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Trump’s Syria Strike: What They’re NOT Telling You

Strikes could trigger reconciliation, coalition with Russia to stop ISIS

by Kit Daniels, Infowars:

While this is not meant to be an endorsement of President Trump’s missile strike against a Syrian air base, here’s some points to consider:

  • The air strikes were limited to an airfield, yet the runway was unharmed, meaning the air base is still operational.  Six MiG-23s were destroyed along with a storage depot, a training building, a canteen and a radar station. Six people were killed and several others wounded.
  • The Syrian government called the strike “blatant aggression,” but stopped short of calling it an act of war.
  • Russia was warned about the strike beforehand… and Russian officials likely warned Syria as well. “Russian forces were notified in advance of the strike using the established deconfliction line,” said Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis. “U.S. military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield.”
  • .”

  • The strike was the “most limited” military option presented to Trump, according to the New York Times.
  • If this strike didn’t happen, and Trump went to Russia to forge an coalition to fight ISIS, the neo-cons in Congress and his administration would undermine him while claiming publicly he’s a “Russian puppet.”  But now, with the strike, he can “deescalate” tensions with Russia into a coalition to fight ISIS under the guise of stopping bloodshed in Syria… which is really targeting ISIS, not Assad.

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2 comments to Trump’s Syria Strike: What They’re NOT Telling You

  • Guido

    Sounds to me like Daniels is following orders from his boss, Alex Jones, in an attempt to downplay the warmongering of the Trump administration, or at least attempt to soften the blow that is coming from a rapidly disintegrating support base who sees this missile attack as a major slap in the face.

    For anyone on the fence here, understand that the blueprint for Western domination of Syria has been on the table for a very long time. It especially came into prominence nearly two decades ago with the formation of the Project for a New American Century, a neocon think tank composed of a Zionist A-Team that influenced Middle East policy in the years to come. What to do with Syria and Iran was spelled out succinctly. And while Bush and Obama both played their chosen roles in so far as Middle East policy was concerned, both Syria and Iran have proven to be tougher nuts to crack after all.

    The formation of ISIS by Western and Israeli intelligence during the Obama administration was designed to both destabilize the Middle East, hence providing the excuse needed for Western military intervention, and act as a military force designed to weaken Russian influence in the region by forcing her to deplete her resources defending her allies in the region against this well-funded, well-armed proxy Western army.

    While many of us were initially charmed by Trump’s desire to work hand in hand with Russia in defeating ISIS, we remained cautiously optimistic, and it became apparent in short order after he began plugging his administration with Zionists, globalists and neocon war hawks that it would be business as usual. Who was naive enough to actually believe that Gen. Mattis and McMaster weren’t intent on being the poster boys for the Military Industrial Complex? Besides bolstering their own inflated legacies, they also know where their bread is buttered.

    While the Trump administration received an A+ from the fake corporate MSM and Establishment whores after the recent missile attack, PUBLIC support might be a different matter entirely. It’s clear that this missile attack was not only born from false pretenses, but judging by the impulsiveness of the attack, it was ALREADY on the table and ready to go. All they were waiting for was the false-flag to launch it. In other words, either through total ineptness or total arrogance (probably both), they couldn’t even make it APPEAR to be legit because THEY acted as the judge, jury and executioner – no questions, no investigations, no congressional vote, no public opinion, NOTHING. And what were we to do? Tune in to CNN, sit back, wave the flag and accept it. All that’s missing (for now) is the OR ELSE!, but it’s coming.

    I’m afraid this card has been played far too many times, one reason why Trump was elected in the first place. So how does this administration plan on gaining the trust of the people if it can’t even make it through the first three months without badly mimicking the very criminals and charlatans who have come before it that the people so detest? It cannot. And when the Deep State sees that Trump is on the ropes, don’t think they won’t go for the KO, replacing him with another puppet who won’t have to work quite so hard at being one.

    Fasten your seat belts, this ride is about to get wild.

    • Mr Cause

      I agree with you.

      It appears we the people are so stupid, we no longer even need a false narrative to convince us. When all the MSM and congress agree on something like this, it is deeply concerning.

      This strike cast a shawdow over the hope I carried for Trump. It’s not that I am opposed ot ever striking. It’s how everyone is convinced it was Assad.

      The Public needs investigation details from someone we can trust. LOL, now that had to make you at least grin. With the lawlessone, there is no one you can trust.

      Mr C

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