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from SGT Report:

A major gold mining insider just revealed that one of Asia’s richest men, billionaire Li Ka-shing is now very actively in the process of acquiring gold related assets and PHYSICAL gold like never before. The shift of gold from west to east has never been more evident. Sprott US Holdings President & CEO Rick Rule & Gold Mining Inc. Chairman Amir Adnani join me to discuss this & more.

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  • Eric

    I can’t say I blame him. Gold is the purest form of “money” that exists and always has for all of history on planet terra.

    Gold interview. Wish I had 18 million ounces of Gold in the ground like Amir does. I’ll guess I’ll have to suffice for a share of his company and hope he knows what he’s doing in the meantime. Looks good so far. lol.

    Happy Easter, Eostre, Innana, Ishtar! Let’s “pass over” the horseshit.

  • Eric

    Yup. We fixate on the price. Not protection of wealth or preservation of wealth.

    Great interview! Amir is the sizzle on my sunday night steak!

  • Eric

    “If you work at a place like Sprott,” …or if you listen to them over and over and over…

    your audience gets it!

    Gold is the only portfolio that matters to me. 🙂

  • Eric

    Gold up 11.97% YTD.
    Silver up 15.84% YTD.

    Better than US debt.

  • Eric

    Hmmmm, no comments. Sean, Rick, Amir and I must be the only ones left here that like honest money. Is this Gold thing getting boring for everyone?

    Really enjoyed this interview. Might listen again even.

    Buy the dip.

    • KRELL427

      This guy is upgrading gold and silver from buy, to pound the table buy.

    • Windrunner58

      Eric, though I truly believe GOLD/SILVER are the true answer, one cannot count out Bitcoin. As I have said before we sold out bitcoin to pay off our condos (real estate also a good hedge), and am watching it closely still.

      I have gold (some), silver (lots) and am growing old waiting for the “Collapse”. It cannot come soon enough if it is indeed going to happen. But as long as the FED can ramp up the printing press and have a strong industrial complex behind it – it matters not what the debt or debt ceiling is.

      Am I the only one who thinks that one of the reasons the big banks, and the multi-billionaires, along with sovereign nations is hoarding gold is…..perhaps when 90% of the world’s gold inventory is in the hands of the 1%, they TPTB simply take over the gold mines and render GOLD a nice little trinket. We the people would then be f**ked. Just a thought. I have been thinking that for a while. Gold is only worth true value if it is allowed to trade freely. Right now it is not….and it might get worse. Just saying!!!

      • Ed_B

        All good points, Windy, and we have all seen them with our own eyes. But gold and silver aren’t the only financial assets one should own. This is not an all or nothing decision but is one that we each decide which financial asset allocation is right for us and our situation. For me, that is in the 15-20% of my financial net worth put into physical gold and silver. The other 80-85% being in stocks, commodities other than gold and silver, cash and cash equivalents, and real estate (usually as REITs). Long term, oil is a terrific buy at current prices. Timber is also good, as are any of the food, cloth, and edible oil crops mutual funds and ETFs. Big-cap blue-chip companies that have regularly increased their dividends for the past 2-3 decades or longer are also good bets, along with a nice dash of mid-caps for growth.

        But the thing about gold and silver that is most important to some of us is not that it will one can “go to the moon” and make us all a lot richer but that they are inflation-proof assets that have the longest and best history of all financial assets. We know, for example, that fiat currencies are printed from thin air, so have no intrinsic value whatever. We also know that everything eventually returns to its intrinsic value. Given this, why would everyone NOT own some gold and silver as their inflation hedge and long-term savings plan?

        As a registered member of The Old Farts Club, I know that either a big juicy hamburger or a gallon of gasoline once cost two bits each. These days, each are a lot closer to $3 than $0.25. So, is the value inherent in these things so much better these days than it once was? No, not really. It is the same. But a US 90% silver quarter will still buy either of these today, just as it once did back around 1960. Back then, we could spend that quarter directly at the point of sale. Today, we have to swing by a coin shop first to convert it to fiat form. Not a big deal in view of the benefits of holding it.

        The difference, of course, is due to the fact that “money” (fiat currency) becomes cheaper with time. This is inflation at work and it is insidious. In fact, it is built into all fiat currencies because they are printed at interest, even though there is a minimal cost associated with creating them. The fact that the control of printing this fiat currency has been illegally handed off to the central banks is at the very core of the elite’s looting and pillaging program for planet Earth… and woe be unto those “rogue” nations who do not cooperate with these looters and pillagers, for they WILL be fully vilified and then attacked by their fellow nations who have already succumbed to this organized theft program.

        Much could happen in the future and we have NO way whatever to know what that might be. All we can do is work, save, and plan to the best of our abilities to meet as many contingencies as best we can. IMO, physical gold and silver can play a useful role in that future, as can other financial assets. Just remember that for the looting and pillaging program to work, there HAS to be economic activity that CAN be looted and pillaged. This is why all-out nuclear war is possible but VERY unlikely, IMO. But pretty much everything short of that is fair game as far as the world’s criminal elites are concerned… particularly when the soft, flabby, and oh so valuable (in their estimation) butts of the world’s criminal elites are well out of the line of fire.

        Not that any of this isn’t known by most on this site but it doesn’t hurt to refresh it from time to time for those who are just joining up. 🙂

        • Eric

          That’s not too shabby Ed.

          But I still prefer the 50% allocation to physical Gold that Doug Casey has always advocated. Then 40% Silver, the rest in Platinum, Palladium, Mining shares and Cash. If income and cash flow are issues, maybe 25% in cash. And I may consider selling some palladium if it gets back to 900.

          Of course that allocation may seem extreme to some but having a little box of Gold with half your wealth is very convenient, movable, exchangeable and portable if things change for the worse suddenly. And I have always thought that Gold should be the foundation of one’s wealth. Not real estate or equities. Plus I sleep very well at night knowing exactly where my money is. Last point, is that my capital is preserved if I want to reduce my Gold holdings down to 45% or 35%. It’s very flexible and easy to change.

          Currently I am more bullish on Gold and Silver stocks and the junior resource sector than anything and would like to increase my holdings there. They have really lagged behind. There is some outstanding value out there in this sector. I would also like to increase my Silver holdings a little more as well as my cash reserves. I’ve been too aggressive and need to slow down a bit and play catch up.

          Also, oil is probably a good buy at these prices. But I am not very bullish on oil and gas compared to uranium over the long term. I keep thinking what Gerald Celente said that he sees oil becoming antiquated. It’s not going away just yet. But the world is moving away from it. Uranium and Lithium seem like better ways to play energy. And the world will need that uranium. Oil is so yesterday. 😉

          • Ed_B

            lol @Eric

            Some good points in there yourself. But buying various PMs and then thinking that you are “diversified” is probably not the case. All of these are commodities and there are times when the entire commodities landscape is in the dumper. Better to own other assets that are not completely based on commodities. Not that I don’t love the heck out of both gold and silver but insofar as history can be used as a guide, other assets have also done very well during some very hard times. Will that repeat? Maybe. There’s no way to know before the SHTF. But the odds favor that being the case. IMO, financial life is all about bending the odds in our favor whenever we can.

            I do like the portability of gold, which is why I own a few dozen ozs. But I also like the use of silver in a SHTF situation AS MONEY for day to day expenses. I can foresee a time coming when if one wants something of intrinsic value, they will have to give up something else of intrinsic value to get it. Silver for food and fuel makes a lot of sense to me when fiat blows up in the bankster’s faces. which it will at some point. I don’t know when that will happen and don’t really care. Being ready for such an eventuality means that I don’t need to worry about when the S will HTF.

            Oil’s worst use is as a fuel. There will come a time when our descendants curse us for being so stupid as to burn up all that amazing petrochemical resource.

            As to mining stocks, you can have my share. IMO, one needs a LOT of info about the miners, their financial position, their in the ground assets, plus local customs, costs, government stability, etc. on and on. Don’t have the time to make a good job of that so will leave it to others and continue to stack the phyzz. 😀

      • Eric

        “I think our dollar is getting too strong, and partially that’s my fault because people have confidence in me. But that’s hurting — that will hurt ultimately.”

        “Look, there’s some very good things about a strong dollar, but usually speaking the best thing about it is that it sounds good . . . It’s very, very hard to compete when you have a strong dollar and other countries are devaluing their currency.”

        -Donald Trump

        • Ed_B

          HaviHaving a strong currency is one of those push you, pull me sort of things. Yes, that makes our exports more expensive, all other things being equal, but all other things are not equal. Everything we import, including a lot of the raw materials needed to make our exports are cheaper, which reduces our build costs. The primary difference between $50 a bbl. oil and $100 a bbl. oil can be the relative strength of the US$. Other factors come into this as well but dollar strength or weakness is one of the bigger ones.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    As soon as I saw this, I thought of the ‘bank story from a friend’ of the Dinar days.
    It’s always hearsay of someone cashing in or hearing some rumor or seeing some screen.
    So an insider says it, and everyone believes it cause it’s on the internet.

    If he decides to pay for something he needs; he’ll have to sell it, and if the transaction is more than $10,000 it’s going to trigger banking laws and maybe even tax laws for profits from the sale, who knows.

    To pay his bills, he’ll transfer the gold back for fiat or digits or block-chain.

    • Ed_B

      “If he decides to pay for something he needs; he’ll have to sell it, and if the transaction is more than $10,000 it’s going to trigger banking laws and maybe even tax laws for profits from the sale, who knows.”

      Currently, this is the case here in the US. But in other places around the world, the tax is either low or non-existent on the selling of gold coins, rounds, or bars. These are the places where gold is seen as money, so they do not tax the transfer of money from one form into another any more than changing a $50 bill into 5 $10 bills causes a tax to be paid.

      The good news is that more states are drafting and passing laws on this, so that real money is not taxed when bought or sold by those states. Eventually, the US Gov will catch on and join the parade. When that happens, we can expect MUCH better treatment of “profits” on gold and silver sales than currently exists. Not that these are really “profits” at all but are the results of the inflation that US Gov and Fed policies have created.

      In a financial collapse crisis, however, gold and silver will be used as money by those who have them and the US Gov will have MANY far worse problems on their hands than this to worry about.

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