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Matt Drudge: “There Is A Crisis On Many Fronts… I Suspect There Is Sabotage”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Top news reporter Matt Drudge crashed the Michael Savage show this weekend to discuss the state of affairs in Washington D.C.

Drudge recently Tweeted his discontent with the Republican Party, going so far as to say that “Republicans lied about tax cuts” and that he wants his “vote back.”

On the Michael Savage show, Drudge doubled down on his frustrations:

I do think there is a crisis… on many front… Is some of it of his own making?

You don’t think Congress is deliberately sabotaging? Because I suspect there is a sabotage.

Do you know Obama had the stimulus package on his desk before Inauguration Day? What did this Congress give this great man?


What Trump got was a half-baked health care bill that was probably worse than Obama care, an executive order that was overturned by just about every court that touched it and nothing in the way of promised tax cuts.

Not only is President Trump being attacked from the left, it should be clear that the “Never Trumpers” are still operating and as Catherine Austin Fitts recently warned, the Deep State will continue to attack him and take down his lieutenants at every opportunity.

Listen to Matt Drudge with Michael Savage:

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1 comment to Matt Drudge: “There Is A Crisis On Many Fronts… I Suspect There Is Sabotage”

  • Ed_B

    “… an executive order that was overturned by just about every court that touched it…”

    Yep, all 3 of them and all run by VERY left-wing Obama-appointed judges. That does not make their rulings anywhere within the law of the land. Once we get a FULL SCOTUS again, this sort of judicial advocacy will be severely curtailed because they know that such outrageous judicial behavior in the lower courts will not be tolerated. IMO, any judge who is over-turned by a higher court more than half of the time should be forced off the bench… as in impeached. Putting that law into effect would do a lot of curb such judicial excesses. Trump HAS the power to run the country. The election of 2016 saw to that. He cannot exercise that power if his every move is whined and sniveled about in every chicken-s**t court out there. No one could. Obama, arguably the worst US president in our history, had very few problems of this kind… and should have had more of them as he willfully violated the US Constitution again and again. IMO he should have been impeached as well. The Fast and Furious and IRS scandals alone should have been more than sufficient grounds for impeachment. NO president should be allowed to get away with such blatantly illegal behavior.

    To the Dems out there, consider the words of Obama after the 2012 election: “Elections have consequences. I won. Get over it.” Perhaps they should be taking that advice now that the shoe is most definitely on the other foot and the snowflakes at long last are just beginning to understand what conservatives have been going through for the past 8 years. Not that they’ve spent a nano-second considering that, of course, but perhaps now is the time for it.
    Unlike them, however, we did not melt down into a useless pile of sniveling teary-eyed goo.

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