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The Deep State: A Bottomless Rabbit Hole

by Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

I’ve recently been marveling at the chaotic, carnival sideshow that Washington, DC has become.

Um, no, check that. What I’ve recently been doing is marveling at the chaotic, carnival sideshow that the entire USSA has become. But, no, that’s not quite right either. What I’ve really been marveling at is that so many people persist in not seeing the USSA for what it actually is: a hyper-violent, sociopathic, chaotic, suicidal, genocidal, world ravaging, existential threat to itself and to most anyone and everyone else, all over the planet.

Just recently the news media have been full of stories about Donald Trump loudly braying to the world that the USSA will have to “take care of North Korea” by itself, if necessary.

In this nuclear age does anyone have any illusions about what that might mean? This comes hard on the heels of the Pentagon sending a wing of nuclear-capable, heavy bombers to South Korea a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone have any illusions about what that might mean in this nuclear age, if those “nuclear-capable” bombers are used?

Beyond that conspicuous, nuclear saber rattling, the Pentagon is right now moving a very large military force into Poland, just miles from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea. Have a look:

US Army Vehicles Arrive in Poland

U.S. Army Heavy Armor Arrives In Poland

U.S. Army Soldiers Arrive At Base In Poland

U.S. Army Continues Deployment To Poland  

You can watch hours of these videos. Thousands of tanks, armored personnel carriers, heavy guns, thousands of troops, you name it, all being positioned in Poland right now, at Orzysz. It has to do with  NATO’s so called “Enhanced Forward Presence”, which in plain English means: moving the USSA Army right up to the Russian border, just 55 miles as the crow flies, from Kaliningrad.

Like the Russians won’t notice the American Army assembling a large military force right on their border. As if it’s a normal thing.

I’m telling you very plainly that it is not a normal thing, and that this is the kind of thing the Pentagon does before it goes to war. These are war preparations. Any fool can see that. How many trainloads of USSA Army heavy armor do the Russians have to watch being unloaded 55 miles from their borders before they draw the obvious conclusion that a war force is being arrayed against them?

And then there is the not inconsequential matter of the steadily growing Pentagon troop build-up in Syria, allegedly to “fight ISIS” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) all the while that Donald Trump’s Secretary of State was publicly announcing that the goal of the USSA was not to remove Assad from power.

Notwithstanding that within the last two days the Trump administration is openly talking about a large, imminent military strike against Syria.

It’s all insane beyond belief, zanily contradictory at every turn, and spinning more and more wildly out of control.

The picture that is coming into focus is of an ignorant, weak, incompetent buffoon of an American president and a rudderless American government that are in a violently gyrating, out-of-control, free fall towards absolute catastrophe.

Now, I am perfectly aware that many people who supported Donald Trump advanced the argument that the “alternative was the crazed Dixie Mafia bitch queen and the communists”, as one of my friends colorfully put it.

But I hasten to remind you that no one has gone anywhere. They are all right there and no one of any consequence in the Deep State criminal hierarchy has gone to jail or even been arrested for their myriad crimes. It’s all a big political show. Please remember that it was the Clinton campaign itself which fronted Donald Trump as the Pied Piper. He’s the one that they chose — not the voters. The entire process is very heavily rigged. The people were presented with the choice that the system selected for them — not the other way around.

There was no alternative, that’s the rejoinder of the Trump supporters, and that’s true enough. What there was was a carefully engineered, very well crafted, political decision tree that tens of millions of people were skillfully led through, and then led to believe that they had independently decided to elect Trump, when nothing could be further from the truth.

There was no other alternative because the system very elaborately fabricated that precise political scenario, such that hordes of voters simultaneously said, by the tens of millions, “there’s no other alternative …”

It’s Machiavellian beyond belief.

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