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“State of Emergency, the Entire Bridge Is Compromised”: The Moment a Burning Section of I-85 in Atlanta Collapsed

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

If you were looking for confirmation that the nation’s infrastructure needs a complete overhaul, a collapsing bridge in Atlanta may have provided it in stark imagery.

Around 6:30 p.m. Thursday night, a fire broke out under a section of the highway bridge on busy I-85 in Atlanta, Georgia. Just thirty minutes later, a huge section of that bridge burst into flames and completely collapsed.

Amazingly, no motorists were injured when this happened:

“This is as serious a transportation crisis as we could have,” Mayor Kasim Reed said, noting that he had spoken with the FBI and terrorism was not suspected at this time.

Authorities still don’t know what exactly caused the fire as the entire area is still too unsafe for crews to examine, but it is believed that PVC piping stored under the bridge (as shown on a screen capture from Google maps below) caught fire first.

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1 comment to “State of Emergency, the Entire Bridge Is Compromised”: The Moment a Burning Section of I-85 in Atlanta Collapsed

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Amazing how construction standards don’t require a bit of fire-resistance on critical structures.

    And more amazing, the standards don’t require concrete, rebar & girders/beams that are rust/rot resistant. The extra cost would be recouped with fewer repairs & do-overs.

    SOOoo many bridges and structural items are falling apart from the inside out.
    “Coated rebar” is a wonderful thing, but rusting rebar expands and destroys concrete.

    They could add some resilient, flexible additive to concrete to prevent cracking & potholes, but NOOOO! Can’t have stuff that prevents repair work jobs and more contracts, eh?

    I’ve seen overpasses, piers, etc, where the concrete is falling off in big slabs, splits all the way up the columns, pot holes on bridges that you can look thru to see all the way thru. People have been killed when chunks fall thru the windshield.

    Amerikka is fast becoming a 3rd world nation. Some areas are horror stories, crime, bad infrastructure, lack of jobs, poverty, illegals, corruption, police-state, etc.

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