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MUST LISTEN: Gotham Shield’s April 24-26 Nuclear Bomb Simulation, Power Outages… And A Mysterious Radio Broadcast

[Ed. Note: This is disturbing. We suggest you watch the entire video… Producer Tracy Beanz ties in a very critical piece of information about which she reported last fall. In a September 20, 2016 radio broadcast on 1630 Radio AM in Hoboken, NJ these words were inexplicably repeated for 5 minutes: “Trump April 26.“]

UPDATE: New Info on Gotham Shield- Power Outages, NY, LA, San Fran

from Tracy Beanz:

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14 comments to MUST LISTEN: Gotham Shield’s April 24-26 Nuclear Bomb Simulation, Power Outages… And A Mysterious Radio Broadcast

  • videoctr

    Why would an enemy just hit NY or LA?
    Why not devastate and annihilate the entire country?
    Why not take out DC, command and control and military targets instead?

    The answers: This is your classic false flag operation meant for psychological purposes, just like 911 and Pearl Harbor. Another one of those catalyzing events for the sheep to fall for. And, for congress to raise the debt ceiling. Perhaps knock out the COMEX in Chicago too while you’re at it.

    • videoctr

      What country will be blamed? Let me think…… I know… about North Korea? That’s it! We can beat them back to the stone age before lunch time tomorrow. Trump’s approval rating will go to 99.99 percent. We will get the economy going again rebuilding everything. Then we can move on to another enemy to hate.

      • SGT

        V, you might be right about blaming NK. But in my view, they would more likely blame “ISIS”, Syria or Iran – or worse, the Russians… If (or when) a nuke goes off within the continental US it will be the deep state that was behind it. This sh#t is deeply disturbing, #GothanShield is at the very least psychological warfare against the American people. Talk about “fear mongering”…

        • long john silver

          I agree 100%, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I think Trump worked out a deal with China, they get NK and work with the US in turn to create the the outcome the deep state want in the middle east. I don’t know whee Russia sit.

  • Paul T

    I can’t get the damn video to play. It keeps freezing up on me

    • videoctr

      1. Watch it on Youtube.
      2. If still not playing, click the gear icon, lower right, then drop the playback resolution.
      3. Switch to another browser type if you are still having an issue.

  • Karen

    I believe that DC will be hit because our federal government is headquartered there; Los Angeles is entertainment (Las Vegas also could be a target); NYC is finance; Boston is Medicine. Places like Houston and Chicago are also possible targets. Think of what has been historically advanced in a particular place, such as types of industry, and you have your answer. The state of Ohio has a lot of manufacturing. Or think of fault lines and volcanoes – hit the San Andreas, Yellowstone and the New Madrid and how disruptive is that?

  • Benjamin

    I heard “Trump wil go 26”

    That would leave a lot more room for possible meanings

  • JMiller

    Just FYI,

    April 26th was when the Pennsylvania primaries were held. There is an 1630 AM radio station in eastern Pennsylvania near NJ. So it is probably an old recorded ad saying “Vote for Trump April 26th”, with the “vote for” part missing. I found no 1630 AM station in Hoboken, NJ. The guy said he was near the Newark airport on his way to Hoboken. The only other 1630 AM station in the area would be in Stony Brook, NY. The PA station would be just as close.

  • The Truth

    Just come to think of it, Atlanta could be hit too. The Bridge at I85 that collapsed was near the Buford Hwy area not too far from the CDC. Maybe this was done as a FF also. No telling what these people would do to cover stuff up in these times. Never hurt to be alert either.

  • Guido

    We’ve experienced this “edge of your seat” drama MANY times over the years. As always, the period will come and go without significant incident, I’m sure. There’s likely a psychological component behind TPTB putting this stuff out, and it never seizes to amaze me how many people buy into it. It also makes for good alt-media traffic, hence feeding the fear mill.

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