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Last Two Times The Government Reported Data Like This, You Remember 2008..

from X22Report:

Episode 1243a.

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2 comments to Last Two Times The Government Reported Data Like This, You Remember 2008..

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That was a very well done report.

    Thanks SGT-Sean for you and your “team” bringing all kinds of USEFUL, timely information to us.

    I’m thankful for your helpful stories on FOOD, Medicine, gardening, bug outs, bug-ins, banking, water gathering, filtering, emergency shelters, and so many great tips as well as keeping up with world events and the signs of things about to happen,,,AND putting a fire under the feet of people about criminal, evil stuff (Pedogate, Rothschilds, corruption, etc).

    I enjoy reading the many great contributions of your readers/commentators both “on topic” and “off topic” information and opinions they add to the mix.

    The developments about the censoring of TRUE news, by Google, Amazon, Youtube, Twitter, etc…is disappointing, but there are fresh alternatives to the established sites, and the new sites may be able to take a bigger role helping to reduce Google, Youtube, and other Orwellian dictators.

    I’ve already setup my browser to use OTHER search engines (as the default), to help put Google in the trash bin of history.
    I’ll be changing browsers, to one that is more private instead of using Firefox or any of the “Microsoft offerings”.

    I’m already “ahead of the curve” because I do not have any version of “Windows” on my computer, and have been using Linux for several years now and will NEVER go back.

    On my Android phone, I installed several GPS programs that do NOT use “Google Maps” for anything.
    I had picked up a used Garmin Nuvi, but when I tried to use it, it didn’t have the USA database in it, but was setup with all the maps for Eastern Europe!! Hahaha. I can use it as a USA map display, but NOT for Navigating to any USA addresses. Glad the smart phones work so well at this.

    OK you guys. Take good care of yourselves.
    Stay out of the radioactive rain & snow, don’t touch the radioactive Pacific waters or products. Invest in PM’s, miners, food, water, ammo, seeds, solar and farm land or garden land.
    update/fix the car, fix the bike (or even get a trike), and perhaps a gas or electric scooter and bike trailer, decent tent and emergency water filter, etc.

    You guys have heard it all a hundred times. If I learn of something NEW and interesting, I’ll let you know about it.

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