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McCain: Trump Showed ‘Strength’ With Missile Strikes on Syria

by Melanie Arter CNSnews:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Friday praised President Donald Trump for carrying out missile strikes on Syria’s airbase, saying that it showed “strength” and comparing his approach to that of former President Ronald Reagan.

McCain compared Trump’s decision to attack Syria to Reagan’s “peace through strength” approach, saying, “The president of the United States last night showed strength.”

The senator said that Reagan set a “precedent” when he attacked Libya after Americans were killed in a bombing at a disco in Berlin.

“A precedent was established a long time ago when Ronald Reagan struck Libya after there’d been a bombing in a disco in Berlin, which killed Americans. I believe the president of the United States has the authority to carry that out,” McCain said.

He said there was “a much larger issue of the authorization use of military force, which would be boring and take too long, and I’m all for that, but this president reacted to events which were so horrific that it required American reaction, and I believe that not only was the act itself important, but the signal that it sent to the world from President Trump was as important.”

McCain said he doesn’t expect more strikes against Syria tonight, “but I would hope that we would reinvigorate our support for the Free Syrian Army, establishment of a no-fly zone, and move forward.”

He said the U.S. airstrikes were “the beginning of a departure from the failed policies of the last eight years” of the Obama administration, “and you’re not going to repair that overnight.”

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1 comment to McCain: Trump Showed ‘Strength’ With Missile Strikes on Syria

  • Windrunner58

    War is Peace, good is bad, up is down, friend is enemy, etc. Whatever McCain says, think the opposite. 24 hrs before the strike he would gladly cut Trump’s throat in public. He is such a scumbag.

    Don’t agree with the attack, not right. What happens now? Will America now turn away from Hillarygate, spygate, pedogate, weinergate, the 36 hrs news cyle prays on the ADHD of the general public.

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