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JUDGMENT DAY: Russia & China Bypass the Dollar With GOLD

from SGT Report:

NOTE: This interview was recorded in the hours BEFORE Trump bomber Syria, or it would have been discussed. In this conversation with Andy Hoffman we discuss the Russia and China’s rapid move away from the Dollar and toward gold. It will soon be judgment day for the Petro-dollar. I have started a Patreon account. Please consider pledging a few bucks a month to keep SGT report a viable source of REAL news. Thank YOU! SGT Report on Patreon

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7 comments to JUDGMENT DAY: Russia & China Bypass the Dollar With GOLD

  • knowtoomuch

    Good luck dealing with “your” Donald :

    Don’t say I never warned you.

    • glitter 1

      Very interesting. I have the utmost respect for Makow. He knows the Illuminati better than anyone.

    • We tried to warn SGT. Sean chose to ignore the obvious geopolitical malfeasance lurking beneath the surface in favor of comforting (false) rhetoric.

      And now, for all the talk about “avoiding World War III,” we stand on its brink yet again, as we did in 2013 when this same Syria “sarin” scenario was first attempted.

      Missiles flying over Assad, “enhanced” kid-diddling at airports, a cabinet full of Goldmanites, increased troop deployments in Eastern Europe and Kuwait, markets as rigged as ever, silver and gold continue to be waterfall hammered, no sign of the CIA drug trade abating anytime soon.

      But hey, donate to our Patreon to keep our “real” news coming! Disgraceful.

    • mike

      Eric/Krell are the anti-constitution Trump Neocon cheerleaders on this site.
      Completely ignoring Trumps own words wanting to censor the internet and continue spying on all Americans. Not to mention blowing up the debt with Trump/Ryan care and growing the “deep state” more than any other president in history. Trump is just another lying politician and run of the mill neocon that spoke in the words the morons wanted to hear…Just words. Hows trumps pedogate arrest doing? How is prosecuting Clinton going? Remind me what years taxes are still being audited? I know now for sure Trump will not last 4 years in office, he will be removed. Only question is will it happen before the moron gets us into ww3?
      Trump is a serious disappointment. I admit he had great potential but he turned out to be nothing more than a nothing vile imbecile.

  • Bob

    Excellent interview. Mr. Hoffman is very well spoken, and the world needs a lot more of his common sense. There’s almost nothing he says that I disagree with, but I doubt he’s correct on Le Pen winning the second round in France. The French like their free stuff even more than Americans do. Le Pen could risk all that.

    It’d be fun to watch the panic if she wins, though. Just imagine how much pretend money the central banks would have to magically create to keep the phony economy going if she does. Gold would zoom up for an hour or two before the BIS steps in with billions more printed money to drive it down again. Stock markets would crash for a few hours until the PPT/ECB/BOJ step in with billions to rescue them. Then the MSM will write some BS about how it’s actually good for the world economy that Le Pen won and most of its braindead audience will flock into the market.

    • Ed_B


      “The French like their free stuff even more than Americans do. Le Pen could risk all that.”

      Could be. But then, we seem to be rapidly approaching the time when all citizens of the massively indebted Western countries need to ask themselves whether they want free stuff OR a country because we simply cannot afford both. In order to unwind this idiocy of continually spending more than we have, sacrifices MUST be made and they must be made by ALL of us and not just by SOME of us.

  • Paul

    More crap utterances to flog his silver

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