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Evidence Indicates French Government Coverup Of ISIS Involvement In Kardashian Paris Incident

by William Craddick, Disobedient Media:

The 2016 robbery of Kim Kardashian sent shockwaves around the globe and caused observers to question the efficiency of France’s state of emergency. However, the incident may have been more serious than authorities and the press have previously admitted. Research by Disobedient Media has revealed that the French government may be attempting to conceal the involvement of terror group ISIS in Kardashian’s robbery to prevent further public panic over the event.

Conflicting facts given by sources to the media, analysis of the criminal group allegedly behind the attack given the known involvement of terror groups in organized crime, the French government’s apparent mishandling of the investigation into the robbery and reports that the proceeds from the heist made their way into the hands of jihadists all suggest that authorities may be seeking to conceal the involvement of terrorism in the incident.

I. Timeline Of The Paris Incident

The facts of Kardashian’s robbery are muddled and confused even months after the event occurred, but a basic timeline of events still can be constructed. On October 3rd, 2016, The Guardian and other outlets reported that a group of five armed assailants wearing masks and police armbands approached the Hotel Pourtales in Paris both on foot and riding bicycles. The group was captured on a CCTV security camera in a nearby nail salon as they came and went from the incident.

The men made their way into the hotel just a few minutes after 2:30 AM, where they restrained the hotel’s concierge. AP reported that they then took Kim Kardashian hostage in her hotel room, restraining her with zip ties and locking her in the bathroom. The celebrity oddly was alone and did not have any security present with her that night. Kardashian feared that she would be raped as she was held at gunpoint.

Evidence indicates that Kardashian’s attackers may have originally intended to kidnap her. CCTV footage taken from a shoe shop near the Hotel Pourtales caught a black car with tinted windows passing by the hotel just four minutes after the attackers entered. It circled the block and passed by two additional times.

The presence of a vehicle circling the block just minutes after a breach of the premises is a disturbing sign that the intruders were likely not only after Kardashian’s jewelry, but attempted to take her with them. An employee from the shoe shop where the camera was located stated that French police had spent more than 30 minutes viewing and analyzing the footage.

It appears that after entering the Hotel Pourtales however, the intruders may have struck a hitch in their plans and had to exit the premises in haste. Reports have indicated that Kardashian’s stylist Simon Harouche was in a different room nearby Kardashian and apparently contacted members of her security detail to raise the alarm. The attackers left, taking a large amount of Kardashian’s jewelry worth over €10 million as well as a number of cell phones and €1,000 in cash. In their rush to escape the premises, the robbers dropped a jeweled cross outside the Hotel Pourtales which was found by a pedestrian several days after the attack and handed over the police.

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