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ACT III: The Death of Labor And How It’s Being Used to Enslave You

Submitted by Brad Peters, SGT Report:

Act I here

Act II here

Act III: The Great Buy-Out… of the World!

In Act’s I and II, we established that certain asset classes are indeed seeing massive inflation, thus becoming more expensive for the average consumer, while jobs are likely to become harder to find.

Well, at least you can still get creative and start a business, right?  Perhaps you would like to build that new widget in the garage you rent.  This tendancy for Americans to get creative has been a great thorn in the side of TPTB.  And by all signs, they’re working overtime to close this loop-hole to independence.  Google around a bit on the Trans Pacific Partnership (which Trump pulled out of), or it’s follow-up, the TISA (which Trump has not pulled out of, or even mentioned). These movements extend Intellectual Property controls so that you cannot DIY just about anything. Oh, you might be able to make something for yourself – But try selling it!  Go read the DMCA.

Right now, in early 2017, we are at the the end of what I call the Great Buy-Out Phase. Every asset with the ability to produce an income is being bought up by the financial classes. And very quietly, as it’s being done at the tail-end of the 2009 crash, and the front-end of a depression, so asset prices seem to be going up only moderately. But look at the change in home ownership over the last decade:

Source: data, 2014

Or look at this 2014 survey, which sums up total Central Bank and Government Entity stock market ownership at a collective $29.1 Trillion dollars. (

That’s 42% of the total worldwide stock market! (Valued at roughly $69 trillion –  And Janet Yelen wants to get approval from Congress to start buying US Equities!! (Meaning, I might point out, that the 42% does not include them… yet)

And as the final dismal, evidence for this Great Buy-out, look at that ultimate safe investment, which grand-mothers used to buy for grand-children – Government Debt (ie, the bond market).

See that red-line growth since 2009?  The Federal Reserve held approx. 20% of US Debt by 2015. A more recent publication below Federal Reserve ownership of the debt has grown to 27.7% of the total, as of Feb 2016.  And that, of course, excludes private bank ownership.  Almost a third of the debt is owned by the Federal Reserve, thus ‘driving up the price’ of purchasing this investment.  Also, foreign banks and governments can be added to this 27%, to get a rough idea how much of our Government Debt is owned by banks with the ability to print their own money:


And, this is taking place world-wide:

BOJ Becomes Top Holder of Japan Government Bonds

I have two questions for the reader:

Question 1.   If Central banks own >50% of the stocks of the worlds companies, and private banks own the Central Banks,

Who owns and controls the worlds companies?

Question 2.   If Central and Private banks own the largest stake in the debt of the “Sovereign” countries of the world, and private banks own the Central Banks,

Who owns and controls the worlds governments?

Theory of the Crash and Buy

I propose a theory – That the 2008 crash was engineered to hide the buy-out of the productive, income producing portions of the economy. With prices for assests diminished and the economy in shambles, the Federal Reserve could print up trillions and allocate it in such a way that the top 1% could borrow at very low rates, then buy up productive assests on the cheap.  This massively consolidates ownership of assets into a smaller number of hands, all while the Fed claims it is just acting on behalf of the people.

The follow-on to this theory is to question, why would TPTB want to consolidate ownership of assests? I have ideas, but those may be explored in another piece. If the reader has ideas, please comment on this piece, or email the author at [email protected]

The signs that the buy-out is complete will be obvious – and they are already staring us in the face, in early 2017.  The biggest, most visible sign:

When you see wealth, “mysteriously” and increasingly move from the average person to the top 1%, and hyper-focus in the powers-that-be, the game is over.  We have already lost.

All they need to do at that point is give you your slave wage called Universal Basic Income, and you can never break free.  Make UBI available only as an electronic debit card, and they have also moved you to a cashless system while being able to claim it is “for our own good”.

Afterwards, a year, or perhaps a decade down the road, they will start attaching requirements to the Universal Basic Income payment. Be a nice person. Mow your lawn every Tuesday. Send your kids to public common-core schooling.  Get vaccinated fully and on time. And magically, without even realizing it, we are all literally transformed into serfs, obeying our overlords.


Written by Brad Peters

Software Engineer, Freedom lover, and Prepper-in-training

The opinions voiced above are solely those of the author, and do no in any way represent those of anyone else.

Contact at: [email protected]


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