peeled back and one knows where/how to look,The foot/finger prints of TGOTW can be easily identified along with his methods/networks of control and influence.
            Whether one believes in the literal existence/reality of Lucifer/Satan pulling the strings/controlling & directing events really doesn’t matter,since the fact is that the Ruling Global Elite do and are doing his bidding according to a well devised plan/time table,see what Albert Pike,Helena Blavatsky,Alice & Foster Bailey,David Spangler,Lucis Trust of The UN Charter,et al have to say.
            There are numerous things going on behind the scenes,hidden from view,which could come to lite at any moment/time without warning.
            The Epilogue has already been written,one way or another it will play out,perhaps not in an obvious time frame.

            • Ed_B


              “You and I are on the same sheet on many issues…”

              That we are! 🙂

              I appreciate the depth that you go into with the info that you’ve read and collected but it’s not for me. I concentrate on what I can affect directly. TPTB are WAY above where I am, so it would be a waste of my time to be too concerned with them. What I do is help others when I can, love my family and friends, stack and prep… and above all, behave myself. That really SHOULD be enough for anyone in this crazy world of ours.

              It’s not that hard for good people to recognize evil when they see it or to avoid the temptation that evil always offers good folks to become ensnared in their webs of deceit, greed, contempt, hate, etc. My solution to them is to fill or hearts with love for God, Jesus Christ, and all of the good folks in this world. If we just do that, there won’t be ANY room left in our hearts for evil or for those who do it. They are on their own and WILL receive ALL that they have coming. When, not if, they do, it will truly suck to be them.

              In the meantime, peace and best wishes to all of the like-minded folks out there and especially to those who visit SGT Report and Silver Doctors regularly. 🙂


    Y’all Check it out! ALERT: Secret Hidden Silver Hoard 2.75 Billion oz.
    Roadtoroota Bix Weir
    Very Interesting?


    glitter 1, You should like the story from Bix Weir?

    • glitter 1

      Actually I learned of the US Silver Hoard being used for the Manhattan Project Calutron Magnets through a Texe Marr’s expose’ over ten years ago.
      I can only listen to Bix for so long,I don’t agree with much of his diatribes.which never seem to work out.He is certainly not the first and only expert on the virtues of Silver.There were many that came before Bix relative to Silver’s Value.

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