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NWO Elites EXPOSED. The World is Waking Up — Anonymous

from Anonymous:

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4 comments to NWO Elites EXPOSED. The World is Waking Up — Anonymous

  • Guido

    Why does Anonymous want to be such a kill joy? Can’t we all at least pretend that our leaders do as they do in order to safeguard our freedoms, our liberties, our democracy, and the innocent woman and children who are being brutalized by evil dictators?

    When I fly my flag and tie my yellow ribbon, I want to believe that it means something, even if they WERE made with Chinese slave labor and I bought them at Walmart. Just don’t remind me of that! Let me enjoy my willful ignorance for once!

  • Free

    Stop reading and watching it then! Anonymous is fake by the way (gov run)! Stay blind, we don’t need you anyway

  • anon

    From a few years ago, already:

    The World Is Waking Up to The New World Order

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