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Michigan Judge Orders Man to Pay Ticket for Allowing Car to Warm up in Driveway

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6 comments to Michigan Judge Orders Man to Pay Ticket for Allowing Car to Warm up in Driveway

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    A bit crazy, but also a bit smart.

    Because CAR THIEVES often cruise streets, looking for empty cars that are “being warmed up”, so they can jump in and drive it away.

    Yes, I know that many cars now have a remote control warmup function that does NOT put a key in the ignition lock, and the doors are locked, but there are a lot of STUPID criminals out there, who will try to open the door, find it locked, so they will use the hammer or rock they brought with them, to smash the window, jump in, only to discover there is NO key and the wheel is locked.

    So the car doesn’t get stolen, but now it has a $100-$200 broken window that needs to be fixed and it’s a VERY cold day driving to work with no window in the middle of winter.

    In parts of Europe, you’ll get a ticket for letting the motor run (even if you’re sitting in the car), for more than 5 or 10 minutes. (it’s the “anti-pollution” laws).

    • glitter 1

      Here in NJ,it’s illegal to leave a vehicle running outside of a convenience store like 7 Eleven or Wa Wa. It will get you a ticket.

  • Fred Hayek

    CES. By that same logic, they could give you a ticket simply for driving in a sketchy part of a city. After all, you greatly increase your chances of your car being stolen if you park it for five minutes in that bad neighborhood compared to if you stay only in upper middle class suburbs. Is the state really empowered to tell you exactly how much risk of theft you’re allowed to take?

  • Trespass Unwanted

    There’s a lot going on here, government and the consent to be governed by the judge, the proper use of the car registered to the state, probably shared ownership if he’s still making car payments, pretend need to warm up a car when the manual doesn’t give instruction to do that to maintain the car, public scrutiny of facebook activity, and that lawyer who can kiss his career goodbye cause it’s not easy to transfer to another court when you live somewhere, and that contempt will mess with insurance and losing cases in that courtroom will mess with his ability to earn a living, and if he ever wanted to run for judge, well that contempt may still be on the record, but I wouldn’t know that.

    I thought I was going to see a comment from one of the people (self-governed).
    Instead it’s from those that are persons (consent to be governed).

    It’s no wonder we have so many that still vote.

    When the table is flipped and there are more people (self-governed) that do not vote than persons (consent to be governed) that vote, then we’ll have the government of the people (self-governed) back.

    As for warming up cars. These days cars do not need to run idle for a time to warm up the inside for the “driver”. You just need to turn it on and let it run long enough for the oil to circulate through the components and then you start moving it and the heater will warm you when the needle is between the C and H.

    They come with a manual, and that manual does not tell you; you have to idle it like people like to do.

    Cars don’t stall from not being warmed up today, like they did in the past.

    The ticket is nonsense, but it appears tickets are meant to change the behavior of people who do not take the time to know what they have and how to use it; or care whether they will harm another with the concentrated exhaust emissions from their warming up car where the exhaust emissions will disburse better when moving.

    There’s plenty of times during the commute where the car will sit idle at stop signs and signal lights to warm up, and if the freeway is busy or jammed, the car will still move the lubricants through the components.

    The supposed need to idle in a driveway or parking lot is not a necessity.

    I have had several cars purchased past 100,000 miles and am too impatient to idle and never had issue with worn components from it’s use or auto repair bills, and kept them going past 200,000 miles before selling them to someone else.

    All of these worn out head gaskets on cars after a few years could be avoided if people didn’t let their car sit and run, and actually used them more efficiently.

    Again, the self governed should know better. The consent to be governed may need tickets as a reminder.

    Courts will check your voter registration and other things they have about you in a database. Things about you are in the cloud now.

    The judge knew this guy had a facebook page and streamed his courtroom.
    The judgments these days come from what you do before you get into court.

    That attorney should have said he didn’t know the guy was streaming the courtroom.

    That contempt hearing is almost certainly going to lead to a fine, and most attorneys aren’t ready for that type of out of pocket expense;
    That attorney will probably not have many friends of the court in that courtroom;
    If the judge’s punishment lead to them never winning any cases brought before the court he may have to give up the bar card and law license and do something else for a living.

    All that money spent on law school only to get to the end, take and oath and agree to be a slave to the judge who can ruin the law career.

  • d

    In the ‘Land of the Free’…..the ever increasing ‘police state’….BUT the POLITICIANS make the ‘laws’…and the PEOPLE keep ELECTING the same ‘tyrants’….so why does anyone expect anything to CHANGE…..imho

  • joey

    Anyone with even the most basic, simplistic, childlike understanding of mechanics will understand the wisdom of warming up an internal combustion engine before applying a load to it. Because a manual doesn’t expressly state to do so is a moronic argument; warming up your car thoroughly will add between 20% to 35% to its life. Of course the manufacturer won’t tell you to warm it up. Are you from the Planet Gullible?

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