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Improved Rocket Stove – Cinder Blocks EASY!

from 2usefulness:

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2 comments to Improved Rocket Stove – Cinder Blocks EASY!

  • Scott

    This girl is beautiful! A breath of fresh air in contrast to scantily clad, breast enhanced bimbos!!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I love the cement block rocket stoves. They are fast, easy, very low cost, not worthy of anybody stealing it, and you can often scavenge some cement blocks for free.

    The addition of the air-inlet can that also supports the fuel sticks in an elevated position is simple and brilliant.

    Just add some mortar to all the blocks during assembly, and you can make it permanent. I liked the OTHER video (in the sidebar) of the lady who used a lot more blocks and created a 4-burner rocket stove with extra blocks as side wings, as a working surface (the darn thing looked more like a 4 burner kitchen range (and was convertible into a BBQ grill.

    Sadly, the woman who was narrating the 4-burner style, was too irritating for me to listen to her all the way thru. I watched enough to get it, and I was gone.

    There’s all kinds of great videos on making home made wood stoves,,, some of the ones I really liked, are from the large ammo cans (the 20mm & 40mm ammo cans). The smaller cans (50 caliber) are good as a small tent heater.

    The Pressure cooker (Stainless Steel, of course) Hawkins brand.. was really interesting how the pressure relief valve was very different from the “shaker-hissers” we normally see. I like the Hawkins way of doing thing.

    I read some reviews on it, and it seems there are some COUNTERFEITS out there not as good…so be careful.
    The steam release valve, is used by POOR folks as a “done cooking” indicator,, ONE whistle/hiss, and your veggies are done, but not mushy. Beans, meats, and other stuff.. depends,, 3-5 whistle/hisses and it’s done.

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