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Google Searches For “World War 3” Hit Highest Ever Peak

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Google searches for the term “World War 3” have hit the highest ever level as a result of the Trump administration’s escalation in Syria and North Korea.

Google Trends illustrates how the number of searches for the term in recent days dwarfs the last peak in November 2015.

As we reported yesterday, citizens in South Korea have flooded the country’s number one messaging platform with concerns about a nuclear conflict, prompting the government to publicly reassure them.

Although President Trump has now indicated that the administration is not planning a boots on the ground invasion of Syria, the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group is steaming toward the western Pacific Ocean in a massive show of force.

Yesterday, China also indicated that it may strike North Korea’s nuclear facilities if the Stalinist state continued its military belligerence.

The Sun also reports today that Seal Team Six, the crack team that took out Osama Bin Laden, is training in South Korea to assassinate Kim Jong-un. U.S. officials denied the report.

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