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Gotham Shield 2017: Is The Deep State Planning Nuclear Fire Works?

by Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle:

In recent days there has been increasing buzz about an upcoming, multi-agency, emergency preparedness drill in the New York City area that has to do with training for a possible, nuclear, terrorist attack.

The multi-agency “training” exercise is called Gotham Shield 2017. Various phases of the drill are scheduled from the 18th of April to the 5th of May, beginning today, in fact, and running for the next two and a half weeks.

I will tell you frankly that it is my opinion that the danger of a nuclear false flag attack against a city in the USSA, or a series of attacks against multiple cities in the USSA is a very real and present danger. I have previously written about that threat here and here and explained my reasoning. My thinking has not changed.

If a nuclear detonation occurs in a city in the USSA, there is every possibility that it will be an inside job, exactly as the 9/11 attacks were.

The shadowy power brokers now running the system in the USSA have no regard for life, for peace, for prosperity or for joy.

To say that the power brokers now in charge of the corrupt machinery of the USSA government are demons is to unfairly slander the denizens of hell by comparison, as fallen as they may be.

Dear Friends, we are looking at the face of naked evil. That is how ghastly and putrid the government of the USSA has become. It is a clear and present danger not only to other nations around the world, but to the population of the USSA itself.

Gotham Shield 2017

The upcoming emergency preparedness drills have to do with responding to the *hypothetical* detonation of a 10 kiloton atomic bomb in mid-town Manhattan. This is a bomb with approximately half the yield of those that the USSA military dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945, in the concluding days of the war against Japan.

Listen to me very carefully: I am telling you as plainly as I can that if such an attack occurs in New York City, or Chicago or San Antonio or St. Louis or Atlanta or Indianapolis or Little Rock or Las Vegas or Boise, etc. that it is extremely likely to be a false flag attack to be used as a *fake* casus belli,or cause for war, intended to whip the people of the USSA into a nuclear war hysteria, to be used as putative justification for initiating nuclear warfare against Russia or China or North Korea or Iran or ….. against whomever the Pentagon, CIA, New York Times and Donald Trump will (falsely) say did the dastardly deed(s).

The truth is that the century-long Ponzi scheme called the “United States Federal Reserve Note”, also known in our time as the petro-dollar, the so-called international reserve currency, is failing fast and falling hard, losing more and more market share all over the world with every passing month and year.

The USSA Empire based in Washington, DC, New York City, Tel Aviv and other filthy rat holes around the world does not fight fair. It is not fair and it certainly is not honest. On the contrary it is vicious, psychopathic and satanic.

So it will not go quietly into the night. It will not meekly fold up its tents and slink contritely away.

Oh, no, not at all.

Use It Or Lose It

The ruthless game of musical, petro-dollar chairs is swiftly drawing to a close and so we can expect a hyper-violent denouement on the part of the main player(s): the USSA and associated vermin in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Brussels, and so forth. The game is for political, military and economic control of the planet, so they will pull out all the stops, or try to.

If they were prepared to sacrifice 3,000 people on 9/11 (and they did) to initiate a series of wars in the Middle East and North Africa, what are they prepared to do to initiate nuclear warfare for control of the whole planet?

Have no illusions about the vicious game afoot and how unimaginably cruel it is and can be.

Have no illusions about who and what you are seeing as the so-called “leadership” of the USSA and the European Union and NATO, beginning with that foul creature known as Donald Trump, but certainly not ending with *it*.

As their economic clout vanishes, as the petro-dollar tanks, and that is about to occur on a mind-numbing scale, and with dizzying velocity, they will be sorely tempted to use what remains to them: their nuclear arsenal, before everything collapses around them and they are booted from power by rampaging mobs, who will finally realize the grotesque extent of that centuries-long, ongoing hideous crime, euphemistically known as the “United States”.

Hence the danger that these pestilential entities, known as “leaders” or the “ruling elite”, will unleash nuclear warfare, or try to, and will do so under the most violent, false pretense(s) that they can arrange, to wit: one or more nuclear false flag attacks.

You have been warned.

The Nitty-Gritty of Gotham Shield 2017

Many agencies, at the local, regional, state and federal level, will take part in the Gotham Shield exercise in the coming week or two. Here, in no particular order, are some of the official notices and references I was able to find on the web.

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11 comments to Gotham Shield 2017: Is The Deep State Planning Nuclear Fire Works?

  • Timco

    What do Richard Sauder, Doug Casey, Bill Bonner, Jim Willie, Jim Rogers, Jeff Berwick, Bob Chapman (RIP) etc, etc, all have in common? They all live outside the USA, while profiting from and criticizing the USA. It gets on my nerves a little bit, and I don’t give a rats ass who cares.

    • d

      Might they criticize the POLITICIANS and POLICY of this corrupt government….and by the way how do you feel about Sen Mc Cain and Graham trashing president Trump while they are OVERSEAS aiding the ‘terrorist’ that they fund and arm…..just asking

  • Timco

    Our Forefathers fought and died on this great land so that we could live in freedom. I would rather die defending my Country, with dignity, than live in a fucking Costa Rican condo with Jim Willie in disgrace. Stay here and fight for America, or shut the fuck up.

    • Eric

      Timco, where you live is in your body. Your “residence” is just an “ad dress” (directus) for your strawman, ideally in a more tax friendly jurisdiction than most state franchise boards here can access, and someplace the US corporation is unable to rob from you. Don’t confuse the government with the country and ideals it was founded upon. Paying as little tax to this monstrosity, and leaving it’s borders is one of the best ways to fight it as well as protect one’s self.

      Jim Willie, Jim Rogers, Doug Casey… these people are patriots in a modern day war. They speak out and use their voices appropriately. Think of how many expats never say a word. The battlefield of this revolution is not a physical location.

      • Timco

        I don’t see it that way Eric. I see them as parasites, not patriots. They make money from the USA, while residing outside the US, and offering nothing but criticism, and worthless news letters. If they loved America as much as they claim, they should be digging in their heels with us when the shit starts to fly. I respectfully submit that they are nothing more than privileged cowards.

        • Eric

          And yet they almost certainly still pay taxes. I can’t say for sure but I’m fairly certain some of them still have US citizenship. It’s hardly their fault the US and the USD have as many problems as they do. What about all the welfare queens that live here that suck resources and produce nothing? Or Google who receives checks in Bermuda with no corporate tax rate and no offices? Or all the other people that make money off the US like Al-Qaeda/ISIS/Israel? China has imported many tons of Gold from the US while the West slept. Should they come move over here and dig in their heels? What would you have them do? Move back and get financially and physically raped? That won’t do anyone much good. And there is no collective solution or incentive for them to come experience the shit flying around.

          I rather find Doug Casey’s newsletter insightful, and always learn something from Jim Willie’s interviews. And If it wasn’t for Jim Rogers book, it would have taken me at least 2 more years to figure out what was going on in the markets with respect to the overall long term scenario.

          A privilege is a benefit given to someone. These people made it on their own. And cowards don’t put themselves in the public sphere speaking out against the status quo.

          • Timco

            All good points Eric. Thats the great thing about SGT. We can share our various viewpoints about things, and still be friends. I apologize for being a little sarcastic tonight. I’m still upset that Bill O’Reilly got fired, and it makes me a little bitchy.

            • Eric

              I could tell you were worked up over something else.

              I never really liked Bill O’Reilly much. Caught him too many times being less than truthful. I only liked the segments where Dennis Miller was on. No to worry…Tucker will deliver.

  • Eric

    First Majestic Produces 4.3M Silver Eqv. Oz in First Quarter

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