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In plain sight: How to stay hidden during a crisis

by Frances Bloomfield, Natural News:

Life can throw you a curve ball at any given moment. One minute you’re on a nice evening walk, the next you’re evading a mob of looters or crooked cops hot on your tail. In moments like these the last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself. Staying out of sight is the best thing to do in a crisis situation. Sometimes, however, the best place to hide is in plain sight. Here’s how you do it.

Blend in: The best way to stay hidden is to dress the part. Forget wearing bold and eye-catching clothing and accessories. Unless everyone else dresses that way, looking like you’ve got fat pockets is an invitation for trouble. Dress appropriately for your environment and keep it simple. If it’s raining outside, wear a raincoat. If you’re in a business district, throw on a blazer and slacks. You need to blend in and appear as though you belong, and people will know if you do or don’t from how you dress.

When it comes to color choices, neutral colors are best. Gray, dark blue, and beige and anything in between are recommended. As for garments, safe and flexible choices include a plain shirt and a pair of khakis. Have these ready so you can make a quick change when needed.

Blending in doesn’t stop with you. Your home needs to be inconspicuous and fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. Do not make it obvious you’re ready for a crisis. Doing this ensures that everyone will be making a beeline for your home when a crisis does come along. Your home should be just like the homes of everyone else. The same goes for your vehicle. Make sure that your home and your car have no distinct markings that would associate either with you. Trim your lawn and keep your bumper free of stickers.

Other tips

Looking like you belong involves more than just dressing the part. You need to act like it too. The saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” has never been more appropriate. Do what other people are doing to avoid sticking out. Strike a conversation with someone, preferably of your own gender. You’ll seem less obvious if you’re with someone else or a group. If that’s not possible, carry a local newspaper as a prop. Even if it’s in a foreign language and you can’t read it, it’s still a good tool to have on you.

Only run in case of an emergency. Running draws attention, which is the last thing you want. Walk in a relaxed manner but at the same time don’t appear as though you’re wandering aimlessly.

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1 comment to In plain sight: How to stay hidden during a crisis

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Very good, common sense advice. Get rid of all the bumper stickers. No more “NRA” stickers either.
    No camouflage colors. No political stickers. Nothing should reveal that you are a hunter or “sportsman”.

    You gotta be boring. Got tattoos? Wear a long sleeve shirt.
    Got face piercings? Remove them.
    Got face or neck tattoos? You’re just way too stupid to survive, glad to be rid of your types.
    Looking too scruffy? Not good unless you’re in the ghetto.
    Gotta loud mouth or ‘proud patriot’ attitude? They’ll throw your mouth into the FEMA camp.
    Stay away from crowds, rally’s, protests, gatherings (as they are the ones who get “rounded up”)
    Don’t attend “events”. (that’s where the “crazies” do stupid things.)

    Your vehicle is a big, fat 4×4, lift kit, fat tires, noisy exhaust, etc? Then it’s obvious you’re a gun owner and you’ll be stacked up like cordwood in a Fema camp.

    Wearing a “wife beater T-shirt”, with empty beer cans on the floorboards? You’re history Jack.

    Best way to cruise thru a roadblock checkpoint? Dress like a humble preacher and have a bible on the front seat, be ready to tell them that Jesus loves them. Be neat, clean and look like a Mormon/JW banker/preacher.

    Never act like you know too much about your rights, because you can end up “dead right”. Keep your mouth shut. Humility and compliance will let you live longer.
    Assert yourself? They’ll assert themselves until you’re dead.

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