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Naked Emperors, For The Entire World To See

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Yesterday, I wrote that the brief “eye” of the relentless PiMBEEB  storm would likely pass by the time you read my “disturbing trends” article.  Which it certainly did – and then some – when the “naked emperors” known as the Federal Open Market Committee published the “minutes” of their Ides of March meeting.  Perhaps, an even more powerful “storm” will hit today, when Donald Trump meets with Chinese Premiere Xi Jinping in a potentially historic summit – that Trump last week “warned” of, in stating it “will be a very difficult one, in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses…American companies must be prepared to look at other alternatives.”  This, a week after referring to China, America’s number one creditor, as the “grand champions of currency manipulation.”

Not to mention, “if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will” – as clearly, if we’re going to spend $600 billion per year on the military, we need someone new to bomb; atop “old” targets like ISIS, whose spokesman yesterday called Trump an “idiot”; and alas, Syria, where Trump is “pulling a Hillary” by controverting Vladimir Putin’s wishes – in suggesting that he is considering bombing Assad’s troops, in response to a chemical attack that none other than the biggest truth-teller of all, Ron Paul, said was definitively NOT perpetrated by Assad.  This, just a week after American troops were apparently responsible for “accidentally” killing more than 200 civilians in Mosul, Iraq.

In other words, if you think the Trump Administration’s thirst for bloodshed will be any less powerful than Bush’s or Obama’s, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.  After all, in a nation whose “reserve currency” is rapidly diminishing (potentially, to gold) – and with it, America’s ability to live more above its means than any nation in history; whose largest employer, with 1.4 million employees, is the military; there is simply NO WAY the military-industrial complex will not grow larger, particularly as military contractors are amongst the largest political lobbyists; in some cases, directly tied in to government – like Halliburton, where Dick Cheney was the Chairman and CEO from 1995-2000, before serving as Chief Warmonger – I mean, Vice President – from 2001-2008.  I should know, given that I personally covered Halliburton at the time, as an oilfield service analyst at Salomon Smith Barney.

Actually, I was slightly in error in suggesting the military is America’s largest employer – given that its 1.4 million employees is slightly lower than Walmart’s 1.5 million.  Walmart, which has become symbolic of the part-time, minimum wage paying, non-benefits eligible “gig economy” that dominates America’s 21st century labor market.  This is why “jobless claims” continue to plunge, despite a collapsing economy; as unless you are a full-time employee, instead of a part-time employee or contractor, you are not eligible for unemployment insurance.  Moreover, given that Walmart’s sales have peaked, whilst its margins contract due to cutthroat competition from; amidst an historic “retail Armageddon,” fueled by surging online retailing, plunging consumer spending, historically ugly demographics, and explosive corporate debt; you can bet that the amount of people seeking military “jobs” will explode in the coming years.

And again, I must emphasize that NOTHING I am stating is specific to Donald Trump – or any major Western leader attempting to manage the cancerous, terminal stage of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme; as no matter what he – or they – attempt, the strengthening, and irreversible, forces of economic reality will thwart them.  Not to mention, the political forces, which Trump in particular must deal with because seemingly, the entire world is out to get him – in the States, for being an “outsider”; and internationally, due to the brazen, unfiltered “diplomacy” that Xi Jinping will see, in spades, today.  And now that quite definitively, the Obamacare “repeal and replace” and “massive” tax cuts plans are indefinitely – if not permanently – off the table; along with “yuuggee” fiscal stimulus; who knows what he’ll attempt next, to “make America great again?”  I mean, if Germany can pass a law enabling the government to fine Facebook and Twitter up to €50 million any time they fail to remove arbitrarily defined “hate speech” and “defamatory statements,” who knows what might happen here?  To that end, consider that in December, I predicted “money printing and draconian actions will define 2017.”

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