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Remy: Imagine (There’s No YouTube)

from ReasonTV:

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1 comment to Remy: Imagine (There’s No YouTube)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That little music video (John Lennon might not have approved) was enjoyable enough that I watched the whole thing, even wished it would have lasted longer.

    I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed watching a number of “funny cat” videos. Have you ever seen the “cats afraid of a cucumber” videos?

    It’s hilarious. As a cat is distracted by eating from its bowl, etc, the human quietly places a cucumber behind the cat, and when the cat eventually turns around to walk away, and almost steps onto the big, fat GREEN snake (cucumber), the cat FREAKS OUT, and often jumps up high into the air and runs away while hissing. Cats arch their backs, and do all kinds of funny retreats.

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