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Last Days of The Gold Cartel

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

It’s early Saturday morning, so don’t be surprised if by the time you read this, the world has significantly changed. As frankly, a war involving the U.S., North Korea, and potentially many others may well be imminent; so much so, that China “nearly started World War III” last night, by “accidentally” reporting North Korea had launched a nuclear missile.

Yes, just five months after his inauguration, Donald Trump is on the verge of starting his second war with a nation posing no threat to America. In this case, with a deadly, nuclear-armed nation run by a lunatic, which could easily involve northern-neighboring China – which has mobilized 150,000 troops to its North Korean border; southern neighboring South Korea, whose long-time feud with North Korea is as intense as that of North and South Vietnam; and fellow U.S. ally – and for now, “first world” nation – Japan. Hopefully, what appears imminent will not be; but for now, China believes war can “break out at any moment.” And given our “flipper-in-chief’s” recent record, I don’t have much confidence – particularly from someone acting so unprecedently un-presidential (seriously, you have to watch this 30-second clip to believe it).

On that note, let’s face facts here. Neither I, nor likely anyone truly believed Donald Trump would “make America great again”; as per Friday’s must read article, nothing about his history; or likely, his personal motivations; suggested such an outcome, particularly as America is “ground Zero” for the imminent implosion of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme.

To the contrary, the vast majority of citizens – myself included – voted for him for one of two reasons; 1) to prevent the Wicked Witch of the Western Hemisphere, and her equally evil husband, from “re-taking” the White House; and 2), as a general “F.U.” to an establishment that has destroyed our once great nation. And in the case of Precious Metal owners, a third reason, whether we want to admit it or not; i.e, we believed his election would expedite the end of the gold Cartel – at one fell swoop, mitigating the damage it has done to us personally; and to the world at large. And thus, when the gold Cartel deprived us of what should have been on November 9th and 10th…

…followed by an additional five months of misery – watching gold and silver smashed to $1,130/oz and $15.90/oz, respectively – during the Christmas holiday week, no less; whilst the stock market surged into dotcom bubble territory, based on the “Trump-flation” meme borne solely of market manipulation; I’d venture to guess that the vast majority of Precious Metal holders lost whatever “faith” they once had, real or imagined, in Trump’s leadership. Let alone, after he hired a cadre of Goldman Sachs cronies to be his inner circle, and reneged on essentially all his campaign rhetoric and promises – like, for instance, avoiding the type of destructive military entanglements he railed against Hillary Clinton for supporting.

Fortunately, the reality of our long-standing investment thesis didn’t take long to re-surface – as mere weeks after the Fed’s initial, comically moronic forecast of 3.4% first quarter GDP “growth” (why anyone still listens to their perpetually overstated, politically biased “predictions” is beyond me), it has plunged to a mere 0.5%, following yesterday’s horrifying March retail sales number, of a way below expected -0.2%. This, atop a dramatic downward revision of February’s number as well – to zero; which has me shaking my head in incredulity, as to how they can possibly keep said GDP estimate positive. In other words, “Trump-flation” is officially dead – as all economic data – “hard” and “soft”; and market-based measures such as Treasury yields and the Treasury yield curve; are not just suggesting, but screaming recession. Not to mention, surging gold and silver prices – which appear to have decidedly won their “200 week moving average wars” at $1,246/oz and $18.14/oz, respectively.

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