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Getting Trumped and Thumped in Syria

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:

As president Trump relishes telling the story, he was sitting with President Xi of China, who was enjoying a beautiful, huge slice of chocolate cake — the best chocolate cake you ever saw, which can be enjoyed only at Mar-A-Lago — when Trump decided it was time to launch 59 cruise missiles at the Assad government.

As the Chinese president dabbed the chocolate decadence from his lips, Trump informed him that he’d just given the order to launch missiles at Assad’s air fare. The Chinese president paused for about ten seconds and then said, “Well, he did use gasses on children.”

The president smiled bigly as he told the story:

As Trump savors the story even more than the cake, we also see the Contradictor in Chief undermining his own advocacy for greater military spending. He describes the weapons — how “amazing” they are, and how incredibly precise and how there is nothing like them and how they can beat anything the competition has by a factor of at least five — all weapons that the military got during Obama’s administration!

Then Trump spins to say that our military is seriously degraded in capacity or will be soon if we don’t do much better. At that point, I wiggle the plug in my brain to see if the connection came loose while I was listening. Nope.

The president, again, smiles at the marvelous cachet with which he pulled this off over a fine diplomatic dinner at his expensive estate (where, by the way, you can buy a membership and dine with Chinese presidents … and American presidents). It makes great publicity for the president’s premier club because everyone wishes like Bartiromo that they could have been there to see that happen … and to enjoy the chocolate cake — the best you ever saw.

Oh, how fun! You can just see Bartiroma wishing she had been there to watch this man of power in elegant action.

But is it really that dignified to be talking gas over a fine dinner?

Being gaslighted into believing Assad had anything to do with this chemical incident

While President Trump was quick to attack Assad and equally enthusiastic to boast about how he pulled it off, it remains far from clear that Bashar Assad was even the person responsible for the chemicals that caused death and injury in Syria. Many have raised the question as to whether this is a false-flag operation by ISIS to try to draw the US in. They know full well that Trump’s neocon government is itching for an excuse to eliminate Bashar Assad anyway. So, give them a reason they will be only too happy to accept, so long as you make it look plausible enough for the public. Just as Bush was all to ready to accept tales of yellowcake uranium in Iraq as reason enough to go after the man he already wanted to kill.

Several articles on Washington’s Blog have pointed out problems with linking Assad to the chemical blast:

Dr. Theodore Postol has won many awards as a professor of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT. He specializes in ballistic missiles and chemical dispersion clouds. He helps the US government with its weapons program and trains other scientists in weapon technology. Postol debunked the 2013 claims that a chemical incident was caused by one of Assad’s missiles. Briefings, such as his, that countered initial information linking the chemicals to Assad are why Obama did not follow through with his red-line threat.

Trump, by contrast to Obama, has been immediate in leaping to the conclusion that Assad did this, even though common sense begs one to ask why would Assad do that, knowing it would bring the US directly against him and knowing gassing civilians, especially children, would accomplish absolutely nothing in terms of eliminating his opposition? It would seem he would be even less likely to do such a completely useless thing when you consider that the chemical incident happened only about a week after Trump stated his administration would be no longer be seeking regime change and offered Assad a deal that would keep him in power. Why would Assad just throw that off the table?

There are several hypotheses regarding what may have happened…. The first one points to a false flag by rebels and terrorists supported by Israeli, British, Saudi and Qatari intelligence. Alternatively, it could have simply been an accident. Assad’s forces could have hit a terrorist weapons cache without knowing that it was dedicated to the production and storage of chemical weapons. Another theory offers that foreign intelligence agents may have provided accurate information to the terrorists in Khan Shaykhun about what buildings were going to be targeted by Assad’s air force, thereby allowing them to move chemical weapons into the targeted locations in order to bring about a civilian massacre. Whatever the case may be, it is unthinkable that Assad and the Syrian army would use chemical agents against their own civilians. There is no rational reason for them to use such weapons which do not guarantee any tactical advantage and which, besides, would incite an obvious, vehement reaction from the international community — a counterproductive move from any way you look at it. (

Postal does not believe this year’s incident was a missile sent in by Assad, and he believes the site shows evidence of tampering. He notes many stunning errors in the reports that have tried to link both the 2013 chemical incident and the 2017 one to Bashar Assad:

…the government’s new report is] obviously false, misleading and amateurish…. What the country is now being told by the White House cannot be true.

Former UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, also lays out numerous problems with saying the evidence points to Assad. From that, he claims that Trump is just being played by Al Qaeda on this one, and he notes how much Candidate Trump has morphed into a different President Trump:

Once upon a time, Donald J. Trump, the New York City businessman-turned-president, berated then-President Barack Obama back in September 2013 about the fallacy of an American military strike against Syria…. Trump, via tweet, declared “to our very foolish leader, do not attack Syria – if you do many very bad things will happen & from that fight the U.S. gets nothing!” (The Huffington Post)

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