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Jason Burack from WallStForMainST joins me to discuss Trump VS. the swamp. And it appears that the swamp is winning.

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24 comments to THE SWAMP IS WINNING — Jason Burack

  • Ed_B

    IMO, it is VERY unlikely that “the swamp” will ever be drained unless a ruthless dictator comes into power and establishment heads roll… literally. Trump is the president but there is only so much he can do with the house and senate firmly in establishment hands. Be careful what you wish for… you might just get it!

    • mike

      The swamp is just going to grow with Trump, at least the Deep State swamp. He fooled you guys which is sad statement as to the condition of the US. You have grown men thinking this time it will be different?? We all knew Rand Paul was the only one that represents any semblance of sanity but you guys cheer leaded the great golden God like there was no tomorrow. Hillary would have been a much better president than Trump by not growing the deep state but keeping it in check as she has been able to do this entire time. The Deep State never could touch her no matter how hard they tried and there is no way she being the criminal she was would actually grow it like Trump. Hillary owned the deep State lock stock and barrel. Deep State formerly known as Clintons Biatch..Clinton would have kept Obama care instead of the Trump Care which will be twice as expensive. Clinton would have gotten us into a war with Syria and Russia just like Trump so no difference on that front. Trump did have potential but proved himself as Bush 2 but more left and stupid. Clinton in hind sight was by far the lesser of two evils.
      There is no defending Trump he is a moron like Eric.

      Only BTC is Money nothing else.

      • Eric

        How many times did you vote for your satanic hecate best friend Hillary? Maybe you should vote again. This time will be different.

        If BTC was money, it would be accepted somewhere for something of real value.

        Even a moron knows that. But you haven’t grown enough brain cells to reach moron level yet have you?

        • mike

          Sean sure wants the BTC donations so I guess people do accept it as money..And I can buy your money with BC all day long however your money can’t purchase BTC. The market pushes out bad money, you know that and long ago the market pushed out PMs because they simply can not function as money in a modern world. Trading things maybe on a small scale but will never be money again, Only BTC is money, nothing else.
          Really hate to break it to you I didn’t vote for Clinton although out of the two vile warmongering criminals Trump or Clinton I would have preferred Clinton…Shit would have been a lot Cheaper, less spending, less gubberment. They are both rapist and fornicating criminals so no moral ambiguity between the two, they are one in the same.
          Once again like most presidential election I vote for myself and get a few others to vote for me as well. Only a complete brain dead idiot wold actually vote for a politician especially one backed so hardcore like Trump from the Media. Billions of free advertising. Trump was the establishment choice that was more than clear. His actions 100% predictable by his own words if chose to listen. Yep only a fool, a disgusting vile retarded lemming would have voted for Trump lol…Moron.

          • Eric

            I don’t know how you could get anyone to vote for you but whatever keeps your boat afloat mike.

            People accept many things as donations…food, clothing, advice, skills, currency, money, etc. That does not automatically make them ‘money.’ For instance, I wouldn’t sell you anything at all in exchange for BTC because I know that my golf clubs, skills, food, etc. are more valuable than your paper wallet. And besides you can’t buy much with your wallet anyways because you have already demonstrated that your mouth is bigger than your wallet. So your won’t be buying that much Gold or Silver anytime soon since you sunk everything into the worst investment of all time…boats.

            A donkey should know better than that.

            • mike

              Hahaha yeah boats are a hole for money in the water for sure but I got plenty of the $$$ to pay. You don’t get a boat if you can afford it.
              Totally wrong about money there are traits of money all of which BTC fits perfectly and PMS do not like fungibility, divisibility, convenience etc. ONLY BTC is limited in Quantity also infinitely divisible making it unlimited in quantity, wow. Amazing construct and has the only money close to it the Dollar beat. Being debt based the dollar was almost the perfect construct. Had PMs beat by a mile an enabled the world to grow. PMs being unmanageable in every sense and the massive bureaucracy that had to exist in order to make them function as money, the deceit of rarity, storing and settling debts was the worst. BTC is the perfect store of wealth even to your pea brain. PMs supposed store comes from the energy it took to find and mine them and BTC is currently using 1/2 the worlds computing power to mine….Anyway BTC is limited and unlimited at the same time. Making those that just get a few now the worlds richest people in the future. It can only go up and up forever yet being easily accessible to all at the same time.
              I know you just love being a stupid, very stupid asshole and you do it brilliantly as if that is exactly what you are in reality, a stupid asshole? But the PMs day is over. No one wants the stuff and it is available everywhere. Just .49 cents over spot lol. You were just born in the wrong era..1400’s would have been good for you. Lot of stupid idiot know it alls running all around that did their research just like you only their sources were out of touch with reality. You would have been right at home with the throwbacks and Gold was WAS WAS money.

              • Eric

                BTC is not durable, not a long term store of value, and it does not have a long history of acceptance. It is also not very convenient, consistent, or possess value in itself. It is also not widely accepted. Only Gold and Silver fit all characteristics of “money.”


                You don’t read or listen very well do you mike? We’ve gone over this dozens of times now.

                BTC makes a fine currency for idiots with no wealth who only like to purchase and collect junk and garbage and then pretend they are wealthy. In other words, it’s the perfect form of money for mike.

                Nobody wants it. lol. You are a very good donkey mike. Did you sell all of your undesirable PRECIOUS metals yet?


                • mike

                  BTC is indestructible dip shit ..Yeah we have been over this.

                  You know people still buy seashells so I guess they are still money to some as well. They just haven’t figured out you can go to any beach and collect as much as you like.

                  The China import numbers are 100% wrong. Who publishes them the Chinese or the world mining org mane the silver institute? You really need to get some better sources because the fact is no one on earth knows how much is mined or consumed. The only ones with a stake in the game are retailers and mines. No one wants the crap. If they did and your mining numbers, China national consumption numbers etc were accurate there would have been real shortages in the raw material years and years ago. That has NEVER happened ever in the history of PMs as money not once. Only simple fabrication delays.
                  I know it is impossible for you or even your stupid ass parrots that can not use common sense to figure out PMs are in abundance and every number from mining to consumption is totally incorrect.

                  Keep working on it remember 1+1=2 even if TPTB say it’s 3….Freaking worthless lemming.

                • Eric

                  indestructible. lol. It’s so indestructible you can’t even hold it. Your IQ fascinates me mike. I like how you have to change the subject to seashells. Would you like me to tell you why seashells were a currency and didn’t last as money either because they actually are not money?

                  I know Koos Jansen’s articles are too long for your pea size attention span and anything that contradicts your biased belief system is ‘fake news,’ but I already know how you are going to have to find out the hard way that if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. And since you can’t hold bitcoin, you will be laughed at continuously as you try to convince others to use it. My magic beans are more valuable than your twisted logic.

                  If Gold and Silver are in abundance as you say, why haven’t you sold all of your “worthless PMS” yet?

                  Hilarious! Keep chasing the $$$ signs. lol.

  • knowtoomuch

    Correct, because Dear Donald was part of The Swamp ALL ALONG ! :

  • Eric

    “Winning” is progressive indicative present.

    “Has won” is nominal indicative perfect.

    They are not going to win.

  • anon

    Good points, Ed_B, and knowtoomuch.

    The main reason why the SWAMP is winning, is due to the ignorance of the vast majority of Americans who have extremely short attention spans, and were never taught how to think critically, and discern fact from fiction. Also, the SWAMP is winning because Americans (the majority of Americans) have become excessively MATERIALISTIC. Probably one good result of the current economic “downturn” (actually recession, if not DEPRESSION) is that many Americans simply can’t afford to spend their money frivolously. IF America is to be made GREAT AGAIN, Americans will need to BECOME GREAT AGAIN. And, the ONLY way that this will happen, is if Americans begin USING THE GREY MATTER BETWEEN THEIR EARS THAT GOD GAVE THEM, and begin to achieve excellence again, in the arts and sciences, as well as in moral and practical matters, including mundane matters such as ethical behavior, and even personal finance, and responsibility. Americans need to re-learn what it means to be responsible, and take responsibility for their own thoughts, words, and actions, and become self-reliant again, and stop all this JUDAIC “victim”-think ~ that seems to pervade our culture.

    • anon

      Another thing that needs to happen, eventually, for America to become GREAT again, is that Americans obviously need to re-claim the District of Columbia from the Criminals that now inhabit it.

    • Ed_B

      Good points for you as well, Anon.

      Yes, we went into a depression in 2008 and are only now beginning to see signs of it improving to a mere recession. I say this because the definition I use for a depression is: An extended period of time of falling national production coupled with persistent long-term unemployment. Does this sound like what we have had for the past 8+ years? It does to me.

      They are still holding onto their idiotic 5% and lower number of unemployed as a sign that we are through the depression when this invented number is pure BS. With the labor participation rate as low as it is, home ownership as low as it is, and the Fed completely unable to count REAL inflation none of these numbers tell us anything real about today’s economy or employment. These are all “feel good” lies that are being made up to make us THINK that there is no depression, when there really is.

      Depressions last for a decade or more. Recessions last for 9-18 months and average around 13 months. When a recession ends, we all KNOW it because jobs come flooding back into the economy. Yes, we have some new service jobs now but their pay is minimal and the benefits nil. Yet the government counts a couple of these part-time min wage jobs as being better than one full-time scientist or engineer job that pays MUCH better and has good benefits. I would call them “idiots” or “morons” but that would be an insult to idiots and morons everywhere. 🙁

      Coupled to that, we have the Fed and the BLS bending all of their calcs to deliver just the numbers they want to show us that we have had a recession and are now healing from that. Bah, says I. We may be somewhat better off today than we were 5-6 years ago, but better than horrible is still not good.

  • videoctr

    Time to round up the critters. You know, the fat pig globalists. The critters we face are wise, and skittish. We have to outsmart them. Fixing our hog problem is like a slow moving Trump train at the moment. Here is the art of the deal I am speaking of to fix the issues:

    See if you can spot fat pig Soros.

  • anon

    The SWAMP has been winning since at least Nov. 22, 1963, if not since Dec. 23, 1913.

    The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

    Read the comments. Follow the links.

  • rich

    Trump’s Potential PEU Fed Vice Chair

    Reuter’s reported:

    The vacant Federal Reserve vice chairman’s seat is a key regulatory role Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn and his colleagues on the economic team want to fill soon.

    Cohn has interviewed nearly two dozen candidates and has whittled the list down. Randal Quarles, a veteran of the George W. Bush administration is one of several candidates left, a source familiar with the process said.

    In June 2003 Quarles spoke on Iraqi Reconstruction. Ten years later an analysis of that effort showed:

    Iraq Reconstruction Cost U.S. $60 Billion: Left Behind Corruption And Waste

    Despite a $60 billion U.S effort to rebuild Iraq, life for most Iraqis has not improved significantly, according to a bitter and regretful retrospective by Iraqi officials and U.S. diplomats, military officers and politicians.

    Randall Quarles left President George W. Bush’s U.S. Treasury for The Carlyle Group where he served on their financial services team.

    Carlyle made a fortune on BankUnited, which it obtained from the FDIC with billions in subsidies.

    That sound strikingly familiar to IndyMac and Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s current Treasury chief.

    The potential Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve served under President George H. W. Bush.

    During the Administration of President George H.W. Bush, Mr. Quarles also served at the Treasury; first as Special Assistant to the Secretary for Banking Legislation from 1991 to 1992 and as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Policy from 1992 to 1993. In those roles, Mr. Quarles was a principal member of the Treasury’s effort to design comprehensive reform of the laws governing bank capital markets activities.

    Randall Quarles rotated from government to Carlyle, a politically connected private equity underwriter (PEU). Bank capital markets imploded after Quarles left his Domestic Finance position with the W. Bush administration. Carlyle’s press release on Quarles hiring stated:

    “Before joining Carlyle, Mr. Quarles was Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, where he led the Department’s activities in financial sector and capital markets policy, including coordination of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, development of administration policy on hedge funds and derivatives, regulatory reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and proposing fundamental reform of the U.S. financial regulatory structure.”

    That’s the junk that blew up in 2008.

    Candidate Donald Trump wouldn’t touch a guy like Quarles.

    Will President Trump appoint another PEU to retain a system that rewards those with the most?

    Buyout shops have seized on a performance enhancer that artificially jacks up results, according to many industry executives.The practice isn’t illegal, and is largely cosmetic, but it allows private equity firms to goose what’s known as their internal rate of return, or IRR.

    Greed requires those with oversight to look the other way.

    Quarles played a role in several government performance debacles.

    I expect none of this to come up if he is nominated for Fed Vice Chair.

    • anon

      rich, you said: “Greed requires that those with oversight look the other way.”

      MOST of the problems in this world are the DIRECT result of SUPREMACIST ideology (PURITANS & ZIONIST “JEWS” or Albion & ZION combined) and EXTREME MATERIALISM. Or Greed. It’s not enough for those at the top (many if not most of them psychopaths with no conscience or real empathy for others) ~ it’s not enough for them to have TRILLIONS and BILLIONS so that they don’t have to actually work, except to monitor their investments. No, these psychopaths want to CONTROL ~ EVERYTHING.

      So, in order for them to CONTROL EVERYTHING ~ they become “Too-Big-To-Fail” and “Too-Big-To-Jail” ~ meaning, that they BUY-OUT the overseers, such as at the Securities and Exchange Commission, to look the other way. (That way, the SEC employees can sit at their desks and watch PORN all day. Remember that?). And, NO ONE says ANYTHING about it & the system is now COMPLETELY under the control of the same few psychopaths at the top.

      +1, rich.

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