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Rothschilds Financed Hitler Takeover?

by Henry Makow Ph.D., Henry Makow:

“World events are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings,” said former UK Defence Minister Dennis Healey.

The Rothschild Syndicate’s backing of Hitler is a prime example.

In the depth of the Depression, the Nazi Party’s appeal to many Germans was food, a clean uniform and a gun.

The Nazi paramilitary  SA (Sturmabteilung ) grew from 400,000 men in 1930 to over three million by the end of 1933. The cost of supporting all these people was steep. If a suppressed 75-page booklet, Hitler’s Secret Backers, (1933) is correct, the check was picked up by the Rothschilds. Their only stipulation was that Hitler adopt “an aggressive” foreign policy.

The Illuminati instigate endless war to destroy, degrade and subjugate humanity.  They encumber nations with “debt” incurred to buy their armaments, and consolidate power with wartime measures which become permanent. Finally, as Luciferians, they serve their god by sowing chaos and destroying life.

Specifically, WW2 killed roughly 50 million European Christians, wiping out the cream of another generation. It also provided a justification for the establishment of the State of Israel, world HQ of the satanist Illuminati.

Hitler’s Secret Backers was written by a “Sidney Warburg,” son of banker Paul Warburg, the founder of the US Federal Reserve and a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations. He describes three missions to Hitler in 1929, 1931 and 1933 to arrange payments of $10 million, $15 million and $7 million respectively.

The problem is that Warburg’s son was James Warburg, not Sidney. We’ll address the question of the book’s authenticity later.


The Powers That Be try to dismiss this book as another anti-Semitic hoax. However the book is not anti-Semitic. The Rothschilds are not mentioned once. The New York financiers –Rothschild frontmen–are depicted as non-Jews.

Sydney Warburg describes his first meeting in July 1929 with a “Carter” (John Ridgley Carter) the president of JP Morgan’s Guarantee Trust,  “the young Rockefeller” (John Davison Rockefeller Junior) and “Glean from Royal Dutch” (i.e. Henri Deterding).

The book is critical of Hitler and the Nazis.  “Sydney Warburg” describes Hitler in these terms. “…he is not intelligent but unusually self centred and tenacious.” Hitler’s long rants made it impossible to carry on a discourse, and he carelessly “babbles about his plans without the slightest hesitation.” (85)

Hitler  “couldn’t get away from the Jewish problem. That was…of the greatest importance for the German people.” (86) They will be removed from all public positions. Immigration of Eastern Jews and all other inferior foreigners will no longer be permitted. The rights and interests of Germans will henceforth supersede all others. (p.69)

There is no doubt in my mind that the Rothschilds were responsible for the holocaust

Essentially, Hitler was false opposition. He was the arms-length creation of the central banking cartel he railed against. According to Warburg, Hitler “could tell he was dealing with someone who represented the strongest financial group in the world.” (85)  He wondered out loud if the German-born Warburg was Jewish but was content not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Warburg’s German name was enough.

Apparently, Hitler chose the democratic path to power because these sums were not enough to finance a coup d’etat. “Revolution costs 500 million marks,” Hitler told Warburg. “Legal takeover costs 200 million marks. What will your backers decide?” (57)

After the first transfer of money, the US Press suddenly took an interest in Hitler. Seemingly speaking with one voice, it described Hitler as “the saviour of Germany and a rising name in Europe”. (37)

At one point, Hitler tells Warburg that Western leaders are a bunch of old wives. He only respects Mussolini and Stalin: “Stalin is a Jew. That is a shame.” (53)

Warburg was in Berlin when the Reichstag burned. “If it is true that the Hitler Party had a hand in the burning, then Hitler is the best actor I have met in five continents.” (88)

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  • anon

    The Western International Central Bankers, primarily out of the ‘City’ of London, but also elsewhere in the “E.U.”, FINANCE BOTH SIDES OF EVERY CONFLICT. These ZIONIST Western Int’l Central Bankers financed Hitler due to the “Transfer Agreement” in which Hitler just wanted the “Jews” OUT OF GERMANY! THAT was the “Final Solution”. It didn’t involve extermination, and the NDSP Camps were LABOR CAMPS! WAKE UP! (I can’t believe that Henry Makow still talks about the “Holocaust”, AS IF it actually happened!) The ZIONISTS wanted the “Jews” to move to PALESTINE, in order to help facilitate the “Jew”-ish takeover of PALESTINE, and the creation of Rothschild-ZIONIST-Israel (est. 1948).

    Read this, and get over the wide-spread IGNORANCE about the HOLLOW-HOAX:

    The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie, ($25 incl. s/h) here:

    The above book ~ FINALLY ~ puts the ENTIRE HOAX to rest. It’s a SLAM DUNK!

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