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The Soros Subversion Machine on a Platter

by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

Most policy experts know billionaire George Soros wields mighty influence. Even everyday citizens hear his name and associate it with control and power brokering. The man behind the anti-Trump chaos, the hedge fund oligarch and strange philanthropist, Soros is the real world equivalent of Dr. Evil. But up until now the world at large has tolerated his machinations. Up until now the world could not see clearly how Soros billions brought misery and suffering on a billion people.

My colleague, Dutch political analyst Hoger Eekhof called me up in a heightened state of disbelief recently. I recall Eekhof exclaiming over the phone some time back; “Phil, Soros’ organizations own leaks admit his complicity in controlling European policies!” Then, having been on the trail of Soros some years now, I became anxious to hear what the archival researcher had turned up. To my amazement, it turns out damning evidence on Soros and his Open Society Foundations can be found in plain sight, within months old DC Leaks cables obtained from the billionaire’s NGO. No doubt some readers will be astonished as well at finding these leaks nowhere in any mainstream media. The revelations are so telling and broad, I do not even know where to begin telling the story. Maybe it’s best to start with Soros straight out buying European media!

Extra! Extra! Soros Pays for EU Elections!

One document (PDF) from the DC Leaks horde from the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) details programs and plans to influence the European elections in 2014. Not only does the Soros NGO document contain the strategies for tilting these elections, it also gives the amounts and recipients of Soros money paid for “creating” Europe policy and policymakers. Among the dozens of Soros paid for programs to leverage these elections, one grant program stood out for me as a journalist and analyst of media. The EUobserver ASBL fund was set up and funded by Soros in order to straight out “buy” major European media. I quote from the program objectives:

This project uses professional news reporting to foster debate on how open society values are under stress in the run up to the European elections. Topics include the rise of hate speech by Europe’s far right, the increased use of intolerant rhetoric and policies by mainstream politicians, as well as the rise in hate crime on the streets of Europe. EUobserver recruited experienced, local journalists to visit campaign events, conduct interviews and solicit high-level op-eds in 16 countries. By “going local”, EUobserver was able to point out worrying cross-border trends, rather than merely report on isolated incidents. They published a total of 128 articles in the period from February to May 2014.

What this means is, Soros funded the EUobserver plan with $130,922 dollars and bought 128 influential articles Europeans read across the EU. That’s roughly $1000 dollars per article for op-ed pieces, which is enough to sway the opinions of 90% of the European journalist I know of. The document outlining that plan goes so far as to label the areas of focus these articles were intended for, and included; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, and the UK. The EUobserver buyout of media was even extended by a further 32 articles at about $1000 dollars each to more acutely focus just before the elections. Now let this sink in.

Open Society Foundations also funded EUobserver to “recruiting a network of independent journalists in EU capitals to cover the impact of those policies and to highlight important local events.” This aspect of Soros media control and manipulation was funded with $75,000 dollars, but there’s no indication how many “recruits” this initiative hired.

Stoking the Marginalized Fires of Youth

As disturbing as the DC Leaks revelations of Soros direct media corruption is, the greater societal manipulation the various Soros NGOs have had are staggering. Within this same cable from Open Society Foundations direct “employment” and manipulation of the neo-liberals core constituency is shown. Another program funded by OSF was the European Alternatives – Italian branch. This aspect had as its “mission” to “amplify the voices of those far from the center of EU power, including those in vulnerable situations, such as migrants and youth…” Through a series of support mechanism, Soros sought to convert Italy’s young, the LGBT community, and basically any contra-conservative gang it could through the use of media “humor and satire”. A web entity was created, Voice of the Voiceless EU, which no longer exists. Here is where we see Soros summoning the plowshares and pitchfork carriers from among society’s most exuberant and aggressive segments. Voice of the Voiceless metastacized into a much broader movement we can now see in media, academia, and across the spectrum. The European Youth Portal is one mirror mechanism for Soros’ homogenization of youth ideals.

This aspect of Soros’ plan is quite brilliant actually. What may have looked like grass roots acceptance and support for such movements as the LGBT and same sex marriage activism, was in reality another recipe cooked up by people like Soros to “bake” the youth into globalist ultra liberal pie. Without the metaphors, Soros brainwashed a generation of vulnerable youth to believe in contra-convervative ideals and quests. The youth of Europe and the United States might have otherwise been predisposed to far right ideals, as an example. But Soros money can be shown to have reached deep into the subculture of fringe youth organizations. But the Soros “machine” is far more powerful than any one segment.

We Control the Vertical – We Control Your Culture

I am going to admit to you here, even I underestimated how powerful George Soros is. Discovering the depth and breadth of George Soros Machiavellianism in months old DC Leaks is an astonishing revelation. Yes, the leaks prove unequivocally me and my colleagues were right all along. But we are in no contest for accolades here, these late revelations also prove how little is known of this man’s endeavors, his connections, from whence all this immense power emanates from. For make no mistake, no single person could hide so effectively, unless…

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