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MUST WATCH: Dutch Banking Whistleblower Exposes The Elite Satanic Power Structure That Runs The World

But then at some point I was invited, which is why I am telling you this, to participate in sacrifices… abroad.  That was the breaking point. Children.” – Ronald Bernard

To watch the full interview, click HERE.

from The Outer Dark:

Ronald Bernard worked as an elite banker and came back with a shocking story of what happened within the system.

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39 comments to MUST WATCH: Dutch Banking Whistleblower Exposes The Elite Satanic Power Structure That Runs The World

  • willygroper


    i sent you that link last week.

    curious, are emails being intercepted?

  • Windrunner58

    Wow! You have to feel for this guy, though he was initially just a greedy bankster. At least he has a conscience. He had a tipping point and was NOT put in a position of blackmail. We see clearly how they get you in, and keep you in their service.

    Sean this needs to get to all the other alternative sites. The “Elite” as they call themselves are just Satanics pigs. I do believe they will be brought down at some point as the flock will storm the gates.

    Makes you wonder what they NOW have on Trump. He is struggling, wants to do the right thing, but…..

  • knowtoomuch

    I happen to be dutch, so I listened to the entire interview of 40 minutes :

    Between 29 and 31 minutes Ronald Bernard CLEARLY mentiones the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and the “zionist” (=jew) influence inthose “highest” circles.

    Too bad it was cut out in your 13 minutes of that interview.

    So I’m mentioning it, just to get (kosher) things straight.

    • willygroper


      gonna differ w/your definition of z…they’re imposters posing as. last week i listened to a Myron Fagan podcast. he referenced their objective was to wipe out the jewish race, although the posers don’t have a drop of that blood. anyway, henrykissinger doesn’t waste words and i quote, “the state of IsRaHell won’t exist in 10 yrs.” all ties together for me. they will fiery blood sacrifice anyone.

      on another note, my cousin is married to a dutch diplomat. lives there 1/2 the year. i think neither of them have a clue. are you aware of joris demink?

      • knowtoomuch

        Okay Willy, but WHY are almost ALL of the jews protecting and perpatuating obvious LIES like those gas chambers from WW-2 ? Amongst a (lot of) other LIES ?

        In Holland we have a jew Micha Kat who gave a lot of “hints” to us, the goy on his site, so I “filled him in” for two years or so, with good info on this subject, posting dozens and dozens of links. I mean, Micha is a good jew, an objective one,so I never had ANY problems with him. WHY can’t they all of the jews be like him ?

        And dispite 5 criminal plaints against Joris Demmink for having sex with/raping children,also in Turkey, this (former)” Secretary of Justice Department” (for more than 20 years, he has been “cleared” all along by “our” dutch judges.
        Above mentioned Micha Kat was an important instigator behind those trials.
        Turkey has Holland by its BALLS with their files on Demmink, but they haven’t played this “card” yet as long as Holland is “cooperative” importing “refugees” and keeping emprisoned a Kurdish leader for life in Holland on false (heroine smuggle) accusations (Baybasin).

        • willygroper

          i can only state what i understand to be facts & you can discern if any is useful.

          why the protection: fear for one, brainwashing another, blackmail. many in IsRaHell are as captured as those that believe there is no human animal farm. in fairness, i watched an ADL production on the camps…utter bullshit!!!! terrorizing of young teenagers, brainwashing forcing them to look at their staged scene. it was horrific, so i understand why they’d watch palestine being blown to smithereens. they actually believe what they’ve been taught, yet i’m sure they’ve not been shown the quiet revision of 6 to 1mm having died. nor a mention of typhus from lice. labor camps, it’s that simple. no z-b or ovens. more lies.

          it wasn’t until i’d heard a few podcasts of Marriane Azizi that i began to understand (for simplicity purposes i’ll label them torah jews not talmudic) the horrific crimes they endure daily. makes feminazi’s here look tame.

          educate me here…i understood demmink was over both the police & magistrates there. is that true? i’ve never heard of micha kat. got any links?

          funny you mention turkey. there’s a link here by charles savioe on silver. i looked up the owner of the silver mine on it wasn’t until i got to his father 1 fact stuck out like a sore thumb. an arab circumcised at age 13? WTF! another big tell, names changes, maternal links private or missing.

          a friend of mine from iraq showed me a pic of 1 of the oldest quran’s at mecca.
          on this page was a 6 pointed star, astrological symbols & the kicker, a square & compass.

          we’ve been duped for millennia. i’m beginning to think religion may be the worst of the 3 control mechanisms.

          • knowtoomuch

            Micha Kat’s site where I posted a lot on gas chambers was called” but two years ago he changed it to . I’m not allowed to post any longer on his new site ; without a doubt he got a lot of “pressure” from his “kosher brethren”.

            If you scroll down on his new site you’ll have no hard time seeing articles on Joris Demmink.

            This guy was for 20 years the most powerful man on “our” dutch “Ministerie van Justitie” ; regardless of which political party governed Holland.

  • knowtoomuch

    Personally I’m still convinced the FAKE “gas chambers” from WW-2 are the socalled “achilles Heel” of the worldwide “jewish power” ; THERE you have your “Weak Spot” which “they” maintain on a daily basis in our linds by THEIR media, THEIR “State Education” in schools/universities and THEIR fully controlled “judges” !

    ■ “Holocaust-Deprogramming Course” / after having scrolled down the first quarter of the total page, you’ll see the subtitle “Irrefutable Facts ; Auschwitz a Work Camp” . Begin reading there.
    Amazing info on the totally FAKE gas chambers of Auschwitz, the very LAST “zyklon camp” of the Nurnberg List of 22 ; ALL the others already have been debunked ! : :

    I’m really sorry for your “J … uhh … Youtube revenues”, Sean !

    • mike

      Pretty sure the gas chambers were real. Have you ever been to any of the camps? Have you
      ever been to Israel? ..You should go. Personally I am not for or against Israel. As a Christian I dont support our tax dollars going to Israel for any reason. If Israel was meant to exist in it’s current form then God would be on their side and they couldn’t lose. I would fully support Israel when and if they come to Christ. Not until then. Supporting Israel now is going against God by ending their heathen punishment and keeping them from seeking out Christ…Never understood quasi-Christians that think they need to support Jewish Israel? Bill Still is a hardcore Zionist backing it up with his twisted form of religion.

    • Windrunner58

      I lived in Germany from 1982 – 1988. I was in the Canadian Military. I have been to concentration camps there. Saw with my own eyes the “showers” they were real, as were the porcelain operating tables where Mengela operated on twins alive, to see what made them “tick”. If it were fake, they were good fakes.

      • Eric

        I saw the staged museum at Buchenwald in the 90’s.

        I also saw the sound stage they filmed “The Perfect Storm” on at Warner Bros. It was much more realistic in real life than it was on the screen.

        But then again, 99% of the population still calls a cotton/linen mix “money.”

        • mike

          Everything I believe is from people I trust. My Granpa went into Dachau right after it was liberated during WW2..He was seriously fucked up from what he saw. Sorry asshole the Camps and the Gas chambers WERE VERY REAL. They didn’t have the PSTD back then. He rarely spoke when he came home.
          I can not for the life of me understand why you idiotic Jew haters try to say this shit didn’t happen? Just self hating Jews like yourself would push flat earth no holocaust ideology.
          Just say you hate Jews and be intellectually honest. There is no justification in lying or propagating stupid conspiracy’s. Yes the Jews, 6 million of them were murdered by the NAZI’s. Is that any worse than 30 million non Jews killed by Stalin?

          • mike

            Did want to say I talked to an old German CPT. He was just a Wehrmacht soldier not SS. He never saw the camps or the dead, he was busy fighting the war. From his perspective that is entirely possible.

            A lot of SS died by instant execution at the hands of our soldiers when Dachau and other camps were liberated. Our army doesn’t usually arbitrary execute people by machine gunning and beating to death unless they run into something completely inhuman.

          • Eric

            You can’t understand much because instead of researching something all the way through to it’s logical conclusion and doing your due diligence, you are stuck having to “believe” things rather than “know” them.

            Then, instead of doing the logical thing like looking for information to back up your beliefs, you ignore the evidence we present and have to label us all “jew haters” as if everything we say is based on emotion.

            My Grandpa used to tell me the Easter Bunny was real. Guess what? It wasn’t.

            How do I know? I found out.

            Just like I know 6 million jews were not murdered by the “NAZI’s.” I looked it up. Logical reasoning will produce truth. Not emotion. You might want to try it mike but I already know you are too lazy to do any real work.

            Maybe you should go back to grade school.


            • mike

              Eric you are a true fuck tard. You don’t know shit just parrot parrots. What research have you done? Did you take DNA samples from the gas chamber walls? Did you question the bad actors? What research have you done? Nothing but parrot others flawed work.. You really need to shut the fuck up on most things unless you have true first hand knowledge. My grandpa never told me about the easter bunny or santa. Like I said he very rarely spoke and when he did I listened. My dads pop was a different story, he was in ww1 but you couldn’t stop him from talking.

              • Eric

                There you go being all emotional again. Why are you such a Nazi hater mike?

                Fortunately I did not have to take DNA samples. Others have done that work for us. But you have to listen once in a while instead of blather on about nothing like you always do mike. You’re so predictable.

                • mike

                  You are such a retard..Lol parrot links…

                  Look you just hate Jews, I get it lots of people just hate Jews for no good reasons. It’s almost a natural thing.
                  I mean in Europe there were great times burning Jews at the stake. Hundreds of thousands during the black plague alone. It was a European pass time. The Jews were blamed for poisoning the wells causing the plague..Maybe the Jews really were poisoning the wells? Wouldn’t that be some shit if you have a parrot link proving to simple minds the Jews really were poisoning wells?

                  I’ll bet you hate the Polish since Poland granted the Jews amnesty from persecution especially during the black plague.

                  You hate Jews..Not sure if your just a self hating Jew or you just hate them. To make your Jew hating opinions palatable to others you attempt to justify your hatred with parrot links and no evidence at all, absolutely NOTHING. You say you research but then do not do any research and attempt to pass off parrot links as research.
                  You hate Jews end of story. I would actually respect you more if you were intellectually honest but since your not your in shithead category as far as I’m concerned.
                  I don’t care if you hate Jews, I really don’t. I am just telling the truth and your trying to deceive.

                • Eric

                  Whatever. Your opinion means nothing to me since I know you are an idiot jackass with verbal diarrhea who doesn’t know anything, doesn’t read books, and have the attention span of less than a goldfish. Not to mention you can’t backup anything you say because you’re too lazy to even find links to “pass off.”

                  Good discussion here…


                • mike

                  Good then stop replying to me. Nice research BTW?

                • Eric

                  That’s more than you’ve done your entire life.

                  Grandpa’s fairy tales who you admit was “seriously fucked up” will only persuade weak minded fools.

                  Like yourself.

                • BTW I hate the NAZI’s because they tried to kill my Granpa and they did kill my dads (dad was a kid during ww2) older brother who was in the 92nd bomber group.

                  A good news story is my Granpa did see his younger brother who was in a different unit escorting captured Nazi’s. He knew his little brother absolutely hated the Nazi’s and he sure his little Bro was going to execute them all.
                  So on that it is speculation whether my great uncle executed the Nazi’s he was escorting. He unfortunately is gone so we will just never know.

                  Doesn’t that give you a good tingly feeling?

                  Anyway the Jews never tried to kill my family…Unless they poisoned our wells in Europe during that black plague.

                  The Nazi’s absolutely did and succeeded in one case.
                  Not to mention the Nazi’s are directly responsible for the population crisis that exist in Europe today.
                  Resulting in the immigrant crises and population replacement agenda by the EU. The Nazi’s killed more Europeans and potential increase than anything else. They Killed Millions of English, Americans, French, Polish, Germans etc etc. The Nazi’s were a curse on all Europeans. So nice job Hitler on saving the White european race by destroying it forever?? He was just as retarded as you Eric.

                • Eric

                  That’s very not fascinating mike. And emotional of you. And ignorant since you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                  I bet you didn’t know Sarkozy is directly linked to the same nazis that you hate so much. So good link. The most pro Israel Rothschild puppet that France has ever had. I bet you don’t know a lot of things though. You’re such a tool of the jews. A dumb goy if ever there was one.

                • Eric

                  In other words, according to the World Almanac the world population of Jews increased (!) between 1933 and 1948 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000. If the German government under Adolf Hitler had – as alleged – murdered six million Jews those losses should have been reflected in the Jewish population numbers quoted in the World Almanac.


                • willygroper

                  “I hate the NAZI’s because they tried to kill my Granpa ”

                  gwb incarnate.

                • mike

                  I don’t like Sarkozi ah hahaha. Just pointing out the EU agenda to repopulate the entire EU with middle eastern people. They, the EU unfortunately is forced to do it. They must get new workers in to pay retirement for others.
                  The Nazi’s were socialist as well how could you not hate them? Hitler was a total moron and he declared war on us not the other way around. Your banker conspiracy’s just don’t hold up when it comes to Hitler. He was not a good guy in any form and he did succeed in destroying forever all of Europe. ALL OF EUROPE HAS NO FUTURE. This Immigrant crap is not going to stop in any part of Europe including Great Britain. If you can not see that you and Willygroper are total morons.
                  You love Hitler because you’re a moron. You love Hitler because you hate Jews. You hate your own people if you love Hitler.
                  Like I said before I don’t care if you hate Jews. There is absolutely no justification for your hate and that is ok with me as well. I really believe in freedom and even if you have retarded ideas your welcome to have them. It’s when you attempt to justify by way of parrot links it’s irrupting. Be honest not an asshole. The Holocaust did happen and 6million Jews were killed. I don’t think that justify’s our support of Israel and really had nothing at all to do with me. I don’t even care the Nazis killed the Jews. I do care that the NAZIs have in their their ultimate ignorance destroyed Europe forever.
                  You are such a fucking moron!

                • Eric

                  “The Nazi’s were socialist as well how could you not hate them?”

                  Because I am not a retard ruled by my emotions.

                  “You love Hitler because you’re a moron. You love Hitler because you hate Jews. You hate your own people if you love Hitler.”

                  Another low IQ argument. When did I say I was emotionally attached to Hitler?

                  “You are such a fucking moron!”

                  Did you know you used the word “hate” 5 times and “moron” 4 times in just that one comment? You are obviously the biggest hateful moron around here.

                  Honestly, nowhere near 6 million jews died during WWII. There was no “holocaust.” You spelled “Sarkozy” wrong like a true moron. I don’t expect you to know any of this because as we have established numerous times… you are an ignorant jackass.

  • mike

    You would think if this pedogate stuff was real there would be just one credible irrefutable piece of evidence, just one. Not sure what this guys motives are here
    maybe the truth, maybe not. Maybe he was fired and wants to get back at people? As for now continuing to take all this with a grain of salt.

  • anon

    Follow the FIAT (funny-) “money”.

    THAT is the bottom line. He even says it in the video.

    It’s their POWER, via their CONTROL over the “global” FINANCIAL system that they seek to perpetuate ~ at any cost.

    Everything else is secondary. Granted, child-sacrifices are completely psychopathic. I’m not trying to diminish the importance of either child-molestation or child-sacrifices. But, he tells you WHY they do these things. So, that they can film or photograph someone participating in these activities, so they can BLACKMAIL them into silence. I see nothing in this video, from a purely informational standpoint, that goes against what I’ve uncovered in MY research. The ONLY question I have is: Is this interview for real, or is it just to get attention and subscribers, and money? Also, anyone could go on such an interview and say what this guy said, after doing (maybe more than) a little research. But, even if this guy didn’t experience these things, his story sounds AMAZINGLY like truth, based upon all the available information that is out there on this topic.

  • Timco

    Regardless of whether he is telling the truth to not, the authorities should have immediatly grabbed him for questioning. So, why haven’t they?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I think we need to focus on the ONE THING that can help us to eliminate the problem .

    What is the thing we need?

    We need that LIST of 8500 evil elites who control the world who are involved in this stuff.

    Find and eliminate those 8500 scumbags, and the world will be forever changed for the better.

  • MarcS

    This guy is full of shit, just speaking for the illuminati where they will tell you their satanic plans.

    My real point is this: this guy was ok with all the satanic worship and killings UNTIL…… wait for it…… the children was his “breaking point”.

    Fucking rubbish from a pathetic banksterfuck.

    No, the breaking point should have been that no one has the God given right to mess with anyone, physically, financially, spiritually, mentally, etc.

    You, as a fucking bankster have sucked the labor wealth from this nation and the world. Whenever you decide to give ALL your stolen wealth back to the people, then I will believe the horseshit you vomit, otherwise go to hell.

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