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SURPRISE! Guess what Sinister Endgame Trump’s Generals are Planning for Syria…

from The Wealth Watchman:

Hello brothers, there’s so much going on, and not enough time to cover it all. However, this week, we set our razor-sharp focus on:

-The newest Trump ally to be cut from the National Security Council…

-The traitorous set of generals who are crowding out all “America First” loyalists…

-The newest scoundrel general, with a checkered past, who is plotting to send 150,000 US troops into Syria!

-The latest disastrous advice his beltway handlers are trying to steer him towards…

-The encouraging sign we’re seeing from Trump on Syria…

-How to fight this newest plan of the neocon generals….

-The US bombing raid today that killed hundreds of Syrian citizens with poisonous gas!

-Why the Russian account of Assad’s bombing seems more plausible than ever…

-How exposing these men has already caused them to backpedal and lose war momentum!

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