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The Imperial War Machine Marches Forward Under Donald Trump

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Last month, I wrote a piece titled, Is Donald Trump About to Massively Expand America’s Imperial Wars?, in which I warned:

Many people voted for Donald Trump based on his pledge of “America First.” The idea behind this partly relates to the very legitimate concern that the U.S. Empire and its military-industrial-contractor benefactors have been squandering an enormous amount of treasure and tax money on foreign adventurism, funds which could be of much greater use at home helping struggling Americans, fixing our broken economy and infrastructure. I’m starting to become increasingly concerned that rather than winding down America’s foreign adventures, Trump and his team are preparing to expand them.

Given Trump’s statements on Syria this morning, I’m moving from “becoming concerned,” to nearly convinced that Donald Trump will not only expand America’s idiotic, ongoing wars, but at the same time, start some new ones.

In case you missed his comments from earlier, watch the first 2 minutes of this.

This chemical attack just happened, how does he know the Assad regime did this? Is it because the same deep state people who have been trying to sabotage him sine day one told him so? Is he that stupid? Does it even make sense considering things were going pretty well for Assad in the conflict before this attack? No, it doesn’t, and many people are starting to ask these questions.

Ron Paul is one of them, and he recorded a very interesting segment on whether or not the recent chemical attack was a false flag. See below.

Now here’s the most disturbing aspect to all of this. Many of us assumed that anti-war protests under Trump would be far more vibrant and massive than under Hillary Clinton. This probably would’ve been the case if not for the non-stop Russia fear mongering from the corporate media and the Democratic Party, but they’ve pushed themselves into a terrible corner with horrible consequences for the rest of us.

If Trump now escalates American intervention in the Syria war, Democrats and other fake liberals will feel compelled to support this disastrous adventure because it’s against evil Russia. See how this works? You got played people.

The writing is on the wall and the message is not good. Trump will likely expand the war in Syria and increase tensions with Russia. The American empire is likely to implode under Trump’s watch, as he once again betrays many of the people who voted for him.

As I mused on Twitter earlier today.

Hillary or Trump, we’d be getting the same thing. We had no real choice, and empires don’t reform. Prepare for impact.

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