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Lemons Contain 22 Anti-Cancer Compounds and Reduce Risk of Cancer by 50 Percent

by Lynn Griffith, Natural News:

With warmer weather approaching, many people will cool off with ice water with lemon, iced tea with lemon or lemonade. Contrary to the popular phrase, when life hands you lemons, life may really be handing you amazing health benefits!

Lemon peels have have been found to help boost your immune system; lower cholesterol, and even prevent cancer. Lemon peels are also antimicrobial meaning that they can protect agains bacterial infections.(1)

Nutrients found in lemon peels can help boost your immune system; lower cholesterol and prevent cancer

Research has shown that natures phytonutrients can outperform chemotherapy without causing harm to the body. Modified citrus pectin is derived from the pulp and rinds of citrus fruit and has been found to inhibit the spread of prostate, breast and skin cancer to other organs.(1)

Limonoids are chemicals found in citrus peels which give the peels a bitter taste. They are also capable of slowing cancer cell growth and even killing the cancer cells. Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds that stop cell division in cancer cells.(1)

Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds that stop cell division in cancer cells and can reduce the risk of cancer by 50 percent

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia found that citrus fruits can reduce the risk of cancer by 50 percent! (1)

Lemon’s are not only protective against cancer but can also help the body through detoxification. Lemon juices as a similar atomic structure to the stomachs digestive juices and tricks the liver into producing bile. This helps to keep food moving through the body and gastrointestinal tract.(2)

Lemons contain antioxidants that help fight free radical damage. This can result in healthy, youthful skin. The vitamin C found in lemons can help the body produce more collagen and help smooth out lines and wrinkles in the face.(2)

Lemons have been found to fight free radical damage resulting in healthy, youthful skin

Sipping lemon water has also been found to help you lose weight due to the type of fiber found in lemons. Pectin helps you feel full longer meaning you can manage the pesky cravings easier. Lemons have also been found to boost energy levels without the caffeine crash resulting in lower stress levels and mood improvement. (2)

Many people enjoy lemonade, but are cautious of the sugar content. Refined sugars have been linked to numerous health issues, but it is possible to enjoy your lemonade and protect your health. Try’s healthy lemonade recipe. (3) If you are vegan, feel free to substitute the honey for coconut sugar, agave, or maple syrup.

Raw Honey Lemonade


1 cup raw honey
1 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice
6 cups filtered water


In a blender, combine raw honey and lemon juice. Blend on high for 30 seconds. Add water to blender. Pulse until combined. Chill until service. Serve over ice. (3)

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3 comments to Lemons Contain 22 Anti-Cancer Compounds and Reduce Risk of Cancer by 50 Percent

  • glitter 1

    Lemons are #1 on the most alkalizing fruit/food list.Maintaining your body alkaline(7+) is a precursor to preventing disease,cancer,viral sickness.Cancer/disease thrive in an acidic environment.

    • willygroper

      hey glitter1,

      remember our garden chat?

      Carey Reams RBTI distinguishes lemon from any other food…it’s anionic action. all other food is cationic. our body battery needs equal charges.

      there’s a whole lotta stuff out there promoting alkalinity…too acid definitely bad, too alkaline is not balanced either.

      by pure dumb luck i stumbled onto this a few months ago. i order supplements from…this biz spun from Reams research. in chatting with the clerk (knew Reams), i told her what i’d been doing & she offered a well of info & told me why what i was doing was working. we/food need 7 different kinds of calcium. i’d been mixing cal/lime (not fruit) water w/silica to juice along w/cal/phos. she told me unless your bod is a ph of 6.5/ideal you won’t absorb cal. the lime water brought the ph down so i could absorb it. MAN…you cannot believe what it does for hair/nails/connective tissue. in Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters, he states you can purge the bod of the chemtrail aluminum if your cal/silica is sufficient.

      Reams left his work to be carried on by Dr. A.F. Beddoe. I’d read his book the Calcium Connection, which if you test your ph w/body under load for 2 weeks, take the average, he has a chart on which cal’s ur deficient in. i wasn’t testing hence the dumb luck. the bod also needs K2 to absorb the cal. NEVER had i had 1 doc tell me this which is why cal lodges in the soft tissue instead of bone/teeth causing heart attacks.

      she also said vegetarians are too alkaline w/carnivores too acid, which the battery analogy of the +- charge ph of 6.5 keeps the balance. here’s a quick link re: Reams stuff.

      • glitter 1

        Appreciate the info,I’ll check it out.Everything I’ve read about acid/alkaline(PH) in the body says 6.5 is too acidic,7+ (7-7.5) is ideal.Too alkaline is caustic,almost the same/as bad as acidic.
        I’m keeping my PH at ~ 7-7.25,I take sodium bicarbonate and lemon water.All I can say is that I haven’t had a cold,flu,anything as long as I can remember.I’m definitely not a vegetarian,but I like veggies.I’m a meat eater,but only organic and grass fed.We are an organic household.Also,we have a “whole house”filtration(Carbon(2)1 for organics 1 for flouride) system along with an IO system for drinking water.

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