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Teen DENIED life-saving double lung transplant after testing positive for marijuana

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Another major drug company has been exposed for bilking the American taxpayer out of what amounts to tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent overcharges. French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Pasteur was recently ordered to pay back nearly $20 million after it was revealed that the multinational had massively inflated drug costs in a contract with the Veterans Administration (VA), which provides healthcare services for the nation’s ill veterans.

According to reports, Sanofi-Pasteur, the vaccine division of Sanofi-Aventis, had incorrectly calculated the prices of drugs it sold to the VA, resulting in overcharges amounting to $19,868,194. Sanofi-Pasteur openly admitted this to the VA, prompting an investigation into the matter by the VA’s inspector general, who has since ordered the drug company to pay back the excess it had received from the government in error.

Hancey’s lung collapse was so severe that, according to his YouCaring fundraiser page, he “lost all gas exchange function of his lungs due to scarring, as a result of the infection.” He needed priority access to new lungs, in other words, but was callously denied such by the medical team at the University of Utah Hospital, which takes an aggressively discriminatory stance against patients who choose to use nature for purposes of relaxation and enjoyment.

Though the hospital would not comment specifically on Hancey’s case with regards to its refusal to perform the surgery, it did tell the media that it follows strict guidelines as to deciding how it will distribute its services to patients. Part of these guidelines includes lumping cannabis use in with tobacco and alcohol as vices “that must be addressed prior to receiving surgery.

“The reason for these guidelines is that we have a responsibility to ensure our patients have the best possible outcomes and that we are good stewards of the rare resource of the donated organ,” the hospital said in a statement to CBS News. “Generally speaking, we do not transplant organs in patients with active alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug dependencies or abuse until these issues are addressed, as these substances are contraindicated for a transplant.”

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2 comments to Teen DENIED life-saving double lung transplant after testing positive for marijuana

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Replace two lungs
    drugs in system
    At end of test is guaranteed two lungs?
    Or test to find out if they are a ‘good’ candidate for two lungs.

    Lung transplants require medications to prevent rejection and infections.

    If this teen is given two lungs and the drug interaction the doctors give for a body that has no drugs these drugs were not tested against.

    There is a higher chance of survival.
    If this teen is given two lungs and the drug interaction the doctors give for a body that has marijuana and these drugs were not tested on any body with marijuana in it, then who’s to say this will have a percentage of success?

    If a teen needs two lungs and the teen smokes (regardless of what the teen smokes), the smoke is going into the lungs the teen currently has, and the teen may, not guaranteed but may put that smoke in two lungs that will replace his lungs.

    Do you take two good lungs that are only used for replacement if they have never had smoke in them, and give them to someone who may, not guaranteed, but may put smoke in them?

    There’s more to it, and this article is slanted.

    Anything can be slanted to benefit anyone for any purpose.
    If people just like to hear bad news and get upset at ‘the system’, then this is the article for them.

    If people like to think about things from as many angles as they can imagine, then they may see this article has a purpose.

    Fear, hatred, disgust, and that’s not the vibe the world is wanting to have perpetuate over and over back and forth echoing in creation and showing itself in so many forms including harming people with weapons, harming people with debt slavery, harming people with causing them to be unemployed and then taking their shelter (home), and wars.

    Some want this, and will read this for their enjoyment of being angry.
    Some do not want this and will see this article for the purpose it was written.

    If it were my family, and I believed in fairness for all, it’s like drawing straws. If their straw says they have something in their system that will possibly make this unsuccessful, and these body parts do not sit indefinitely waiting on them to change their life, then it goes to the best candidate.

    How long does it take for marijuana to get out of the system?
    How long as this teen known his bad lungs needed to be removed?
    When was the last time he put something bad into his bad lungs such that they need emergency replacement and just weren’t bad and difficult to live with.

    How soon would he seek the feelings of marijuana with his medicines if he got two new lungs

  • Paul Prichard

    The message is do not self-medicate with cheap alternatives to the expensive toxic s**t from big pharma.

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