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John Rubino – Is Everything Now Too Big To Fail?

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

John Rubino returns… News from China says that the world’s largest aluminum producer, China Hongqiao Group, is on the brink of insolvency. This is a company that’s nearly twice the size of Alcoa. It’s been showing amazing growth and profit numbers for year. Now it turns out that they’ve been relying upon Chicom accounting and the profits were fraudulent and illusory. The company is begging for a government bailout to avoid civil unrest. Have we reached the point where everything is too big to fail? Perhaps, but then eventually the party that bails everyone out will wind up failing as well. Get set and buckle your seatbelt for that day may soon be upon us. Especially if Marine LePen triumphs in the upcoming French elections. The same people who said Brexit couldn’t pass and were all in a lather about President Hillary Clinton are saying LePen’s an outside long shot at best. But the communist party candidate has been rising in the polls as well, now sitting at 19%. This is shaping up to be a battle of the extremists and whomever wins will immediately go after the Euro.

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1 comment to John Rubino – Is Everything Now Too Big To Fail?

  • Ed_B

    “Is Everything Now Too Big To Fail?”

    I don’t know, John, but it sure seems to me as if the US Gov is too big to govern the country effectively. IMO, it needs to be much smaller, more efficient, and far less pervasive in everyday life. If it was, it would also be much cheaper to operate. This would reduce a lot of the financial weight that now rests upon the shoulders of We the People who fund this monster. That, in turn, would leave more capital in the financial system to feed and create a much better economy and greater prosperity for many more of our citizens.

    Every nation eventually comes to that fork in the road where the sign reads “Turn left for larger government” and “Turn right for a larger economy”. All too often, however, this choice is poorly made. We can all see a fine example today of how this plays out… in Venezuela. This is what it looks like as a nation collapses in on itself due to the terrible management of its finances. Excessive government spending is almost always at the root of such problems and most of the Western countries plus Japan and China are being affected by this and will be severely affected by this in the not too distant future. Unlike many countries, however, China seems well aware of the nature of the financial danger they are in. They are stacking gold and they are recommending that their citizens do the same. They KNOW that the financial S will indeed HTF and when (not if) it does, they want some protection from the worst of its effects.

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