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One More Trumpie “Buttercup” Sees The Light

by Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

Dear Readers,

I want to offer for your delectation the following e-mail exchange I had yesterday with one of my friends and readers, whom I will call “Buttercup”, and who, like millions, is just now suddenly awakening to the troubling realization that: “It’s all a big con game. I’ve been had. Trump’s a weak, lying buffoon! He’s not what he pretended to be!”

I now present the e-mails below, in order, without further ado. Read all the way to the bottom for my final response, to which “Buttercup” replied: “This is an excellent analysis. You should put this on your blog.” And so here it is, on my blog.


Hi, Richard:

I had hoped for better. Trump said a lot of the right things when he was running for president. Hillary did all the wrong things; she herself is the cause of her loss. Violent racism and idiot bimbos in pink pussy hats somehow didn’t appeal to the voters.

Trump impresses me as reasonably bright and a very capable campaigner, but he would not have made all that money if he hadn’t had backing from the banksters. It looks like they own him.

Trump’s most valued adviser is his son in law, a little weasel who works for Tel Aviv. I read him as shallow; he’s just a tool.

So where the hell is our wall? We need two of them, really: one on the Mexican border and one along the bank of the Mississippi.

I believe Trump is going to engage the Russians in Syria. Whoever is really calling the shots thinks the Russians won’t opt for nuclear war and can be overwhelmed on the ground by US proxies, perhaps with some help from cruise missiles. Then it’s on to Iran.

Meanwhile the US is giving chemical weapons and cluster bombs to Saudia Arabia and also bombing Yemen.

Why is Congress sitting on its hands?

And where are the supposedly imminent pizzagate indictments? Oh wait…Reince Priebus was involved, as was Mike Pence’s best friend and nearly every prominent player in DC.

Warm regards,


That’s right, “Buttercup”, and you’re absolutely correct about Hillary.

Why, if she had been elected she would probably already have unleashed an unprovoked cruise missile barrage against Syria or Yemen or something like that … oh, wait ….

Trump is a fat, ignorant, incompetent, arrogant, weak, indecisive, easily manipulable buffoon.

He’s just along for the ride and will reliably do what Goldman Sachs, the flag officers in the Pentagon, and the directors of the NSA, CIA and FBI tell him to do.

This morning the Russian Prime Minister is warning that Russia and the USSA are on the verge of military conflict.

No, sh*t, Jack!!

best regards,
Richard Sauder


Hi, Richard:

Well, Hillary was unspeakable but it starts to look like you were right about Trump. He just launched a missile attack on Syria. His Zionist son in law, that little weasel Kushner, probably had something to do with it. Priebus and Kushner are ousting the real people in the Trump administration, one after another.

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3 comments to One More Trumpie “Buttercup” Sees The Light

  • videoctr

    Is there a control file hanging over Trump’s head, (black mail)? Delighted are the globalist sell-out politicians. There is something very wrong going on. I am stating the obvious at this point. Did the reptilian overlords shape-shift in front of Trump and scared him into doing their bidding? The swamp is really starting to stink.

    I am thinking the will of the people to entrust leadership is now at an inflection point. The proverbial ice berg has been hit. I see this as a classic example of subversion at work. That is, to demoralize and to make feelings of hopelessness prevail. This ride has been like a Spielberg movie that has played with our emotions.

    Next, are the people really going to rally around the globalist politicians in a new globalist war? I don’t think so. But I could be wrong. I have no idea what is next.

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