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MUST WATCH, MUST SHARE: All the Plenary’s Men

from BestEvidence:

The King can do no wrong.”
—William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England

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2 comments to MUST WATCH, MUST SHARE: All the Plenary’s Men

  • Paul Prichard

    First class investigative video from a first class journalist.

  • Bob

    Mr. Titus should get the Pulitzer for first-rate investigative journalism. This documentary makes it clear that the criminal banking cartel really does control the government. They can break any nation’s banking laws without penalty via the incredible expedient of declaring themselves immune–and “justice” departments the world over merely shrug in compliance. If even the U.S. government is powerless to stop them, what hope is there for halting the financial madness currently destroying capitalism? Maybe if we pulled all our money out of the banks . . . Nah, the people are insouciant, and even if the people ever did rise up and take such action, the banks would merely outlaw cash. I need a drink.

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