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The Refugee Crisis – Who Is To Blame?

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

With the recent Brexit vote and the French election next week, the refugee crisis raging across Europe needs to be fully examined. In all things and in solving all problems, we have two choices. To deal with the symptoms or to deal with the cause. Without dealing with the cause as a first priority, a cure, a solution can never be found.

The flooding of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East into western countries; the trauma, poverty and suffering; the camps which leave a lot to be desired; human trafficking and sex slavery which have resulted as byproducts; narcotics trafficking and organ trafficking; an increase in terrorist bombings as well as an increase in crime, sexual harassment and rape in Europe… the cause of this humanitarian disaster has not been addressed. Only the symptoms of social and political upheaval for people on both sides of the Mediterranean.

“Politically correct” has blinded many as to the real cause on both sides of the argument.  Most Europeans are not racist bigots and most Muslims are not extremist Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabis. Those in the middle who are the majority have been buffeted on both ends for political and  economic advantage that is not in their own best interest and have been caught up in a whirlpool of chaos.

As usual the “race” card takes centre stage and obscures what should be the real talking points. Those who in their own national state interests, which include north Africans and Muslims with European citizenship, who oppose the influx of refugees, are maligned and discredited in the media as “white supremacists,” while those Islamic extremists declaring Jihad in Europe, those responsible for terror attacks, the increase in the rape statistics and religious bigotry against their hosts, are often barely mentioned in the mainstream media and their crimes are covered up under the auspices of being “politically correct.”

These are the symptoms. Before we even consider a cure, we need to analyse the cause. Which so far very few are doing, they are too distracted by the day-to-day havoc in Europe and the Middle East that constantly takes up the front pages.

The Sunni, Shia divide in Islam.

Very few people in the west are aware of this divide in Islamic belief. To the east, in Iran, Iraq and Syria lies the predominantly Shia crescent. To the west in Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, lies the predominantly Sunni belief.

Some of the most glaring differences between the two is that the east consists of mainly secular countries with tolerance and protection for all religious groups. As a few examples there the Yezidis in Iraq, Christian communities in Syria that still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus, and the Jews in Iran, the largest group of Jews outside of Israel which is a thriving community and has proportional representation in government.

The west on the other hand has little to no tolerance for any other religious group other than Sunni Islam and specifically Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi Islamic extremism. The majority of these states are not elected governments, but are dictatorial monarchies, sexist and with very low track records as regards human rights abuses. The west, specifically Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have been incubators for Islamic terrorists across the world either directly or through financial assistance, while Turkey and Jordan have acted as conduit points for extremists to cross over into Iraq and Syria and in exchange have benefited from stolen antiquities and stolen oil, in the case of Turkey we can include the asset stripping of Syria’s major industrial centres in Aleppo which were carried across the border, as seen in the documentary Aleppo Renaissance. 

Oil and the Petro Dollar.

Ever since the 1970s the world has been held to ransom by the petro dollar. All trade in oil has been done in dollars. The USA with the privilege of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency added to the dollar’s value by making deals with the OPEC countries. In return for US protection and military capabilities OPEC oil has only been sold in petro dollars. This has secured “American Interests,” and has been to the benefit of American oil companies involving no less of a figure than David Rockefeller and his Bilderberg Club members, including George Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (Royal Dutch Shell), the Bush family and the Clintons to name a few.

This association goes back to WW2, where the same above groups supported Hitler and Nazi Germany and were in an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. Today they are again in collusion and their prime target as it was over 70 years ago, is absolute control over the oil rich countries in Africa and the Middle East. Religion, Islamic extremism,  carried out by groups such as Boko Haram and ISIL under its various franchises, are only some of the tools at their disposal.  Used as a camouflage for genocide against all who oppose them, as we have seen in Libya, Iraq and Syria in the last six years.

This collusion has in turn kept the Sunni Monarchies in the west of the Middle East in power and has also given them extreme wealth to the point where the Saudi Royals ostentatiously ride on golden escalators while the fruits of their labours, millions  across North Africa, the Middle East and the refugees in Europe have had to bare untold suffering.  It is a point worth mentioning that none of the very wealthy OPEC countries have offered any assistance to refugees, have provided refugee camps, health care or financial aid.  Instead this burden has been carried by Europe.

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