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In Your Face War Preps & EMP Beta Testing

by Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

Here it comes.

If and when this war breaks out, it will be one of the most telegraphed military conflicts ever. It could spin off into all sorts of ugly directions. Let us count some of the ways that could happen, because the USSA government certainly is.

To begin with, on the morning of 21 April there was the strange matter of near simultaneous, very disruptive,  power grid failures in New York City,Los  Angeles and San Francisco. While the reporting was pretty clear from New York City and San Francisco, it is harder to find out exactly what happened in Los Angeles, though there were multiple reports, from multiple news outlets, that there was also a disruptive power outage in that city the same morning.

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Various causes were adduced, such as equipment failure, aging infrastructure and so forth. But I think we have to consider the possibility that what may have happened was the intentional, simultaneous take-down of key portions of the electrical grid in three of the most important cities in the USSA, to help model the effects of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the national power grid. Using sophisticated, multivariate analysis the number crunchers in the alphabet soup agencies can extrapolate with a fair degree of accuracy what the national impact would be.

Why now? Because all the publicly available evidence strongly indicates that the odds of a major, shooting war in the relatively near term are nontrivial, which is to say, the USSA is on the slippery slope to major warfare unless it radically and quickly changes its foreign and military policies. When the major hostilities begin, there is a very real chance that someone — maybe even one or more rogue factions of the USSA’s Deep State — will pop off one or more high-altitude EMP weapons above the continental USSA, to fry the national electrical grid, in whole or in substantial part. So the alphabet soup agencies need a “fresh” EMP beta test, if you will, the better to model the impacts of events which may possibly occur in the coming weeks or months, or which may be “made” to occur.

Now, why does my thinking run along those lines?


The Feds themselves are publicly running two major “war” or “terrorism” drills this week, one in the New York City region, and the other in Washington, DC and its suburbs. It is clear the Feds are prepping for war-related contingencies. In the case of the Gotham Shield exercise now underway in New York City, the war game scenario has to do with the detonation of a 10-kt atom bomb by alleged “terrorists.”

And in Washington, DC there is a “full-scale” emergency services drill for a“complex, coordinated, terror attack.”

Please read this news and understand what is being planned: an atom bomb in New York City and a big attack on Washington, DC, both attacks to be like something out of a Hollywood thriller  — you know, the endless series of Hollywood matinee thrillers that have been predictively programming you for the last 20 years for — well, for what has long been been planned. Just think of the long series of Hollywood thrillers as previews of coming attractions which are almost here.

Look at what Hollywood has put out for the last 20 years and read the daily headlines in the present day(s). Connect the dots, unpleasant though they may be, and understand what is being set up. See it for what it is.

It is very clear that the USSA’s military-industrial-espionage complex is just itching for war against North Korea, against Russia, against Iran, against Syria, against China, and God only knows who else. It’s pure, pathological madness.

As it happens, the problem that the USSA’s military-industrial-espionage complex has, from its own, peculiar, pathological perspective, is that these other countries are not militarily attacking the USSA, at least not so far.

Due to the USSA’s demonstrable, historical record of having repeatedly used false flag attacks and outright lies to go to war on previous occasions — the sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor as a prelude to the Spanish-American War, the Gulf of Tonkin incident as a an excuse to attack Vietnam, the nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction of Saddam Hussein that served as an excuse to attack Iraq, the total non-involvement of the Taliban in the events of 9/11 as a false excuse to attack Afghanistan, and many more — the honest observer has to admit that there is every possibility that the USSA will once again use flagrant lies and/or false flag attacks as an excuse to go to war against North Korea or Iran or Russia or China or Syria or Venezuela or — my God, open the world atlas and pick a country, any country, that’s what the Pentagon and CIA do, and then they blow the hell out of it.

Just because.

The historical record is abundantly clear: the USSA government, the Pentagon, the CIA and other agencies have lied, cheated, stolen, committed mass murder and war crimes and destroyed entire countries, one after the other, for better than a century, on the basis of total fraud and flagrantly false accusations.

If you want a definition of deep evil, then you have but to objectively analyze the history of the USSA government, the Pentagon and the CIA — and you will see the bottomless pits of hell reflected there.

One Hundred And One Federal Rats Get Together at the White House

It’s no coincidence that while all of the above is taking place this week, Donald Trump has called all 100 of the USSA Senators to the White House for an extraordinary meeting to discuss the North Korea “situation.”

Earlier this week, Trump also had Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain over to the White House, along with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to discuss military policy. Senator Graham came out of the meeting saying that he would support a “preemptive strike against North Korea, if necessary.”

This all takes place against the background of a massive, live fire drill by the North Korean military today, and the very public docking of a USSA Navy, nuclear submarine in South Korea, with the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier battle group scheduled to arrive off the coast of the Korean peninsula any day.

Meanwhile, In Other Rat Holes

Later this week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson goes to the United Nationsin New York to chair a special session of the Security Council on how to deal with the North Korean nuclear program.

Also this week, the intelligence and espionage chiefs of  the USSA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are having a hush-hush meeting in New Zealand to discuss — well, they’re not saying exactly what they are talking about, but perhaps you can put two and two together, given everything else that’s going on this week.

My, my, what a lot of meetings.

Somehow, you get the feeling that later this year, say, in May or June or August or October, that something big is going to happen, and that it all will have been very well discussed in advance, behind closed doors.

I rule nothing out.

A Further Word About Those Numbers

Of course, a shooting war by the USSA against North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Syria and others who might join the fray, could potentially turn out very badly for the USSA, a prospect that appears not to have crossed the mental horizons of Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham,  John McCain, Rex Tillerson and others of their ilk.

Given the extremely high speeds at which intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) fly and the enormous destructive power of their nuclear warheads, a sudden nuclear exchange between nuclear powers could completely destroy the USSA as we have known it within 30 minutes. In the time it takes you to shower, dress and gulp down a cup of coffee, it will all be over.

More than 90% of my readers are in the English-speaking countries: the USSA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, with the majority of them in the USSA. In the event of a major war involving an exchange of nuclear missiles all five of these countries would be targeted.

The destruction would be extreme and immediate. The Deagel.comnumbers show the USSA losing 82% of its population within the next 6 and 1/2 years. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 262 million USSAers are projected to go bye-bye before 2024. That’s a hefty number. Deagel says that they will all be “migrating” due to economic reasons. Yeah, they’ll be migrating alright, “migrating” right out of their bodies to Kingdom Come.

The numbers are similarly grim for the United Kingdom which Deagel.comcalculates will lose over 44 million people, or about 69% of the population. Australia will see a 49% population reduction, or just over 11 million people. New Zealand also gets hammered by “something” to the tune of 1.3 million dead, or 30% of its people. Canada gets off  a little bit lighter, losing 9.4 million people, or 29% of its population.

Many European countries are also devastated by “something” — Germany loses 40 million people, France loses 20 million, Spain loses 23 million, Greece loses 5 million, half of its population, Israel loses 5 million out of a population of 8 million,  and so on.

You would be forgiven for thinking that “something” devastating is going to happen to the Zio-NATO military alliance, with the result that the member countries will be reduced to nothing in the coming years. is obviously plugged into the global, military-security-intelligence community. If a BIG war is coming, and that is certainly what it looks like at this juncture, Deagel would know. If massive economic collapse is coming, and that also appears likely at this juncture, Deagel would also know. Deagel would equally be privy to the armaments and military capabilities of all sides in the coming conflict, as well as very likely having heard about or even having access to the results of the remote viewing that is certainly being done in advance of all out hostilities.

If it happens, the fall of the USSA and its military allies will quite possibly be mind-numbingly fast (maybe 30 minutes or so) and brutal beyond all belief, violent in the extreme, with mortality of almost one-half billion persons in a short period of time.

That is one possible conclusion from the numbers.

Events are moving faster now and moving on a global scale. We shall know soon enough.


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  • willygroper

    i highly respect Sauder as he is one smart & nice guy…i question this deagle.

    if you’ve ever watched his YT vids, he speaks so rapidly & tries to come off as this very connected authority. he reminds me much of a used car/snake oil salesman.

    dig a bit deeper re: his medical career & there’s some unseemly stuff out there.

    his website nutrimedical (payed) is also questionable.

    • SGT

      Friends, I know that many people have trouble leaving comments on this site due to the spam filter, We ARE working on making improvements to SGT report so PLEASE hang in there! So with that said, Richard Sauder wanted to respond to willygroper was not able to, so he sent this to me. Here is Richard’s comment:

      willygroper has a mini-mini-rant against my link to Deagle, to whom I in fact do not link or even mention. On the contrary, I link to — different spelling, completely different website, completely different entity. I tried to reply to the misguided reply of “willygroper”, but your comment function is not working. I got a message that my computer is working, the Cloudflare server here in Quito is working, but your host server is not working and will not post the comment. Evidently something is wrong on your end. I have no idea what the issue is. Perhaps there is too much truth in my article. One never knows these days.

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