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Trump Owned Stock in The Company He Just Helped Make a Billion Overnight by Bombing Syria

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Each one of the 59 Tomahawk missiles fired by the US Navy, by order of Trump, at the Syrian air base in Homs cost somewhere between $800,000 and $1.4 million — per missile. This obviously expensive surge in US military spending subsequently sent the manufacturer’s stock soaring. It also sent the Free Thought Project on an investigation into the types of stocks in which President Trump invests. What we found is shocking, but sadly, typical.

Tomahawk missiles are manufactured by a company, with whom most people are familiar, Raytheon.

According to Raytheon’s website: “Today’s Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile can circle for hours, shift course instantly on command and beam a picture of its target to controllers halfway around the world before striking with pinpoint accuracy. Tomahawk can be launched from a ship or submarine and can fly into heavily defended airspace more than 1,000 miles away to conduct precise strikes on high-value targets with minimal collateral damage. Launching the weapon from such a long distance helps to keep sailors out of harm’s way.”

However, some may not be familiar with the fact that according to the President’s most recent FEC disclosure, the Trumps actual own or have owned stock in Raytheon. That’s right, the 59 missiles, that Trump hurled at Syria — which cost taxpayers somewhere between $47 million and $82 million — could’ve actually turned a profit for the president.

The report showed that Trump also owns or has owned stock in many well-known companies including Apple, Nike, Whole Foods, Google, Philip Morris, McDonald’s, Facebook, and Morgan Stanley, among many others — including many other defense contractors who stand to make billions off Trump’s aggression.

It is important to note that in December of 2016, Trump spokesman, Jason Miller told The Post that Trump liquidated all of his assets. However, we’ve yet to see any proof of this and will not see any proof until at least 2018.

“We need to know, has he put them in conflict free assets … or has he bought other stocks or assets that would create new conflicts?” Norm Eisen, who served as ethics counselor to President Obama asked. “It’s all the more reason that we need a prompt and full financial disclosure. If he did liquidate all his stocks, what did he do with the money? What bank is the money in? What did he buy? It’s a lot of money.”

According to Business Insider, shares of Raytheon gained 3.54 points, a roughly 2.3 percent increase, in pre-market trading following Thursday night’s strike.

Of course, 2.3 percent doesn’t sound like a whole lot, however, if we take into account the effect it has on Raytheon’s total market value, it is definitely significant. On Thursday, Raytheon closed at $150.75 and on Friday morning, it opened at $154.62. This shot the company’s market value up from $44.1 billion to $45.4 billion — nearly one and a half billion — in a day.

Lockheed Martin and Boeing saw similar gains.

Also, according to Open Secrets, Trump wasn’t just giving to Raytheon but they were also giving to him.

According to Trump’s most recent Financial Disclosure Report, his stock holdings were held in accounts with Barclays, Oppenheimer, JPMorgan, and Deutsche Bank. However, the way that the disclosure from the FEC is structured only requires presidential candidates to list their holdings in broad ranges. So, we don’t know how large of a stake he had in these companies.

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4 comments to Trump Owned Stock in The Company He Just Helped Make a Billion Overnight by Bombing Syria

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    1st I’ll say that I don’t agree with the stupid missile attack (I think Trump is channeling McCain), but, I’d also say, that most savy investors will have a good chunk of money invested in the “defense industry” because it always get the lion’s share of gov’t money.

    Next, I’d ask.. “What OTHER type of missiles are deployed on our ships that can do this job?” I think the answer is “none”.

    Have the Tomahawks been “deployed by Bush, Clinton & Obama”? Yes.

    So I don’t make anything of Trump making money on defense stocks, because I’d imagine that ALL the presidents and most Congressmen also have portfolios filled with defense stocks.

    I really hope the next “financial crash” really kills Wallstreet and all those stocks end up in the septic tank of history and all the “war mongers” of the investment world cry until they die.

  • joejoe

    I am already sick of the baseless Trump attacks.
    Stop with the stupid negative conspiracies already.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Garden FAILURE update.

    Victory Garden, wars & financial crash preps.

    (I’m more MOTIVATED to get my garden in working condition, if not needed for THIS year, then I’ll be using the garden to produce SEEDS for next year!)

    Anyway, I week ago, I filled one of those “seed starter trays” with 72 kernels of CORN that I had saved and dried from a STORE bought ear of corn. The failure, is that NONE of them germinated. They were 3 years old, kept very dry, etc. Don’t know WHY they were bad.

    I disposed of them, cleaned the tray, and starting over again with 3 varieties of corn.
    I took some of that unplanted “Bad corn” and put some in the deep freeze overnight (in an air-tight-moisture proof container), and upon removing them today, soaked them in water for a few hours, and planted 36 of them. Let’s see if the “freezing cycle” wakes them up.

    The other 2 varieties are “Country Gentleman” (Heirloom & resistant to some pests, etc).
    The last variety is Sweet Bantam Hybrid (I don’t like hybrids, but they were dollar store super deals.)

    Diakon radish, sqaush, watermelon, onions, garlic, potatoes,.. some in the ground, and others are ready to transplant from the seed trays.

    Many other seed types ready to go into more seed trays, veggies, herbs, flowers.

    When we feel worried about world conditions, it’s better to DO something positive for your family than to just sit there and get angry or worried about the planet. Get growing, get ready, and if you know you will have FOOD on your table, then you can probably survive most situations.

    Good Luck everybody. Be WELL. Stay positive!!! Take a bad situation, and make yourself MORE ready, more secure, and enjoy looking at your garden plants or container garden growing food for your table.

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