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The Cartel’s Upcoming Silver Waterloo? – Updated (in a Big Way)!

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

The reason I know Bitcoin is so early in its bull market is that there is literally no one employed to write about it on a full-time basis. Thus, to get information on the topic, I largely have to seek out the tiny handful of “good, smart” Bitcoin people on Twitter and You-Tube. For Precious Metals, you’d think that after a 17-year bull market – in varying degrees, depending on which currency you price them in – there’s be dozens, if not hundreds of commentators to follow; like, in say, the stock market, where thousands of commentators discuss it, in real-time, on a daily basis.
Yet, I’d count the amount of established PM commentators as no more than 20 – of which, roughly 15 discuss only the meaningless “technicals” that mean NOTHING in the unprecedentedly rigged PM markets. Of the five or so others, NONE write regularly – as in, more than once or twice a week; let alone, of the myriad political, economic, and market-based topics the Miles Franklin Blog discusses. Proof positive, that the Precious Metal bull market that started at the turn of the century; and “paused” when terrified “powers that be” passed their “point of no return” in 2011 – and thus, started manipulating on a 24/7 basis; is still in its formative stages. We couldn’t be more pleased to serve you in this critical role, at such a critical time in global monetary history; and in turn, simply ask you to consider us for your future Precious Metal buying, selling, or storage demands – as all we seek is a chance to earn your business.

I wasn’t planning on writing this weekend, but after yesterday’s “trading” – which in my view, represented on the most blatant, egregious market manipulation days ever, I deemed it necessary; particularly in light of the vital information I intend to share. I mean, yesterday alone, we experienced two of the most “PiMBEEB” – i.e, Precious Metal bullish, everything-else-bearish” events imaginable. This, aside from the following “second tier” PiMBEEB headlines; which, in freely-traded markets, would themselves have caused gold and silver prices to surge.

Americans are taking out the largest mortgages on record
IMF warns low interest rates put global financials at risk
Iron Ore prices plunge, amid record China glut
S. credit card debt rises above $1 trillion for first time in a decade
Stores closing at a record pace, as Amazon chews up retailers
Susan Rice’s White House unmasking – a Watergate-style scandal
Oil rigs rise 12 straight weeks, crude inventories hit new record high
Atlanta Fed slashes Q1 GDP growth estimate to just 0.6%, lowest in three years
Italy’s Target 2 deficit hits fresh all-time high, above 25% of Italian GDP
Half of U.S. working families are living paycheck to paycheck

Of course, these headlines were dwarfed in importance by the two “Super PiMBEEB” stories of the day; starting with Thursday night’s U.S. attack on Syria – which, given the circumstances, and Russia’s stark opposition, may well catalyze a major Middle Eastern war. In my view, Trump’s 180-degree turnaround about Assad and Syria, in mere days, is barely different than what it took months for George Bush to perpetrate in Iraq 15 years ago; i.e, starting a war based on flimsy “evidence” of Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction – which in hindsight turned out to be at best a red herring, and at worst a flat-out lie. Choose your own reason for why Trump decided to do this; but whatever the reason, this was the markets’ initial reaction; until of course, the Cartel stopped it with a patented “Cartel Herald” algo when the gold price rose just above its “daily limit up” level of roughly 1.0%.

The ramifications of invading Syria are potentially horrifying – and the fact that a Congress that despises its leader universally supported it tells you all you should know about how dysfunctional America has become; to the point that even CNN – which literally, will not cover the Susan Rice story – claimed Trump “became the President last night.” Heck, top MSM lackey Yahoo Finance actually had the temerity to publish an article claiming that Trump gained “valuable political capital” by bombing Syria; and thus, could “leverage” it into getting his domestic economic agenda pushed through Congress. I mean, has the world truly gone mad?

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2 comments to The Cartel’s Upcoming Silver Waterloo? – Updated (in a Big Way)!

  • jack

    yup, the american world IS completely nuts. Get out now.

    Lies, disinformation and 24/7 shocking “news” items that contradict previous ‘news’ items!!!

    The plan is to confuse. Create disorder and then offer us their solutions, the 1% ers solutions. They have all the power and the Pres is one of them.

    Or just lay down and take the beating, after all we yanks are used to it. Bashed into submission by the murdering fascist cabal that owns the gov’t.

  • Rdawg

    Yeah run, that’ll help.

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