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Last Chance For France

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Before I get started, I must recommend that this weekend, you listen to yesterday’s third installment of the Miles Franklin Silver All-Star Panel Webinar – hosted by myself, and featuring David Morgan, Steve St. Angelo, and Craig Hemke. Nowhere on the internet – much less, for free – will you receive such vitally important information about the world’s most undervalued asset class. And given the Cartel’s all-time high silver short position – amidst a veritable blizzard of potentially short-covering catalysts – there’s no better time to educate yourself of the TRUTH of silver’s historically tight physical market conditions; from, in my view, the industry’s most brilliant minds. And if it convinces you to buy or store silver, we hope you’ll call Miles Franklin – in our 28th year of business, without a single registered complaint – and give us a chance to earn your business.

As for said undervaluation, what more do the powers need to prove that they are doing everything in their power to subvert reality via market manipulation? To the point that historic bubbles – even when compared to 1929, 1999, and 2007; have been formed, that must inevitably collapse.

I mean, what part of unprecedented financial engineering and debt accumulation does a chart like this not get across – regarding just how close the world is to an unprecedented, fiat-currency-destroying disaster?

All Central banks are doing it – including the Chinese; who, since their “Eastern Point of No Return” realization two years ago, have been manipulating their own stock market – utilizing their self-described “national team” – with the same fervent regularity as the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets” – i.e., the PPT – has in the U.S. since its establishment in 1987, just after Alan Greenspan was appointed Fed Chairman. Who, I might add, yesterday espoused that not only are socialism and stagflation here to stay, but the Euro currency is destined to collapse.

However, NOWHERE is such manipulation more blatant than in Precious Metals. Which, contrary to the relentless “barbarous relic” propaganda, are as vital to monetary stability today as they were 5,000 years ago. To wit, the aforementioned, unprecedented silver short position – despite no visible crisis to justify it; and subsequently, the gargantuan, historically blatant efforts to protect it, that just happen to coincide with gold’s and silver’s attempts to not only exceed their 200 week moving averages for the first time in four years (of $1,246/oz and $18.14/oz, respectively); but the “downtrend line” created by 5½ years of price suppression since dollar-priced gold was viciously attacked after hitting its all-time high in September 2011; in gold’s case, at roughly $1,285/oz.

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