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Paris Horror: Elderly Jewish Woman Thrown from Apartment to Her Death to Cry of ‘’Allahu Akbar’’

by Sebastien Wolfe, The Gateway Pundit:

In a violent attack causing trepidation amongst Paris’ Jewish community, a 66-year-old Orthodox woman, Sarah Halimi, was murdered to the cry of ‘‘Allahu Akbar’’ early Tuesday morning, pushed from the window of her top-floor apartment in Paris’ 11th arrondissement.

The accused, a 27-year-old of Muslim origin known to police for a string of offenses, had broken into the apartment of his victim – reportedly scaling the exterior wall from the floor below where he lived with his parents – to stab his victim before throwing her to her death.

The lifeless body of Ms. Halimi was found on the ground beneath her apartment, having been pushed to her death from her third story window during the attack which took place at approximately 4:30am.

Three armed police were on the scene prior to the murder, according to neighbors, who also reported hearing the cry of ‘’Allahu Akbar’’ at the moment of the crime. Unconfirmed reports circulating on social media also suggest that Ms. Halimi had previously been harassed by a relative of the accused, and that she had been subjected to verbal abuse in the days leading up to the incident. Neighbors claim that the accused had been ”radicalized” and that police were waiting for an anti-terrorist unit to deal with the situation.

French media have been covering the event with limited reference to the background of either the victim or the accused, instead characterizing the crime as the act of an unhinged individual. Further details of the incident have been emerging in the local Jewish media, with the story now gaining traction in Israel.

Whilst the motives behind this crime are not yet 100% clear, it represents a growing phenomenon of criminal acts being preceded by cries of ‘‘Allahu Akbar’’ (‘’Our God is Greater’’) consistently explained by French media as the acts of ‘’déséquilibrés’’, the ‘’unbalanced’’ – a word fast entering the lexicon for such circumstances.

Examples of the phenomenon are manifold in the local press;

Wednesday morning, a man opened fire with a hunting rifle to cries of ‘’Allahu Akbar’’ in a shopping mall in suburban Nantes, in the west of the country, before being apprehended by police.

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  • anon

    “Paris Horror: Elderly Jewish Woman Thrown from Apartment to Her Death to Cry of ‘’Allahu Akbar’”?

    Just ONE more symptom of the DISEASE at the center of Western Civilization: the “elite” Western Anglo-JUDAIC “Jew”-ish CORRUPT/CRONY-CONTROL system, whereby they (the “Jew”-ish “elites”, and their government SAYANIM) ALLOW massive illegal “immigration” into their “EU” (particularly the U.K., Germany, France, Sweden) in order that PRECISELY this type of event will occur. Why? To re-inforce the phony “War on Terror” meme, that keeps us all scared and DIVIDED, and continues to get taxpayer funding. DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER. DIVIDE-AND-RULE. These SAME Western “elites” are behind “gun control”, “global warming” – oops! – “climate change”, “political correctness”, labeling people as “deniers” if they present the truth (regarding the absolutely serious lack of evidence to support the so-called “holocaust” or “global warming” (oops, again! “climate change”.) They are also behind the phony “war on drugs”. Do you wish to find out the TRUTH? Read on.

    The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

    Read the comments in the ‘comments’ section at the link (above), IF you care at all, about the truth.

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