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DIY Rocket Stove Out of Cans

from CrazyRussianHacker:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Excellent little video (less than 5 minutes).

    It shows people that you don’t have to be rich or a genius to survive. Being self sufficient does not have to be difficult.

    We can make many things that are useful for living!

    Even something as simple as using grass clippings from you lawn, as garden mulch to suppress weeds, and to protect the soil from the hot sun drying out the moisture too fast. As it slowly rots, it becomes compost for the soil and food for the new plants.
    GARDEN UPDATE- success and FAILURE.

    I had planted an old seed package from 1999 in my “seed starter tray”, and only ONE seed from the 24 I planted, has sprouted. I will “nurse-maid” this single plant to gather new, FRESH seeds for the future!

    It is called “Asparagus Beans/ or Yard long green beans”. I don’t know why it was such a failure, because OTHER seeds from 1999 have grown with 25-60% germination rates.

    I also raked/shoveled all the remaining soil, onto my potato plants. (you plant potatoes in a TRENCH, and as the plants grow taller, you move more and more soil up around & under the plants).
    Most of my tater plants, I’ve moved all the soil onto the plants, and just have to wait for a few months for harvest time.

    The dirt you piled up around the plants (so the potato plants end up growing at the top of a hill), is to give plenty of room for tubers to grow and to be kept in the dark (because sunlight causes a reaction to make TOXIN form in the tuber.) Any potato that is exposed to sunlight, will have some green area, and you cannot eat that potato. Use it for compost, or cut into “seed potatoes” and replant it.

    All the green parts of Potato plants, and Tomato plants, Egg plants, (and I also think) PEPPER plants are toxic. Do not eat those leaves!!!

    OK. Plant edible LANDSCAPING around your house and driveway, and most people won’t even know what it is. How about a trellis as a car-port, but grow Kiwi’s on it, grapes, or other edible vine foods? (Of course, edible berries attract birds, and poop poop poop, and also attracts BEES, yellow jackets, etc.)

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