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from SGT Report:

You Tube is changing the rules of the game, it’s not longer a level playing field. Not only are they flagging more and more videos as “not advertiser friendly”, for the past few days they have turned off ALL of the advertising on my videos. They want to kill my channel and they want me to go away. I need your help.

I have started a Patreon account. Please consider pledging a few bucks a month to keep SGT report a viable source of REAL news. Thank YOU!

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  • Joe Rathwell


    Sean, would you consider taking a look at “Vidme” I know a few channels have done the move while maintaining there youtube site. It also has a tip feature which I found super simple to use to get you $

    Just a thought

  • Kim

    More than happy to help you Sean, 100%!

    • SGT

      Thank YOU Kim, I really appreciate the safety net Patreon may provide from the winds of this overt corporate fascism.

      • fonestar

        I would mirror your videos. It sounds like these assholes are really out to get you and shut you up or shut you down. Apparently, Trump can’t or won’t reign in the deep state. Have you considered doing an insurance video? Sorry I’m not trying to be grim but David Seaman and others have made them. I don’t think the guy who was making “Grey State” actually killed his family and himself, looks to be a setup. Anyway hope it all works out.

  • willygroper


    this sets my hair on fire!

    Clif High had a vid on TP re: key words to circumvent their algos.

    What about or vimeo?

    you have my support & i believe DT is working on this…it’s past time to dump these tyrants. none of us can compete w/soros’ money.

    check out Grindl61’s latest on SGT today.

  • AK

    Sean, we are here for you. I just cancelled my worthless newspaper subscription and am more than happy to put that $20/mth to much better use. We all need for SGT Report to not only survive but to thrive so that we can help to wake up the steeple.

  • Daniel Wheeler

    Hi Sean, Have been a long time subscriber to your youtube channel, and appreciate your leadership in the quest for truth, wherever it may take us.

    I have come cross an opportunity that I think can be utilized to help you to raise money to keep you afloat.
    Valuable product that I can provide at low cost. No payment from you required until the product is sold in your fundraiser.
    Please email me, or call 814-673-4858 to discuss.


  • theoptimist75

    Hey Sean! we are all in this together! This is a stealth attack on our freedom of speech and the deep state’s attempt to silence the content creators, such as yourself, from exposing the truth. I will donate to the cause! thanks bro!

  • KRELL427

    Fuck YouTube! Time to help one of the real crusaders who doesn’t shy away from the real issue’s. It is a pleasure to contribute to the most worthy cause.

  • Marc

    Keep up the great work Sean!
    Thanks for the pervgate stuff – it’s a million times more important than it seems, because it concerns the safety and welfare of our kids!

    Let me know if I can help – you can ping me at the below mail. I may have other ideas or talents you can use eg technology related.

    God Bless you

  • jerry

    I live on about a 1,000.00 a month and still find a little to stack with here and there so $5 a month seems legit for me if we can keep this site viable. I want to thank you Sean and hope every little bit will help.

    • SGT

      Jerry, first thank YOU but please do NOT contribute when you are walking such a thin line already. I have always hated the idea of implementing a donate feature at all when there are so many truly needy people in the world. So please, do NOT take from what little you have for this. We will pull thorough. God Bless!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Dear Sean,
    If your only source of income is thru the internet, and you are not tied to a job at a geographical location in your area, and if your property taxes are higher than $800 per year, and if your state has an “income tax”….

    Then you can reduce your “expenses” if you sold out from your current area, and moved into THIS area of Florida. (Walton county Florida is in the N.W. region known as the Panhandle).

    Florida has NO state income tax on personal income (there is a corporate tax).
    The winters are mild, but this region does get cold on some winter nights. (typically down to about +25F, often not any colder than about +35F or +40F). This region is NOT flat, it has fully forested rolling hills (trees are mostly a type of oak, pines, and some magnolia trees.

    Florida gives EVERY homesteaded residence, a discount reduction of $50k from the value, and taxes only the assessment that rises above $50k.

    Most Florida counties have a property tax formula, that is most often about 20-25 mills…but WAlton county’s property tax is set at 12.5 mills. (I don’t know why, but it’s half the cost of 95% of the entire state. (My brother has a nice home on a normal sized lot-about $350k value, near the Tampa area, and HE pays over $5k each year in property taxes.)

    I live in Walton county, in a 30yr old mobile home sitting on 5 acres of hills and forests, and I pay a bit less than $300 per year. If I had a more recent and larger mobile home, my taxes would probably be about $500/year.

    If you get outside the “city water zone”, where you’ll rely on your own well water, the aquifer is GOOD quality and you’ll have NO water bills. My exact location area, is about 10 miles north of Defuniak Springs, on Hwy 331.

    I am about 50 miles inland, away from the beaches. Takes me about an hour to reach “the Gulfshore beaches”. This county, also has the HIGHEST geographical ELEVATION above sea level, up to 341ft above sea level. MY particular home site, is about 300ft above sea level. No floods to ever worry about. This exact region has the lowest incidence of Hurricanes in the entire gulf of Mexico region. Don’t know why, but when you look at NOAA hurricane history, lighting strikes, etc, this tiny zone about 10 or 20 miles wide, with Hwy 331 up the middle is the sweet spot.

    Hurricanes that had hit this region (a pretty rare event), have recorded to lose at least one full category in the 1st 20 miles pushing inland. House insurance is cheaper NORTH of interstate 10. (it’s a “redline” zone on the SOUTH side of I-10, based on weather patterns and higher storm velocities south of I-10.)

    I mention this because the “zoning” in this little region, requires 5 acres per home site, and will never be overcrowded. Plenty of farms here. The little town (pop. 5k), has great shopping (Super Walmart, Lowes, Tractor supply, 4 grocery stores, 4 auto parts stores, Walgreens, etc, some clothing stores, all the normal fast food places, auto parts stores, dollar stores, a full sized Chevy dealer, Hospital, Motels, restaurants, ACE Hardware, and other useful shops, etc.

    Reliable rainfall.

    No high rise buildings, and only 10 traffic lights. Gun friendly laws.
    My car insurance is Progressive, on a 15yr old minivan, no accidents, I’m 63yrs old, I’ve got FULL coverage ($100 deductible) and pay less than $300/six months.

    My home is about 1000sq-ft, and my biggest winter heating bill, was about $100. Summer a/c bills, rarely hits $130, often is $90.

    If you take something of a “LOSS” on the sale of your current home, CONSIDER that prices in most other areas are also “reduced”, (my area is also “reduced”). So, you MAY be able to purchase a home HERE, for a similar reduction to what you receive for your current home- and everything may equalize. In any case, your overhead/expenses being greatly reduced, will put money in your pocket every year, forever. So, if your income takes another “hit”, it can be a lot easier to keep your home and food on the table, if your monthly & annual expenses are as cheap as what I am paying.

    PS. Mobile homes are assessed and tax much less than “standard homes”, yet the construction quality of “manufactured homes”, is pretty darn GOOD. (you can get a “used” one, pretty reasonable.)

    This region does NOT have the high number of “illegals” as you’d find in all the states that share a border with Mexico. Florida DOES have a high number of illegals from Orlando/Tampa/Miami, etc.

    The nearest Big cities / resort towns, are Panama City Beach & Fort Walton Beach, Destin, etc. Those are all about 1 hour to 1.5 hours driving distance. Gorgeous places, higher taxes, stronger storms, dense populations, & higher crime rates and higher taxes, insurance too.

    Warning= wives typically prefer resort town living, etc. Some people hate the rural side of living. Don’t fall for it.

    I hope this helps to give you some additional OPTIONS in your need to survive, both physically and financially. Plenty of little lakes and streams here, plenty of fishing, both fresh water and salt water If you got one of these forested, 5 or 10 acre sites, you’d have plenty of firewood.

    Soil quality is very sandy in most places (a few areas have clay). Gardening area needs a dump truck load of good topsoil, compost, humus and some clay, and you’ll be ok. Fireants? Yes.

    If you locate away from wet areas or little valleys, you’ll be free of mosquitoes. Wet locations they can be bad. It’s been so long that I’ve seen them, I forget how much I hate them.

    I selected this place, exactly because all the conditions I described, makes it very easy for living, and someday, I do expect my pension & my Social Security to be eliminated….so it will become very important to survive on spending just a few thousand dollars per year on food, taxes, car tags, and other bills.

    This region is also “solar friendly” (if you’re NOT in the shadow of a bunch of trees. If you’ve got enough acreage, then you can cut down or top-off, any trees blocking your solar view.)

    I’ve posted this stuff, a number of time, so that other SGT followers, will have all the good information about this area, just in case they have been wishing to locate an area that may fit all their needs.

    PS. Many people have the fear of: “I cannot leave my current area because my FAMILY lives here.”
    I say, that you’re NOT leaving them BEHIND, you, but you are LEADING the way to an easier place.

    AND, you can always visit them on holidays, and THEY can come to VISIT with YOU and get a FEEL for this region, and perhaps some of them may eventually FOLLOW your lead.

    Good luck.

    • SGT

      CED, thank you for this information. We have been considering alternatives, but my wife is gainfully employed and provides for our family life insurance, so it’s a bit complicated in that regard. But, it’s a small world, my brother just relocated to Florida recently and we plan to visit him soon. I like the way you think!

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Sean, you’re welcome, and I want to thank YOU for your excellent site and hard work.

        About Florida, I can tell you, very few people ever discover the advantages of this exact geographical location of Florida. The weather patterns that control the storms, hurricanes, and lightning strike data, makes this tiny strip of land to be the least troublesome of the entire state.

        Highest geography, best part of the water aquifer, nice rolling hills, just enough winter “seasonality” (and cold spells) to make it possible to grow fruit trees and certain other things that require some “cold hours” to ‘set fruit’ (such as apples, blueberries, almonds, peaches, etc.)
        In the WARMER parts of Florida, you cannot grow those things because it does not get enough hours of COLD time.

        The financial aspect, is that almost every other county in Florida, the property taxes can eat up your salary. Most of Florida= 20-24 mills, but Walton (and Dade or Broward?) are 12.5 mils. But nobody in their right mind would go live in the southern most counties with all the illegals, low flat land, horrible record of so many hurricanes, tropical diseases, AND, if there should EVER be an Atlantic ocean Tsunami, it will wipe out 80% of all of Florida (I’m thinking of the Canary Island type event that they say will create a 100ft high Tsunami that may be able to flush all the way across the land, from Atlantic side, over to the gulf side.)

        Only the HIGH geographical elevations will be spared.

        Sales tax in Walton, is 7%. Food is not taxed. There are special event days that are FREE from SALES tax… “Back to School tax exempt day” with items on a special list are not taxed, AND,,,, HURRICANE prep-tax free day (storm and emergency supplies are exempted from sales tax–such as Plywood, batteries, and many other things.)

        I totally forgot, that when you apply/activate your “homestead exemption”, under state law, your home cannot be SUED away from you because of any lawsuits. Not from car accidents, violence, criminal acts, business frauds, etc… (that’s why O.J. Simpson had his multi million dollar mansion in Florida, and was allowed to KEEP it, even though he LOST the lawsuit to the “Goldman family” in the wrongful-death lawsuit.)

        The ONLY way you can lose a “homesteaded” residence here, is from NOT paying your bank mortgage, or from unpaid property taxes, or the IRS taking it.

        But it’s the LOW property taxes (and lack of storms in this special tiny strip of land), that makes Walton county so special. My brother almost choked on his coffee when I showed him my tax bill was under $300 while HIS tax bill is over $5k. And I have NOT yet claimed the HOMESTEAD exemption because I’m still using my homestead exemption from my old house that I still own back in Detroit—saving me about $1,500 per year in Detroit taxes.

        When I finally rid myself of the Detroit house, and can take the exemption here in Florida, then my tax will will be about $100 per year,, or even a bit cheaper!!!

        Never forget, that NOT having to pay $1000… it means that you DON’T have to EARN (gross, PRE tax income) about $1,500. So if Walton county living, on 5 or 1o acres inside a decent “manufactured home”, can knock $4000 OFF of your current expenses, then it means you’ll NOT have to earn (gross-pre tax income) of about $6,000. How many extra days can you stay at home if you DON’T have to earn those $6000?

        You can specifically search properties that have a septic tank and well.. and you’ll never pay another city water/sewer bill again. Just have to pay for some new well pump or pressure tank when the time comes. And you’ll have a water supply that is not reliant on the government.

        Many people, pay more than $70 per month for their water bills. I’ve got a well and septic tank, so I pay “zero”. That saves me about $800 of “take home pay”, (which means it saves me more than $1,100 of “gross income”.)

        The Tampa area, is known as the LIGHTNING capital of the entire planet— more hits per mile than any other place. Tornadoes are TOO common across the “flat areas” of Florida. The crime rates around the big cities gets bad. Orlando (Disney) crime rates are BIG, but they HIDE those numbers to protect the tourist business!!!

        Jacksonville is the Detroit of Florida. There is a lot of BAD things about most of the state, but Walton county (along side Hwy 331) is the Pearl in the septic tank, it’s the hidden gold coin next to the out-house.

        I discovered a really GOOD legal trick when learning details of WHERE is good, and where is BAD for real estate locations. You will NEVER get the “BAD” info from real estate agents, they are even barred by law from telling you about parts of town that may have a lot of racial problems.

        So, I took a county-scale-detail map, and walked into the Sheriff’s office, introduced myself and my desire to move here, and asked them, as law enforcement people, “Where do YOU suggest I avoid moving to, so my kids and grandkids will be more safe from crime, pollution or other problems that you are painfully aware of because you are always dealing with the bad parts of town, etc.”

        With a highlighter marker, they circled on that map, the locations of the COUNTY jail, the water-sewage treatment plant,,, the welfare-low income/higher crime rate areas, the low-lying areas that are prone to local flooding, and if there are any known SINK HOLES that may swallow your house.
        The also noted the rail road tracks (noise, and if there was any derailments, you can always expect there to be CHEMICAL cars too.).. they noted the local airport and flight path, etc.

        I myself, drove around and noted the location of high tension power lines.
        You also want to ask them about the location of any Pig farms, chicken farms, meat packing, etc. because those areas will have higher pollution, odors, bacteria, and probably more immigrants working, loitering.

        You want to stay off the main highways (traffic noise or future zombie marauders looking for easy targets). You can ask the local cops for locations where they find a lot of wild hog/pig activity causing road accidents or farm crop damage.

        So many good bits of information that no real estate agent knows, or can legally tell you about, or WON’T tell you because he doesn’t want to lose a sale.

        Stay away from hospitals, churches, and schools (to avoid heavier traffic, of groups of people driving or walking next to your home and seeing what you’ve got.) There is safety in privacy.

        And when people get diseases, they go to hospitals and churches.
        OK, I hope this helps EVERYBODY to be VERY clever and very aware of how to pick (and how to avoid) certain areas for your home site.

        And of course, STAY away from “Home Owner association” controlled housing.

        You also may wish to avoid living on the same street as the chief of police, or the mayor, or any city/county INSPECTORS, Judges… as any one of them can make your homestead a target for their “enforcement” anger.

        In MANY towns, it is the Judge, mayor, inspector, or police commander, who is getting some pay-offs for secret dealings etc. I view them as possible trouble if they don’t like you.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          Another IMPORTANT tip, is to look up the State’s SEX OFFENDER MAPS.

          There is a “HOT SPOT” of sex-offenders in the Walton “sweet spot”. Because state laws say that offenders cannot live within a specific distance near a school etc… it funnels them into regions where they can legally live.

          That area, is around “Juniper Lake” on Hwy 331 area.

          There are some areas that are known for drug problems (in every part of America)… same here too. The local sheriff may be able to circle your maps with those trouble spots too, but some drug activity is fluid and moves from place to place.

          There are some “subsidized” housing units, with an abundance of LOW LIFES. (Apartment complexes, etc)

          OK.. that should cover all the bases.

        • Ed_B

          “… that’s why O.J. Simpson had his multi million dollar mansion in Florida, and was allowed to KEEP it, even though he LOST the lawsuit to the “Goldman family” in the wrongful-death lawsuit.”

          That’s good advice for a residence. A really good CPA or tax attorney would have advised him to put all of his financial resources into a Cook Islands off-shore trust. The Cook Islands do not recognize the validity of ANY court orders from outside their jurisdiction, so when someone with such a trust is sued, they simply write a letter to the company holding the trust property, tell them that they have been ordered by such and such court to pay so and so X amount money, they reply with something like. “Sorry but the nature of our trust laws do not allow us to accept such a request.” The US Gov has tried to get money from people with these trusts and has never been successful. But, who knows? Perhaps they did that or something similar?

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            @Ed, thanks Ed, the Cook islands trusts is another great tidbit of information.

            Hard to say WHAT will happen (or has already happened behind the curtains), since the USA-IRS made Switzerland open the books and give up all that secrecy, and sell out the depositors to the IRS hounds.

            There are so many games of “tit for tat”, such as the release of the Panama Papers exposing people’s investment schemes, Switzerland, Cyprus, etc etc.

            I’m glad I am able to forward some useful bits of information about the few things I know about, and hope it will be helpful to as many people as possible.

            Today, I went to my garden, and did my first bit of “piling up some dirt” around the young potato plants. In a couple weeks, it will be time to pile more dirt, and later, the final shoveling of dirt so I’ll have my potato row-hills waiting till harvest time.

            I strongly recommend people to buy a bunch of those 72 cell “seed starter trays” with the clear greenhouse cover. Try to stay away from the JIFFY brand because the plastic roof cover, is SO thin, it degrades too fast, splits, etc.

            The powdered fertilizer I’m having great luck with, is the Scotts Turf Builder Starter. About $21 for 5000 sq-ft bag. I mix a small amount in a watering jug, to water the plants, or lightly sprinkle on the soil and water it down. It’s very fast acting.

            The standard pellets/balls, is better at being mixed in the dirt (tilled), as it is SLOW acting.

            For those who don’t know this simple guide, is the N (nitrogen) is mostly for greenery & top growth.
            P-(phosphorus) is more for ROOT growth, tubers, etc.
            K-(Potassium), I don’t recall. Hahaha.

            Corn needs a lot of N.
            Potatoes, and many other things, need more P.
            They all probably need a decent amount of K.

            Then there are all the other little goodies, such as Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate).
            Lime and Limestone powder, will reduce acidity and add calcium.
            Gypsum will add calcium but NOT alter the pH.
            Sulfur gets converted by soil bacteria to increase acid levels.
            Iron and other things are also needed in smaller amounts.

            In rare cases, a teaspoon or so, of BORAX may be needed for about 200 sq-ft of garden space,, careful, because this vital nutrient can KILL everything too.

            That’s what they say, although I add some borax (about once each week) to my LAUNDRY, and the water discharge hose goes onto my grass, and nothing has died from it. So I’m wondering how true/false the borax stories really are?

            You can add other good things, such as Zeolite sand (commonly sold as GREEN SAND for swimming pool sand-filters).
            Wood ashes (potash-potassium) and lowers acidity, adds other nutrients.
            Rake up leaves and grass, etc, and either compost them, or till them into the garden AND use it as MULCH to shade the soil, prevent weeds, and slow evaporation!!! AS it rots, it will help to add nutrients to the soil.

            Oak leaves will also add some acid (tannins).
            Make sure to buy one of those cheap pH meters/moisture meter.. about $10 from Amazon, and many stores too.

            Termites (underground termites are known as Formosa termites) are good because they break down cellulose fibers and poop out those nutrients into the soil. They are only bad when they attack your home, garage, shed, etc.

            Do a GOOGLE search for Companion Planting, as well as “interplanting”, PRINT out a hard copy, so you know WHICH plants help repel BUGS from that particular little area, and which things inhibit the wrong things too near.

            This will be your guide, to help grow future crops and NOT have to use any bug killer chemicals.
            Crop rotation, soil microbes, NO till methods, mulching, drip irrigation and the no till methods with plenty of mulch/compost, and you won’t really need to “water” your garden!!!

            Fennel is even said to repel FLEAS, and it’s recommended to plant some near the Dog kennel!!!
            IT’s a WONDERFUL herb that goes great on Pizza, sausage, spaghetti sauce and other stuff.

            Good Luck!

  • Steve_D

    Happy to help in any way possible Sean. Done.

  • knowtoomuch

    Sean, do you have a BTC adress which you plan to keep permanently ?

    If so, WHY don’t you put it on top of every page of your site, so people can’t possibly miss it ?

    I’m more than happy to donate you 20$/month in BTC.

    If you give me your adress, I’ll send you 0.055 BTC (about 60$) within the next hour, so I’ll be “clean” untill the 1st of July.

    And PLEASE keep up the Good Fight !


    ps : if you’re able, don’t sell those BTC because it’ll go up much, much higher me thinks !

  • John Curtis

    SEAN -Look at This SATANIC RELIGIOUS THEME NONSENSE from this mornings Sydney Australias Today Show I captured of The Rent-A -Crowd Flash-imaged before Australian viewers. Most would only see it subliminally it was that fast.

    If you want THE PHOTO Id only be too happy to email it to you
    Sean its really all about Good Versus Evil.

  • Jeff

    Got your back SGT! This site and your work is way too valuable to lose.

  • Steelerdude

    To be honest with you Sean, I love the postings, but your site is killing me and every other windows 7 users…the ads, the inability at times to scroll, its really become
    a piece of junk … I dont come here very often…and your the only site that uses this
    software…I go to brother johns, no problem, I go to 321gold, no problem, I go drudge report, no problem, etc etc…

    Like I said…love your info, but man, you have to change out to a brother john format,
    I cant hang with a site that shows me I can kim jong uns left over women…really?

    Sean, you were awesome back in the early years….go back to that…
    as Arthur Schindler said “its all about presentation”

    if you cant keep your site from pissing off a user, well, I ask God to Bless you!

    • Ed_B

      Just install an ad blocker like Ghostery or AdBlock and this “problem” will disappear. 🙂

    • joey

      You’re obviously not very computer savvy; you need to brush up on browsers and ad-blocking software if you’re having a problem. I still use XP on 9 or 10 of my machines and NONE of them have any difficulty with SGT Report. It’s you, man, in all of your incompetence. Not Sean.

  • knowtoomuch

    @Steelerdude : My shit is also running on Windows 7, and it’s true I have to wait 5 or 10 seconds before I have acces to a page.

    But it’s WORTH waiting a bit for getting accesst to the High Quality Info on this site.

    At SGT I get also all sorts of great preselected articles from other sites, which I otherwise would visit seperately.

    So I don’t really see your point, dude !

    But WHY am I waisting my time on you and your condescending post.
    Talking about a TRUE waist of time.

    Uhh .. Sean, did you receive my 0,0548BTC today ?

    Not to flaunt with it, but just to let me know that my donation landed safely on the other side of the Ocean.

    So I can do it again after the end of my 3 month prepaid membership 😉

    Please let me know, Sean.

    Best wishes,


  • knowtoomuch

    Now look at THAT !

    The father of the “jew” (*) that was cought redhanded threatening 100’s of jew organisations / synagogues in the U.S. now pleads his son was “mentally ill”. He even has a “tumor” :

    For me the fact that he is a jew (*) is already is a proof he must be mentally ill, because they almost all have this (self-inflicted) “all-of-the-Goy-are-against-us-disease”. But anyway.

    Now you can see clearly that when a “jew” (*) is caught for antisemitic CRIMES (hundreds of them !) , all of a sudden he’s pityful. Mentally sick. Worthy of your forgiveness.

    But NOT so for a goy if he commits even one percent of those crimes ; NO, they should be hunted down and punished at every cost !

    Even 90-year old german “gas camp guards” are STILL being prosecuted, though not a SINGLE “jew” was gassed during WW2 !

    And WHY don’t the “Big” Media report on this case ?

    I mean, this guy ALONE was probably responsable for a quarter (?) of ALL of the (serious) “death and bomb threats” made against jewish organisations in the U.S. during 2016 ! ! !

    Well, because we live in a HIGHLY jew (media) dominated world, in EVERY aspect of course !

    And this also WHY this kosher run world is so completly F**KED UP !

    * = 90% chance he isn’t even a real jew but just a descendant of the khazars, like they’ve been admitting themselves recently :

    ■ “Jews” finally ADMIT 90-95% of them have NO semitic ancestry but descend from Khazars :

    ■ Khazar “jews” massmurdering Russians / Khazarian origin of the “jews” :

  • joey

    I tried to contribute via Patreon, but when choosing PayPal as the payment type, they won’t accept anything but credit cards or bank accounts, instead of existing balances. I don’t use credit cards or bank accounts. Any ideas?

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