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The Bad Joke That Trump Is Turning Out To Be

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Oh sure, there are things you can point at when it comes to a Trump Presidency and say “that’s better than it was.”

For example, illegal invaders. No, folks, they’re not immigrants. They’re criminal invaders. You may love one, you may live with one or more, they may have come here just wanting a better life but the fact is that their first act was to violate the law of this nation and they did it to access the wealth and benefits of this nation — in other words, with the intent to steal that to which they were not entitled to.

There’s a legal way to come and live in the United States. It happens to be somewhat selective, and with good reason. Nations do not exist without borders, a common language and a common culture.

No nation is or ever should be obligated to modify any of those three for someone who is not a citizen and wishes to come — it’s the other way around, and the reason nations have immigration laws is to provide some assurance that those who come will change their behavior to respect said border and assimilate into the existing language and culture.

If you want to see what happens when you don’t respect that I direct you to the fine doctor lady now under arrest in Michigan who is accused of mutilating girl’s genitals for religious reasons, otherwise known as female genital mutilation. Would you care to guess her religious affiliation?

It is exactly this sort of event that highlights why nations have every reason to impose constraints on immigration. No, those constraints aren’t perfect, and no, not everyone who refuses to accede to cultural norms is an immigrant. But that’s why these laws are not only Constitutional they’re also both reasonable and necessary.

Unless, of course, you like the idea of having your daughter’s clitoris cut off.

Further, don’t try to run that crap about how “they’ve been here for so long and put down such roots” that they’re entitled to stay. Wrong again. That someone happens to be a good bank robber (that is, they don’t get caught) for years makes their offense more-serious, not less-so. Every day a person is here on an unauthorized basis and both accesses and benefits from the capital and sweat equity investment in this nation unlawfully is a separate and distinct offense. To attempt to lever sympathy through other interpersonal interactions (or worse, creating children who had no knowledge of what you were doing in the first instance) is an aggravating, not mitigating, circumstance.

Let’s leave this one behind for now, because on any rational analysis enforcement of immigration laws is good, not bad.

I prefer to move to the bad for the time being.

Like, for instance, what certainly appears to be Racketeering in the House on both sides of the aisle when it comes to how Congress conducts itself.

See, it has come to light (and in fact did several years ago, but has recently been reconfirmed) that in order to get a seat on a committee you must raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the party. To keep it you must continue to do so on a recurring, annual basis. The better the committee or the more-important the seat (e.g. the chair, vice-chair, etc) the more money you must raise.

If you recall it is rather illegal to bribe people in most instances. Well, what’s this folks? And these aren’t “one-off” bribes either they are formal political structures that the party leadership not only permits it created and enforces them.

What do you call that? I call it Racketeering.

What has Trump said about that? Nothing.


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2 comments to The Bad Joke That Trump Is Turning Out To Be

  • Bingo

    Ugh! Another person that hit an IPO / Software Food Stamp Lottery Ticket and now acts like he’s some type of great f’ng guru but all of his information is w-o-r-t-h-l-e-s-s! But wow does he have plenty of opinions to share!

  • randy0302

    Karl doesn’t think owning gold is a good idea? Once again he is totally lost, poor guy.

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