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Have the Neocons Gotten to Trump?

by David Stockman, DailyReckoning:

The Donald’s emerging incapacity for even a semblance of normal governance might as well be called a Gong Show, and one that only get crazier by the day.

Take the most recent so-called gas attack in Syria and the Trump Administration’s seeming 180 pivot within just seven days.

This reversal is typical of the Donald and at the heart of why he will never govern effectively.

Just last weekend, for example, he began arguing publicly that it was his idea to pull the Obamacare repeal and replace bill. Actually, it was his inner circle, lead by Steve Bannon, who marched up to Capitol Hill on Thursday night and decreed that all negotiations and tweaking were over and that there should be an up or down vote on Friday afternoon, ready or not.

As far as I can tell, the Donald relented only at the last minute Friday afternoon when Speaker Ryan got down on one knee in the Oval Office to beg Trump’s agreement to pull a bill that was going down by 40-50 votes or more.

What I’m saying is that whirling dervish cannot lead or make anything happen amidst the checks and balances ridden contraption that the founders created. And the interest groups have wrapped their money-spewing tentacles all around both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

So the Syrian spectacle is just par for the course.

Last week Trump’s Secretary of State properly announced that “regime change” in Syria is over and that the Assad government can stay.

After all, in the scale of things the threat of the murderous Sunni jihadists — whether ISIS, Nusra Front or a dozen more like minded butchers — is infinitely more serious than the harsh, despotic regime of Bashar Assad.

Whether he goes or stays is none of America’s business, of course, but he did attain power through constitutionally valid means and does maintain a secular state that includes numerous minorities including Christians in addition to his own Alawite (Shiite) tribe.

Even Trump’s hawkish, foreign policy-illiterate ambassador to the U.N. was seemingly on board. Said former South Carolina governor and ex-bookkeeper for her mother’s mail order business, Nikki Haley:

You pick and choose your battles and when we’re looking at this, it’s about changing up priorities and our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out…

Do we think he’s a hindrance? Yes. Are we going to sit there and focus on getting him out? No…

We can’t necessarily focus on Assad the way that the previous administration did… Our priority is to really look at how do we get things done, who do we need to work with to really make a difference for the people in Syria.

So do you think the increasingly imperiled jihadist rebels in Syria might have one more go at the old “false flag” routine to change the tide of events?

That is, like the one they pulled off back in August 2013 and blamed on Assad, when the independent evidence, including an in-depth investigation by the intrepid Seymour Hersh, points overwhelmingly to jihadi terrorists funded by Saudi Prince Bandar.

Then again, in light of its freshly announced hands-off policy you might have thought the Trump Administration would take a few days to investigate in order to get the facts straight and assess culpability?

Well, no.

At least not if you are one of the neocon NeverTrump moles who have proliferated in the Donald’s administration. I refer, of course, Nikki Haley, who turned on a dime, exhibiting no compunction whatsoever about reading straight from the playbook that Obama’s hatchet lady, Samantha Powers, left behind when she vacated her U.N. office:

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10 comments to Have the Neocons Gotten to Trump?

  • anon

    Have the “Neo-cons” gotten to Trump? “Neo-cons” like Dick Cheney?

    Mr. Stockman, surely you already know the answer to THAT question, and a whole lot more.

    The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

    Read all the comments if you want the TRUTH.

  • mike

    Trump was always a neocon POS and always defended the current paradigm. He has done nothing at all except strengthen the bureaucracy. He is far worse and even more stupid than Bush. He will be a 1 term president.
    Trump is an epic fucking moron.

    • NIX

      But,But your vote matters ! MMMM i can’t hear the ”give him a chance crowd ”


    • Kevin

      The main reason I voted for Trump besides stopping the Clinton crime family was out of hope that trump would get the neocons out of D.C. And our foreign policy. Angry and disappointed this morning. Bix has a new video up claiming that there is an alternative narrative for Trump’s actions in Syria. Will have to listen to it later but I’m not sure it will be the case. If I had the means I would leave the country for good. I just don’t know what else anyone can do to turn things around.

      • NIX

        The worst of the worst always rise to the top (.) IMV voting is participating in psycho land . Using the first amendement like a weapon in telling evreyone that has 2 brain cells left that ” fuck yourself with your illusion of choice ” is a good way to have real hope.

        Blue shitt VS red shitt is till and will remain shitt : keep your self-esteem in telling them to fuck off .


      • mike

        When trump was pushing the Ryan care that instead of subsidizing at around $500 month 6k/year like Obama care, Ryan/Trump care was going to give a 14k tax credit . Meaning at the end of the year for qualified people if they spent 6k on health care they would receive 14k back, an 8k gain.Trump was all over the freedom caucus threatening them. I was going to give the tard a Chance but with him growing the military and spending 60 million in cruise missiles only to mire us in the mideast forever I have totally written him off. We would have been better off with anyone other than Trump. He is a politician and just said what people wanted to hear.
        The only good news is years of ammo manufacturers over producing and a progun pres means gun sale have tanked and Trump has killed the industry. So get ready to soak up that surplus 🙂

        • Kevin

          I hear you Mike. I still say Trump is better than the sleazy cunt Hillsy and her perv husband. But Trump’s actions with Syria sure don’t look any different. At least he has gone after illegal immigration. That’s one positive.

  • Guido

    Just when we thought nobody could be more repulsive than Michael’s husband, along comes Trump. Yes, he SAID all the right things, and after eight years of disaster, convinced many that he was the real deal. But didn’t Michael’s husband also get in under the guise of “hope and change” after the disastrous stint of Bush?

    Seems the social scientists have us all pegged. They even know us better than we know ourselves. Yep, live free or die because this current regime is going to make all others look like Boy Scouts.

  • Windrunner58

    Trump is not the problem. He is a symptom of the problem. You know damn well there are pistols pointed at Melania, Ivanka, Barron, christ probably even Marla Maples. The problem is…..society. Americans (and yes we Canadians, we have a similar problem here with Justin Bieber…er I mean Trudeau – part time school teacher) talk and talk and talk. There will one day be a riot countrywide. Then maybe, just maybe you will carpetbag the real shadow government. Until then the stage show will continue and we will all line up to get front row seats.

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