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Fake Silver Coins…Can You Spot Them? (Bix Weir)

from RoadtoRoota:

Bix discusses which silver coins will be more valuable than others and why after the monetary system fails.

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1 comment to Fake Silver Coins…Can You Spot Them? (Bix Weir)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Bix does make the valid point that US Minted “currencies” are protected by the Federal anti-counterfeiting statutes… but… we are talking about the same government that violated its own laws by getting away from gold and silver “money” in the first place.

    Paper money was banished when the “Articles of Confederation” were scrapped and replaced by our Constitution. The old Articles allowed for paper money, and it eventually crashed to zero.

    This is the same government that colludes with the (((Federal Reserve bank))), passed the “bail-in laws”, passed the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, RICO, and all types of laws that can be used to oppress people in many ways.

    So I doubt the gov’t will do anything to protect YOUR coins/bars/rounds. Rather, I think the gov’t will do many things to transfer real wealth, from OUR hands, into THEIR hands.

    Taxation, confiscation, and any trick they can create. The BOTTOM line, is that dealers or people who want to buy silver & gold, will learn how to test each one. There are electronic testing devices that many dealers already own. Some cost as little as a hundred bucks or so, and others, such as X-ray Fluorescence scan-guns etc, can be more than $10,000.

    As the gov’t goes more into bankruptcy, it will become more desperate to grab all the gold and silver it can get. Pre-1965 coins (and US eagles, Maples, etc) are probably going to be a little easier to identify in times of many counterfeits.

    Having a REAL coin, of the identical type, will allow for the “drop test” to listen to the sound of the “ringing”, along with a digital scale to measure the exact weight, and a “dial capliper” to measure the exact diameters of the “known real coin” and the prospective coin for trade.

    Private mint rounds, may be turned down at some places if they don’t have some machine to test the purity or the “inside contents”.

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