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Trump is Pushing US Into Scripted and Pre-Planned World War III

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

Remember before the (s)election when Donald Trump, who was a New York Democrat running as a Republican, was the anti-war candidate?

And Killary Clinton, who was a lifelong Democrat, the party that sells itself as the more anti-war party, was the war candidate?

And, how Trump’s rhetoric about making friends with Russia and even letting Russia take care of ISIS in Syria led many to believe that the only way to get out of a potential World War III scenario was to vote for Trump?

And then how Trump was elected, started saber-rattling with Russia… and China… and North Korea… and then bombed Syria just like Hillary Clinton would have?

Yeah, that all happened.

It seems crazy, doesn’t it?

There’s a reason why it seems crazy. It’s because it happened on purpose.

The Globalists/Banksters/Zionists/Masons/Jesuits/Illuminati (pick the one that makes you most comfortable) who control the whole show do it all on purpose. They are laughing at the whole world right now for falling for their tricks, time and time again.

And they love to make it as confusing as possible so your average slave, or “voter”, feels a complete sense of having no control and not even being able to understand what is going on.
Many people right now are saying, “But I thought voting for Trump would end the wars. I guess things are more complicated than I thought.”

Nope, they aren’t complicated at all. The wars will always continue. Wars aren’t meant to be won. They are meant to go on for eternity. If the fact that the US has been terrorizing Iraq for 27 years now, since the first “Gulf War” in 1990, doesn’t make you realize that, then nothing will.

Every four years in the US, two puppets are offered up to the public and the people, dumbed down in 12 years of government indoctrination camps, then think they have a choice about who is going to tell them what to do for the next four years!

They don’t. The two options are always rigged. Trump is no different than any. And, even if the public chooses the less preferred one, like in 2000, they’ll just mesmerize the public with some “hanging chads” for a few months and then install their preferred choice… which in 2000 was George W. Bush and the real President, Dick Cheney, who were better suited to manage the 9/11 false flag event that had been planned by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) for years prior.

What Americans need to realize is that they don’t have a government. They have an evil cabal of mostly satanic globalists who enslave and extort them throughout their lives and even after they die, with the final Death Tax to take what’s left even after the poor American tax slave has left his mortal coil.

Sadly, this cabal has been so proficient over the decades that they have brainwashed, propagandized and mind controlled the majority of the population so thoroughly that they will stand up, sing and cheer when their master’s song is played before their bread and circus sports games.

And, just like Trump was a trojan horse, as we’ve been saying for the last year, to fool the public. Now they will use Trump to engineer, at least to some degree, a type of World War III.

This too is all planned and scripted as the globalists control the governments of Russia and China as well. This game is very serious. And this rabbit hole goes very deep.

And, it looks like, they have quickly begun to roll it out.

In a matter of a few days a false flag gas attack, or an outright hoax as it looks incredibly fake, was conducted in Syria. Within hours, before anyone could even look at any of the evidence, Trump attacked Syria.

Why so quick? Because people have access to the internet now and are getting very fast at exposing all of these hoaxes. It took many people years to figure out that 9/11 was a false flag. The last Syrian gas attack false flag took a few weeks before people realized it was a false flag.

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3 comments to Trump is Pushing US Into Scripted and Pre-Planned World War III

  • Ed_B

    “And Killary Clinton, who was a lifelong Democrat, the party that sells itself as the more anti-war party, was the war candidate?”

    Actually, Jeff, Hellery Klinton was a “Goldwater Girl” back in her early political days. Soon thereafter, however, she discovered that a LOT more political power could be had via playing the female victim and pandering to the free s**t army.

    • glitter 1

      Listening to the old John Todd lectures,Goldwater was on the Illuminati Payroll.

      John Todd was on the Council Of Thirteen before he defected and told all.He was later convicted of a trumped up charge and sent off to jail.When he was let out,the Illuminati had Strom Thurmond (33rd degree) arrange for his abduction and silencing.

      Fritz Springmeier tells/talks about John Todd and what happened to him in his book:Bloodlines Of The Illuminati

      The point being,we have Congress Critters who have been/are doing the work covertly for this Power Elite.They’ve had years upon years to infiltrate and take control by stealth,perfect example is Washington DC today.It’s all a sham,a lie,deceit and not going to change in a way people think.

  • mac

    yanks live with this propaganda all their lives…maybe the mainstream news is really for the immigrants? Educated residence know alot of the “news” is not really trustworthy. Immigrants learning English are brainwashed?

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