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The Bubbles Are Popping, Prepare For The Collapse

from X22Report:


Episode 1261a

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4 comments to The Bubbles Are Popping, Prepare For The Collapse

  • ecobel

    what doesn’t make sense is your continued bulls-t about the collapse that never happens.

  • Steelerdude

    “Aw Dave…c’mon Man!….Man up!”

    “Dave, if you use groupon coupon for Al’s Oyster Seafood Dinner for April/May, your wife will love you for it!….!!!!”

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    There was another guy who was predicting a big crash. and he was on all the big TV NEWS programs, going against all the other “experts” who were saying the economy is great, and nothing bad will happen.

    The “negative opinion” was laughed at, he was scorned over and over again, and the TV networks loved to have him on the shows because they wanted to have somebody to laugh at.

    Well, then the crash of 2008 happened and proved the Mr. Negative was RIGHT about everything he said…and he’s saying it again right now.

    Peter Schiff was Right (2006-07 edition).

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PS. After the world learned just how right Peter had been in all his predictions on live TV, and all the big network financial experts were shown to be foolish idiots, they no longer invited Peter Schiff to be on TV anymore.

    They enjoyed laughing at Peter, but did not want to face Peter when they themselves turned out to be the babbling idiots.

    It’s a rare thing after 2008 to find Peter on main time TV news giving his analysis of things.
    But if you watch him on the internet, both on his site, and on the sites that speak with him, and you’ll hear what he has to say.

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