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RT Banned from Macron Events. Is a National Ban Next?

by Adam Garrie, The Duran:

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign refused to give press passes to RT’s journalists and crew. As a result RT could not enter Macron’s victory rally.

Despite asking for full press accreditation in April, the Macron campaign did not give RT what is a standard press credential to cover major campaign events. According to RT, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign didn’t give an actual reason for denying RT’s journalists and crew passes. They instead, repeatedly stated,

“They are still being processed”.

Because RT never got the passes, RT’s journalists and crew had to cover the Macron victory rally from outside the hall. None of the other candidates denied RT access to their events, including Marine Le Pen who will now face Macron in the second round of elections in two weeks.

Macron’s hostile attitude to RT throughout the campaign was surely the reason that the broadcaster was denied access to his event last night.

One of Macron’s campaign aids, a man called Mounir Mahjoubi accused RT as well as Sputnik of spreading ‘false information’ about Macron and even more bizarrely, said that the Russian media outlets were working with ‘fascist organisations or extreme right news organisations’.

Not only are these insulting and baseless accusations, but in fact the opposite is true. RT and Sputnik have both been on the front lines exposing fascism where it actually does exist. RT and Sputnik have covered the fascist led coup in Ukraine and its blood-soaked aftermath in great depth while many western, including many French media outlets have simply ignored the events.

RT responded to the accusations saying,
If Macron becomes the next French President what will this mean for RT and moreover, what will it mean for freedom of the press in modern France?

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